How to Lower Body Fat Percentage in 5 Sustainable Ways: Complete Guide 2024

By Vanessa Richards

January 10, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

how to lower body fat percentage

Losing body fat can be tricky. You must have asked yourself many times, “how much body fat is too much body fat?”

This lack of knowledge of healthy body fat percentage makes sustainable fat loss difficult. Also, the availability of many fad diets and online remedies gives you a hard time selecting the correct intervention.

Amid the abundance of overflowing resources for fat loss, you need a personalized way of losing body fat. So, to make your job easier, we have brought everything, starting from necessary insights to info on how to lower body fat percentage.

So, let’s hop on to a journey towards practicing healthy ways of fat loss and preventing weight gain.

How to Lower Body Fat Percentage: What is Body Fat?

how to lower body fat percentage
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Body composition contains fat apart from protein, water, and minerals. Our body contains two fat types.

One is stored and found in adipose tissue. This fat type envelopes the organs and gives a cushioning effect.

Another fat type constitutes essential body fat. This type, found in muscles, bones, and organs, helps in proper body functioning.

Why is Body Fat Important

Lowering body fat never means reaching the extent of having no fat. Regular fat intake in correct amounts is necessary for good health and maintaining a healthy weight.

Body fat carries the following functions.

  • Provides energy
  • Protects internal organs against stress
  • Help in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
  • Balances body composition

Moreover, you need essential fat for brain development and effective cell communication.

How To Measure Body Fat Percentage

There are many ways of measuring body fat percentage. One can focus on body mass index to roughly measure body fat percentage. But, body mass index fails to give an exact body fat percentage.

Skin calipers provide good ways of measuring body fat percentage. These calipers measure skinfold thickness to determine body fat percentage.

Underwater weighing presents another way of estimating body fat. But, a convenient method of measuring fat involves the use of a body pod.

For measuring body fat and other components of body composition, the DEXA scan seems apt.

What is a healthy body fat percentage?

Healthy body fat percentages vary among people depending on their age and gender. Also, the healthy level of fat depends on the body type.

General body fat guidelines can give you an idea of healthy fat levels in men and women. A level of 2 to 24% body fat is healthy in men. On the other hand, 10 to 31% body fat level is healthy in women.

Dangers of having high body fat levels

A high-fat percentage correlates with overall cancer cases. Also, excess fat increases cholesterol levels. This rise in cholesterol levels, therefore, negatively impacts the functions of the heart and blood vessels.

Poor impact on cardiac aspects contributes to a higher rate of cardiovascular diseases. Excess body fat also increases the chances of having diabetes.

Besides affecting cardiac and other bodily functions, high fat can reduce functional mobility. This mobility reduction can poorly impact life quality.

How To Reduce Body Fat Percentage

1. Exercises

High-Intensity Interval Training

Having a good exercise routine can effectively decrease body fat without negatively impacting body composition. To enhance fat burning, one can perform high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This training helps you to burn more calories.

Furthermore, the training mentioned above addresses the major drawback of fat loss, including muscle mass loss. So, many people following diet and hardcore exercises lose muscle along with fat.

But, high-intensity interval training enables fat loss while helping to retain muscle mass. So if you are trying to have a healthy weight minus the excess fat, go for HIIT.

Here’s a highly recommended HIIT Program guaranteed to help you lose body fat.

Best Beginner-friendly Bodyweight Program: Bodyweight Burn

How to lower body fat percentage

Without dieting or calorie counting, this method guarantees to help you lose weight swiftly and effectively. The program is built around the HIIT (high-intensity, intermittent training) philosophy, which alternates brief bursts of vigorous exercise with rest intervals.

It has been demonstrated that this form of exercise is more effective than conventional cardio for encouraging weight loss and promoting fat burning. The program consists of a number of HIIT exercises that you may perform at home without any special equipment.

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Aerobic Exercise

Also, to lose weight, you can make use of aerobic exercise. Several studies connect aerobic exercise with reduced belly fat.

This exercise also helps in shedding liver fat. Moreover, people can opt for aerobic exercise to increase muscle mass and lose subcutaneous fat.

Also, including 30 minutes of aerobic exercise in the daily schedule aids in shedding visceral fat. Some great examples of aerobic types include running, swimming, cycling, and walking at a fast pace.

Weight Training

Weight training, a type of strength training, offers another apt technique for preventing weight gain. As we age, we lose muscle mass, which gets replaced with visceral fat.

But, the strength training type mentioned above acts on major muscle groups. And helps in retaining muscle mass, thus preventing muscle replacement with visceral fat.

Moreover, this strength training aids in developing a healthy metabolism. The training also maintains bone density, which becomes a crucial health factor in regulating during old age.

Weight training is also known as resistance training owing to the use of resistance to build muscle strength. The use of resistance in resistance training adapts body muscles to overcome the pressure of resistance.

In fact, repeated resistance training causes an impressive rise in muscular endurance. This improvement in muscle quality contributes to a higher muscle-to-fat ratio, excluding the chances of unwanted fat increase.

Moreover, weight or strength training promotes muscle gain without any risk of fat gain. So, if you are underweight, try strength training to gain weight healthily. With strength training, you will gain weight by increasing and improving muscles.

2. Diet

Many consider a low-fat diet effective for fat burning. But other diet types like the Mediterranean diet bring sustainable fat loss.

Moreover, to reduce body fat, you need to lower the intake of fried foods or processed foods. These foods are rich in trans fats.

Such fats contribute to a long-term increase in fat mass. Therefore, you need to reduce processed foods consumption for weight management.

Moreover, when talking about weight loss, people think of oil-free foods. But, you can consume an olive oil-enriched diet to reduce body fat.

Also, you can consume healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, and seeds. But, despite being healthy, these fats still possess more calories. So, you need to concentrate on calorie intake even when consuming healthy fats.

You need to concentrate on the protein type to have a low body fat percentage. Having lean protein aids in losing weight without hampering the intake of vitamins and minerals.

Also, you can have high-fiber foods to resist weight gain. Examples of fiber-rich foods include whole grains, fruits, and legumes.

3. Lifestyle changes

Getting proper sleep at the correct time prevents having a higher body fat percentage. Having less than 6 hours can cause obesity among young females.

So, you need to have sufficient sleep to prevent weight gain.

A top-notch digital program that offers holistic solutions to losing body fat sustainably is the Trouble Spot Fat Loss Program.

Fun & Healthy Way To Lose Weight: Trouble Spot Fat Loss

How to lower body fat percentage

A great program that can assist you in losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle is Trouble Spot Fat Loss. It focuses on hormone imbalances and reduces blood inflammation in addition to weight reduction.

After utilizing the product, you’ll notice reduced back, thigh, and abdominal fat.

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4. Stress management

Stress brings high levels of cortisol hormone. This hormone contributes to a higher body mass index and more belly fat. These negative impacts imply the need to have good mental health.

To reduce stress, you can meditate. Most importantly, you need to acknowledge stress inducers in your life. And work on them to manage negative emotions.

5. Supplements 

12 Best Supplements to Reduce Body Fat

ProductKey Feature

Amyl Guard

Top Consumer's Choice

All Day Slimming TEA

Best Body Fat Drink

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic

Best in Boosting Metabolism

African Lean Belly

Advertised as Best Selling Weight Loss Supplement

Beyond 40 Lean Belly

Best Fat Burner Supplement for People Aging 40+


Best Fat Burner and Supports Heart Health


Best Overall Weight Loss Supplement


Best Fat Burner for Belly Fats


Best Fat Burner Supplement Endorsed by a Doctor

Mito Boost

est Fat Burner with Anti-Aging Properties


Best Quick and Easy Fat Burner Supplement

Keto Advanced 1500

Best Fat Burner and Overall Health Supplement

1. Top Consumer’s Choice: Amyl Guard

how to lower body fat percentage

This supplement contains white kidney beans, bitter melon extract, and berberine. Amyl Guard comes in capsule form and packages for one, three, and six-month supplies.

This product acts as a weight loss aid. To promote weight loss, it contains carb blockers.

The amylase inhibitory functions of the product come from bean compounds. This inhibitory action restricts the breakdown of carbs and therefore causes calorie accumulation as fats.

Other ingredients like berberine and bitter melon help in fat burning. Berberine also influences insulin levels and aids in managing blood sugar.


  • Natural way to lower body fat percentage
  • Bonuses containing cookbook and meditation guide with 6 bottle plan


  • Not suitable for lactating mothers
  • Only available on the official website

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2. Best For Boosting Metabolism: All Day Slim Tea

how to lower body fat percentage

This tea contains different formulations for morning and evening packs. The morning variety contains ingredients apt for restoring energy levels. On the other hand, the evening pack contains components that help in reducing constipation and having a good sleep.

The powerful tea concoction not only helps in weight loss but also in detoxification and better sleep. The slimming tea comes in three packages, the best one being the six-month supply.

The delicious flavor of the tea comes from the monk fruit extract. This fruit extract adds natural sweetness without increasing sugar levels.

The ingredients like oolong tea and green tea lower the production and storage of fat.


  • The tea recipe is taken from the traditional recipe of one of the healthiest places on earth, the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica.
  • Specialized tea recipes for morning and evening packs


  • Not suitable for people who dislike tea-based recipes for gradual weight loss
  • It may not be suitable for people with prior health issues.

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3. Best in Boosting Metabolism: Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic

how to lower body fat percentage

This supplement comes in powder form and 30,90, and 180 days supply. The product gives bonus guides for fat-burning smoothies and better sleep. The bonuses, along with the tonic, offer a full-fledged way of fat loss.

The powder supplement contains extracts of fruits like acai, mulberry, and Aronia berry. These fruit extracts help in building strong immunity and healthy metabolism.

Okinawa also contains inulin, piperine, hibiscus sabdariffa, and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). These ingredients aid in maintaining a healthy weight.

The component EGCG aids in thermogenesis that uses body fat for energy. Aiding in this process helps in weight loss.


  • Helps you to lose fat, including excess belly fat
  • Attractive bonuses, including health coaching and books on sleep guides and smoothies


  • It may not be suitable for lactating women.
  • It May take longer to get delivered.

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4. Advertised as Best Selling Weight Loss Supplement: African Lean Belly

how to lower body fat percentage

The product contains synetrim CQ, garcinia cambogia, green tea, ginger, and turmeric. African lean belly comes in pill forms. The supplement is available in packs of 1 bottle and 3 and 6 bottles.

The product functions as an aid for losing fat and having healthy body mass. Also, the African lean belly improves metabolism.

The component synetrim CQ (grape plant extract) helps in the optimization of leptin levels. This optimization helps in losing fat.

Another component, garcinia itself, acts as a supplement. This reduces cravings and eliminates binge eating and snacking. Restraining from snacking reduces calorie intake from possibly unhealthy food sources.


  • Lose higher body fat mass
  • Helps to lose body fat quickly and sustainably


  • Available only on the official page
  • Variation in individual results

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5. Best Fat Burner Supplement for People Aging 40+: Beyond 40 Lean Belly

how to lower body fat percentage

The product comes in capsule forms. It is available in three different packages.

This product effectively reduces abdominal fat and belly fat based on science-backed formulations. Such formulations highlight the safety of use and efficacy.

The product contains conjugated linoleic acid sourced from safflower seed oil. This ingredient helps in burning fat.

Apart from managing weight, beyond 40 reduces the accumulation of plaque in arteries. This function promotes better cardiac health.


  • Good way of losing belly fat
  • A research-backed formulation for losing body weight


  • It may not be suitable for people taking medicines or with medical conditions.
  • Not apt for pregnant or lactating women

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6. Best Fat Burner and Supports Heart Health: Revitaa

how to lower body fat percentage

It contains phenols derived from blueberry, mulberry, and grape skins. The product is present in capsule forms and three different packages.

Revitaa acts primarily as a weight loss aid. Also, the product relieves stress levels. It thus contributes to having a good heart and mental health.

This fat burner helps in lowering belly fat and cholesterol levels. Moreover, the product helps in slowing aging.

Revitaa also improves brain health.


  • Treats stress-related symptoms along with maintaining a healthy weight
  • An effective way of losing belly fat


  • Individual outcomes may vary.
  • It may cause minor stomach issues.

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7. Best Overall Weight Loss Supplement: NitriLean

how to lower body fat percentage

The supplement raises the level of nitric oxide. This action promotes healthy fat loss and good metabolism.

NitriLean contains natural components like green tea and grape seed extract. The use of natural ingredients makes up for safe and effective outcomes.

Moreover, the supplement aids in fast yet safe weight loss.

This comes in capsule forms and is available in 1 bottle and 3, and 6 bottles.


  • An effective fat-burning formulation that also supports good heart health
  • Good for treating chronic fatigue


  • Available only on the official website
  • Somewhat costly compared to other products

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8. Best Fat Burner for Belly Fats: Acidaburn

how to lower body fat percentage

This product is available in capsules. The product comes in three packages.

Many people find it difficult to lose belly fat. But, this product is quite effective in reducing belly fat.

Moreover, the supplement is specially designed for middle-aged people and older adults.

Acidaburn promotes healthy eating habits and prevents unnecessary snacking. These functions help in weight management.


  • Better management of appetite
  • Maintains energy levels


  • Variation of individual results
  • May cause feeling of bloating

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9. Best Fat Burner Supplement Endorsed by a Doctor: FloraSpring

how to lower body fat percentage

This supplement is available in capsule forms. These come in supplies of one bottle and six and three bottles.

The supplement contains natural constituents. These aid in the use of fat for getting energy.

Most interestingly, this supplement contains probiotics. The presence of probiotics improves gut health and thus aids in better digestion.

The product also helps in the elimination of toxins. And promotes having better metabolism.


  • Contains the right amount of apt probiotic strains for better digestion and reducing body fat
  • Attractive bonuses that help you to burn fat


  • Different rates for losing excess body fat in different people
  • A bit higher price

Shop FloraSpring at Official Website.

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10. Best Fat Burner with Anti-Aging Properties: Mito Boost

how to lower body fat percentage

This product is available in the form of capsules and comes in a pack of max 6 bottles. The formulation contains a blend of vitamin and plant components.

The natural components make up for safe and effective use. Moreover, the creators claim the product to be 100% effective.

The natural ingredients, including wakame and goji berries, help in fat burning. And aids in having the body weight you desire.

Other ingredients like collagen and MSM helps in good bone health. Improving bone health aids in fighting age-induced weakness.


  • A natural and effective way of reducing higher body fat percentage
  • Fast and easy way to lose weight


  • Results may not be the same for all.
  • It may not be suitable for people with existing health problems.

Shop Mito Boost at Official Website.

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11. Best Quick and Easy Fat Burner Supplement: Alive

how to lower body fat percentage

The supplement contains natural caffeine ingredients. The product comes in capsule form and packs of 1,3, and 6 bottles.

This supplement targets and supports the production of dopamine hormones. By supporting hormonal synthesis, it helps to lose fat.

The supplement also regulates the management of appetite. And prevents the intake of unwanted calories.

Moreover, Alive aids in reducing cravings and thus effectively blocks fat intake through junk foods.


  • Suitable for a wide range of ages and body weight
  • Contains natural sources of caffeine


  • It may not be suitable for pregnant or lactating women.
  • It can cause minor stomach issues.

Shop Alive at Official Website.

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12. Best Fat Burner and Overall Health Supplement: Keto Advanced 1500

how to lower body fat percentage

The supplement contains beta hydroxybutyrates, apple cider vinegar, green tea, and macadamia nut oil. The product comes in capsule form and packs of 2, 4, and 6 bottles.

The beta hydroxybutyrates not only favor weight loss but also improve brain health. The other ingredients also aid in weight management.

This supplement contains natural components which ease the entry of the metabolic system into ketosis. And the entry into the ketogenic path aids in using fat for energy and, thus, promotes effective weight loss.

Moreover, using the pathway of ketogenesis helps in the management of blood sugar.


  • Faster fat loss
  • Easy dosage regulations


  • Not for obese children or below 18 people
  • Not suitable for people with digestive or eating disorders

Shop Keto Advanced 1500 at Official Website.

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Losing body fat can pose a challenging job. But, with smart strategies, you can easily and healthily reduce body fat.

To lose body fat, you need to optimize your diet. Include olive oil and whole grains in your diet to resist having more body fat. Also, you need to optimize calorie intake and eating habits.

You can use fat-burning supplements to lose body fat. Among these supplements, we recommend Amyl Guard. This product contains a natural blend of ingredients apt for fat loss.

Also, Amyl Guard targets the metabolism of carbohydrates and prevents fat storage. The product lacks artificial ingredients, therefore, eliminating negative side effects.

It clearly is the best supplement option. Many users swear by it!

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How to Lower Body Fat Percentage FAQs

Is reducing body fat percentages quickly, dangerous?

A faster rate of fat loss may seem risky compared to a slow loss. But, some studies point out rapid weight loss to be as safe and beneficial as slow weight reduction.

Although experts support losing body fat slowly but consistently. Moreover, the slow but steady approach helps in reducing negative side effects like loss of muscle mass.

Does losing weight have any healthy range?

The healthy range of weight loss depends on your body weight and how much fat mass you want to lose. So, there’s no need to compare weight loss with that of others.

But, during the period of trying to lose weight, keep a close check on body weight and energy levels. Also, remember too little body fat is unhealthy.

Do you need to consult doctors for losing fat?

You can burn fat without consulting doctors. Just need to watch out for any ill-effect of weight loss.

But, you can consult experts if you have other health problems along with obesity. Consultation with experts will help you eliminate the chances of getting negative impacts from weight loss.

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