Blood Sugar Blaster Review: Does it Really Work?

By Vanessa Richards

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Blood Sugar Blaster supplement helps to regulate high blood sugar levels in your body.

According to Vitality Nutrition Blood Sugar Blaster reviews, it is a dietary supplement that supports people who have type ii diabetes. You can modify your blood glucose levels in order to improve your overall health.

It can promote energy production, enhance your blood sugar levels, and regulate insulin sensitivity. In addition, it can work on improving your cholesterol and blood pressure.

Doctors often suggest patients who have diabetes exercise and maintain a proper diet to keep healthy blood sugar levels. However, it does not provide an effective solution.

Blood Sugar Blaster pills offer a permanent remedy to your blood sugar problems, and it treats diabetes naturally. You can buy Blood Sugar Blaster as it comes with an advanced blood sugar formula to keep healthy blood sugar levels.

Blood Sugar Blaster Review: Pros and Cons Overview


Strengthens your immune system.

Suitable for the use of adults only.
✅ Builds up your energy levels.

❌ Only available online.

✅ Enables you to have a good and sound sleep.You have to take it consistently to get results.
✅ Enhances insulin sensitivity.
✅ Regulates high blood sugar levels.
✅ It reduces hunger cravings.
✅ It has a hundred percent safe and herbal formula.

What is the Blood Sugar Blaster Supplement?

 Blood Sugar Blaster review
Photo: Blood Sugar Blaster| OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Vitality Nutrition Blood Sugar Blaster is a supplement that is solely available on its official website. It controls and supports your blood sugar level.

Those who are behind the making of the Blood Sugar Blaster formula claim that it is a natural formula that was found in an old Hindu manuscript. In general, doctors ask their diabetic patients to work out so as to achieve rapid weight loss to control the symptoms.

However, as per Blood Sugar Blaster reviews,Blood Sugar Blaster pills not only manage your high blood sugar levels but also heal diabetes naturally. And all its natural ingredients are effective.

Therefore, you can make Blood Sugar Blaster a part of your daily all-natural solution. Soon, you will start noticing an improvement in your blood sugar levels.

How does the Blood Sugar Blaster work?

Vitality Nutrition Blood Sugar Blaster works against the three enemies that cause diabetes. These include overactive lipids that hijack your pancreas, low beta cells production, and fatty liver.

✓Overactive lipids that hijack your pancreas

The pancreas helps to process fat. The more individuals consume fat, the more difficult it becomes. Your pancreas will have a hard time to process these fats, making it work harder than usual.

This results in something called pancreatitis or inflamed pancreas. Thus, it is not able to produce the right enzymes for your digestion and absorption of nutrients.

It will further affect the insulin production that is responsible for regulating your high blood sugar levels. Vitality Nutrition Blood Sugar Blaster works by regulating insulin sensitivity.

✓Low Beta cells production

It is present in your pancreas that is responsible for the production of beta cell. People who have type ii diabetes are not capable of insulin production, and they have high blood sugar.

The beta cell not only secretes insulin but also C-peptide and the amylin hormone. This slows down the blood glucose level that enters your bloodstream.

In addition, it prevents vascular complications and neuropathy by helping to repair the muscular artery layer. Vitality Nutrition Blood Sugar Blaster keeps the blood sugar levels normal by limiting the presence of fat in your liver and pancreas that support blood sugar.

✓Fatty Liver

Fatty liver refers to the presence of excess fat in your liver. This causes it to work harder than it ordinarily does.

According to a study in 2011, those who have this problem are more likely to suffer from diabetes in comparison to those who have a healthy liver. There is a link between fatty liver and type ii diabetes that can affect your overall health.

Moreover, it can lead to some risk factors. For instance, it may consist of diabetes, insulin resistance, and obesity.

The Vitality Nutrition Blood Sugar Blaster pill eliminates the risk of insulin resistance by promoting rapid weight loss. This helps you avail several health benefits while having a full-body transformation.

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Why is the Blood Sugar Blaster Effective?

Image by Tesa Robbins from Pixabay

The people who have created the Blood Sugar Blaster have conducted a lot of clinical trials. They asked many users to try it and observed the results.

After following the complete blood sugar protocol, their blood sugar level came back to normal. Many people experience weight loss after trying Blood Sugar Blaster.

In addition, it contains more or less the same natural ingredients used in other supplements of diabetes. For example, it contains banaba leaf extract and cinnamon bark.

Cinnamon bark powder helps in the treatment of blood sugar. And, Banaba leaf extract lowers the blood sugar level.

The presence of these ingredients makes Blood Sugar Blaster an effective supplement. Moreover, it gives you overall health benefits.

What are the ingredients in Blood Sugar Blaster?

The Blood Sugar Blaster formula contains 20 different kinds of natural ingredients. This may come in the form of plants, vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

Each one of its main ingredients controls your blood sugar level. Some of them are given below for your reference.

Banaba Leaf (25 mg)

Banaba Leaf is a type of plant that is present under the classification of Lagerstroemia species. Besides diabetes, it has other health benefits, like, it treats high cholesterol and diarrhea.

It has corosolic acid that can result in hypoglycemic effects, such as an improvement in insulin sensitivity and an increase in your blood glucose level. Also, it comes with ellagitannins that is an antioxidant with a high level of alpha-amylase, which converts carbohydrates into simple sugar.

Bitter Melon (50 mg)

Image by Paresh Biswas from Pixabay

Bitter Melon is a kind of vegetable that looks like a cucumber, but by nature, it is bitter and spikey. It is a staple in Asian and Indian cuisine and is used by several Ayurvedic follows to treat your blood sugar level.

This vegetable is responsible for activating AMPK that supplies energy all throughout your body. In terms of your liver, AMPK enhances the oxidation of fatty acids and decreases glucose levels, triglycerides, and cholesterol.

Guggul (50 mg)

Its other names are Commiphora Mukul and Mukul myrrh. It is responsible for lipid synthesis.

Additionally, it reduces the level of high triglycerides, acne vulgaris, osteoarthritis, and high cholesterol, that is, both increasing HDL and decreasing LDL. Along with lipid synthesis, it also increases insulin production.

Cinnamon Bark Powder (50 mg)

As per ADA or American Diabetes Association, it is a spice that is not only important for its flavorings in dishes and beverages but also for medicinal purposes. It balances triglycerides, improves the level of blood sugar, and maintains healthy HDL and LDL levels.

Licorice Root Extract (50 mg)

Image by GOKALP ISCAN from Pixabay

Licorice root extract is a type of flowering plant that is known for its sweetness. In the same way, the licorice root extract protects rats that have diabetic nephropathy that is a kidney condition that happens due to type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

It has anti-inflammatory, hyperglycemic, and antioxidant properties. Its effectiveness depends on the kind of licorice that you consume.

Yarrow Flowers Powder (25 mg)

It belongs to the Asteraceae flower species that contains a prebiotic fiber like inulin that helps maintain the level of your blood sugar. Depending on the kind of inulin you consume, it decreases fat in your liver and reduces your blood sugar.

It has several different benefits. These include proper absorption of nutrients, bone density, and it improves the health of your colon and digestive tract.

Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Powder (50 mg)

Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf Powder is a type of plant that grows in the Indian tropical forests. It is used in the preparation of several medicines that works to destroy sugar.

This also helps to treat diabetes and improve the levels of blood sugar. It further stimulates your pancreas to increase insulin production.

Cayenne Pepper Powder (10 mg)

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

It is an excellent source of capsaicin. Cayenne Pepper Powder is responsible for reducing the glucose levels of diabetic rats.

In addition, it increases insulin production and levels of glycogen in comparison to capsiate. Capsaicin also raises the oxidation of fat, improves insulin sensitivity, liver and heart health, and decreases your body fat.

White Mulberry Leaf Powder (25 mg)

White Mulberry Leaf is a kind of herb that is perfect for medicinal use. It is useful in the treatment of rats that have type 2 diabetes. And it lowers the level of lipids present in your blood.

Juniper Berry Powder (25 mg)

Juniper Berries come with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help in supporting your heart health. Its effects on the levels of blood glucose are still uncertain.

However, it comes with other additional benefits. This includes the dropping in the levels of blood sugar of rats.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (30 mg)

Alpha Lipoic acid is a compound that contains sulfur that is present naturally in the cells of the human body. Without this, the energy production in your mitochondria will halt.

In addition, it is responsible for improved blood circulation in blood vessels to your nerves. It can treat diabetic peripheral neuropathy and enhances the sensitivity of insulin.

Also, it reduces the levels of lipid and blood sugar. This happens when they get triggered by inflammation and oxidative stress.

Vanadium (200 mcg)

Vanadium helps to regulate the levels of blood sugar in an animal. Also, it reduces type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Its effect was also observed in human beings. In them, it showed a slight increase in its sensitivity to insulin.

L-Taurine (25 mg)

It is a type of amino acid, and it serves as the protein’s building block. It is further responsible for absorbing vitamins that are fat-soluble along with fats.

Besides regulating the level of blood sugar, it expands the function of blood vessels. This helps in the secretion of insulin in patients who have type 2 diabetes.

Other ingredients are-

Manganese (1 mg)

Manganese is an essential part of pancreatic enzymes. These enzymes are released inside your body to enable its normal functioning.

The normal working of your pancreas is important. It helps to naturally regulate your blood sugar.

Zinc (7.5 mg)

Zinc is significant for the working of your immune system. Without the presence of enough zinc in your body, it cannot produce much leptin.

It is a natural hormone that lets you know when your stomach is full. This will enable you to eat in a controlled way and regulate the level of your blood sugar.

Magnesium (125 mg)

Magnesium plays an important role in the functioning of different kinds of processes in your body. Among its notable properties, it regulates glucose and promotes the production of energy.

If someone lacks this mineral in their body, they will start showing severe symptoms. In case you have muscle contractions, numbness, cramping, and irregular heart rhythms, then you can be deficient.

Vitamin C (25 mg)

Vitamin C helps to regulate the health of your immune system. It allows the cells to produce a significant amount of energy.

In addition, it acts as an antioxidant to purge away the toxins that inhibit the proper regulation of the levels of glucose. It also normalizes the levels of blood sugar.

Biotin (300 mg)

Biotin is a type of protein, and it is mostly present in your daily diet. It helps you have healthy nails, hair, and skin.

Besides adding to your beauty, it also prevents peripheral neuropathy.

Vitamin E (15 IU)

Vitamin E is responsible for the prevention of any dangerous side effects that unregulated and low blood sugar can have. During the processing of proteins, it prevents your body from not being capable of glycosylation.

It is also present skincare remedies. This will help heal your complexion.

What is the cost of Blood Sugar Blaster? Any Blood Sugar Blaster Discounts?

 Blood Sugar Blaster review
Photo: Blood Sugar Blaster| OFFICIAL WEBSITE

You can buy Vitality Nutrition Blood Sugar Blaster through your official website. Each bottle costs sixty nine dollars.

At times, you can also avail of discounts that will drop the price to forty nine and fifty nine dollars for each bottle. For one bottle, you have to pay sixty nine dollars along with free shipping.

In the case of three to six bottles, you have to pay one hundred seventy seven to two hundred ninety four dollars. And you do not have to pay for shipping.

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Blood Sugar Blaster Pricing and Refund policy

Blood Sugar Blaster comes in different packages. For the best pricing, you can buy it from its official website.

  • One bottle costs 69 dollars.
  • Three bottles cost 177 dollars.
  • Six bottles cost 294 dollars.

You can get your money back as its money-back guarantee lasts for a period of 180 days. In addition, you will get some bonuses.

Conclusion: Is Blood Sugar Blaster right for you?

Blood Sugar Blaster has a proprietary natural blend of powerful nutrients and plant extracts. However, it does not have any toxins or dangerous stimulants.

Some of its ingredients are Yarrow Flowers Powder, Cayenne Pepper Powder, Bitter Melon, Banaba Leaf, Cinnamon Bark Powder, White Mulberry Leaf Powder, and Guggul. They contribute to the regulation of the level of blood sugar.

Its ingredients are one hundred percent plant-based and do not have any GMO. Moreover, it is a GMP-certified and FDA-approved product.

You can take one capsule around three times each day. With every serving, you can have it with natural foods after taking sound medical advice from a professional physician.

In case you have a medical condition, or if you are a nursing or pregnant mother, you must avoid using the product. This will prevent any kind of probable side effects.

Blood Sugar Blaster comes with a money-back guarantee of 180 days. If you see that Blood Sugar Blaster is not effective for you, you can return it and ask for a refund.

Blood Sugar Blaster FAQ

Q: Is Blood Sugar Blaster safe to use?

Blood Sugar is considered safe for use as it comes with 20 natural ingredients. Some of the things that you need to take note of before buying this supplement are as follows.

  • You must not take it along with other supplements that have high levels of chromium.
  • Best for diabetic and pre-diabetic people but consulting a health professional before trying it is essential.
  • Has a potent formula, hence using it above its recommended dosage is dangerous.
  • Not suitable for nursing or pregnant mothers or children who are less than 18 years old.
  • People who have a medical condition must also avoid using this product.

Q: Is Blood Sugar Blaster FDA approved?

Blood Sugar Blaster is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. Dr. Mat Carter, who attended the School of Medicine at the University of Kansas is behind the making of this product.

Thus, it is an FDA approved product, and it controls your level of blood sugar. It further regulates your insulin and glucose levels.

Q: Is Blood Sugar Blaster a scam?

Blood Sugar Blaster is not a scam as it comes with a money-back guarantee or refund policy of 180 days. Hence, if the product does not work for you, you can ask for your money.

Moreover, there is no Blood Sugar Blaster Scam as it lists all its natural ingredients. And, it also provides other details about Blood Sugar Blaster from its official website.

Q: How much does it cost?

You can get the Blood Sugar Blaster in three different packaging from its official website. In case you are lucky, you can buy them at a lesser price of 49 dollars and 59 dollars, but it starts from 69 dollars.

  • One bottle is 69 dollars.
  • Three bottles is 177 dollars.
  • Six bottles is 294 dollars.

You will get free shipping for all its packaging. There is also a money-back guarantee of 180 days.

Q: How long does it take to ship?

Blood Sugar Blaster takes four to five days to get shipped. For international shipping, it may take a week.

If you find a broken or damaged seal, you can reach out to customer support. You can buy it from its main website.

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