Back Pain SOS Review 2024: Does it Really Work?

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The Back Pain SOS program encompasses a whole set of exercises and healing techniques to address chronic back pain. 

In the recent pandemic that followed multiple lockdowns, people are living a sedentary lifestyle that involves sitting for extended periods. Long hours of sitting may increase the incidence of lower back pain like sciatica. 

Almost 80% of all people will experience back pain at some time in their lives. Back pain is a form of disability that can be triggered by muscle injury, entrapment sciatic nerve, joint dislocation, or herniated disks. 

This chronic pain can be crippling at times, affecting your productivity and quality of life. The throbbing pain limits the range of motion and daily life activities. Further, the debilitating back pain may affect your state of mind and focus. You won’t know when you may aggravate pain. 

Conservative management is the most preferred approach for back pain. It involves non-invasive treatment options like physical therapy, stretching, pain killers, and injections. You can find various rehabilitation programs that are aimed at grappling the back pain problem.  Today, we are reviewing one such program, Back Pain SOS. Read on to learn how this program helps in alleviating back pain.     

Back Pain SOS Reviews: Product Overview

back pain sos reviews
Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website
Back Pain SOSBook and DVDBack Pain SOS is a program developed by Virgil Pruteanu that helps treat back pain through various physical activities.Depends on the package

Amazing reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!

Back Pain SOS has received overall positive feedback online. You can see lots of happy faces on their official website. According to different reviews posted online, this program has helped many people that were suffering from debilitating back pain and allowed them to live a pain-free life. 

Here are some of the reviews that we found online:

“Thanks, Virgil, this is a miracle! I almost forgot how to smile. I thought I just needed to get used to this pain. You managed to fix my spondylosis. Thank you, and I strongly recommend this.” ~ Anisoara I.

“Just another two sessions, and the pain is gone, completely. I want to thank Virgil for all his help. I truly recommend him to everyone who’s in pain. This works. And without taking drugs.” Loredana S.’.

“I was diagnosed with ‘untreatable’ lumbar scoliosis. After only one session, I feel great. This helped me move again. Well done, Virgil!” Michaela M.

I didn’t think I could ever walk again like I did before the accident. Thanks to you, I CAN!” Joana S.

It’s been two years now without drugs and pain. Thank you, Virgil, for everything. You should listen to him; this is pure gold and a miracle.” Mihaela D.

“I had huge problems with my back, especially with my spine, but with this help, I managed to get rid of my pain, and I feel amazing now. I warmly recommend this!” Victoria M.

What we have witnessed from these reviews is that this program has lots of satisfied customers. 

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What is Back Pain SOS Supplement?

The Back Pain SOS program is designed to assist people in relieving their back pain issues. This program can overcome the persistent back pain that has lasted for a long period.  It includes a variety of physical activities to achieve people healthy, pain-free life. These activities are based on Sequential Oxygen System

The SOS system helps supply an unlimited amount of oxygen to the cells and improves blood flow. The foundation of this program is placed around the concept of sacral plexus, a type of stretch to lessen back pain symptoms.    

Back Pain SOS will help you treat back pain without going to a specialist. Moreover, it doesn’t use any medication or exercise that aggravates the pain. The program is aimed to get rid of chronic back pain and help avoid other associated health complications like sciatica. 

Dr. Virgil Pruteanu is the author of the Back Pain SOS book. You can visit the official website and download the resources. He is an Olympic Recovery specialist and has treated many people with back pain complications. 

Photo: Back Pain SOS Official Website

How does Back Pain SOS work?

Back Pain SOS helps relieve chronic pain naturally within a few days. The efficacy of this program lies in the unique stretching techniques, which involve a myriad collection of posture, movements, and exercises to treat back pain naturally.

Sequential Oxygen Oxygen System (SOS)   

As you may know, muscle spasms and constriction contribute to back pain. Consequently, it blocks the essential flow of blood to cells and starves them of oxygen and nutrients. Further, toxins are unable to move out of the cells. 

The deprivation of oxygen, nutrition, and accumulation of dangerous waste transforms your cells into a state of Hypoxia. According to the author, hypoxia is a true culprit of back pain. Prolonged hypoxia can lead to the degradation of muscles and tendons, leading to a lack of mobility.  

Virgil introduced an effective approach, Sequential Oxygen Oxygen System (SOS), to minimize back discomfort. The SOS system helps unlock and open hypoxic cells to more oxygen

Sacral Plexus

Most back pain issues are linked with the sacral plexus region. The soft tissues in this region, when tightened, put pressure on the nerves flowing through the Grand Central Station of your Sacral Plexus. The opening up of the sacral plexus increases blood circulation in the soft tissues and improves muscle elasticity and flexibility.  

Stretches that Destroy Hypoxia

The first stretching technique in Back Pain SOS is the “Himalayan King.” it is a kind of squat that is pretty easy to perform. While doing it, keep your back as straight as possible. You can perform this against the wall. It helps stretch the soft tissues in your sacral plexus in four dimensions (4-D): up and down and side to side.

By performing this stretch, you increase blood circulation. Further, it removes the toxins and reduces inflammation naturally. Consequently, reduced inflammation takes off the pressure from nerves in your sacral plexus, thereby reducing excruciating pain. 

The other stretches are Ninja in the grass, four on the floor, and backhand three-pointers.

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What are the Benefits of Back Pain SOS?

Photo: Back Pain SOS Official Website

In this Back Pain SOS review, we have discussed many benefits of this program. Here are some of a few other advantages of Back Pain SOS:


The most prominent benefit of this program is that it is created by the person who suffered from the same problems as you are and has a better understanding of the issue. It is safe to say that it is reliable as the person who developed this program has defeated back pain by following these strategies. 

Natural Healing

Another benefit of this program is that the whole process is natural. You don’t need to take any medicines, and you can get your back to recover naturally. 

Other benefits include;

  • It increases blood circulation, supplies more oxygen to your cells, and improves flexibility
  • It also improves heart rate and breathing.
  • Back Pain SOS helps to improve fitness by incorporating specific exercises and stretches.
  • It destroys the main culprit of back pain, hypoxia.

Why is Back Pain SOS Effective?

Photo: Back Pain SOS Official Website

Here are some of the reasons that Back Pain SOS is an effective approach to relieving back pain:

Works for Everyone

Back Pain SOS is pretty popular because it works effectively for people of all ages. It makes Back Pain SOS stands out from its competitors because it is not easy to find a rehabilitation technique that is for everyone. 

Easy and Simple Exercises

Secondly, the Back Pain SOS program exercises are pretty easy to perform. You can do these physical activities at home by watching videos. 

Variety of Resources 

Back Pain SOS has many techniques and tools like Solo Sequence, SOS Massage Tools, SOS Partner Signature, etc. These sequences can completely recover back pain. Also, 100 movements, a variety of stretches, and poses given in the book are perfect for treating chronic back pain.

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What are the Features of Back Pain SOS?

Back Pain SOS has many features; some of which are as follows:

Digital Accessibility

The Back Pain SOS program allows you to download PDFs and videos. These videos assist you in performing various stretches with ease. With PDFs, you can read the instructions and details of exercises and postures anywhere you want— on your mobile, laptop, or tablet—  without any internet connection. 

Healing Techniques

There are various healing techniques that Back Pain SOS offers. With a broad range of exercises in this Back Pain SOS program, you can get a unique solution for your chronic lower back pain.  

Refund Policy

Another amazing feature of this Back Pain SOS program is its refund policy. You can refund 100% of your money if you don’t get the desired outcome of this program. 

Who is Back Pain SOS best for?

Back Pain SOS is helpful for someone suffering from persistent back pain. Most treatments for back pain revolves around reducing inflammation. On the contrary, Back Pain SOS deals with the major reason for back pain, hypoxia. This program helps eliminate even most chronic pain by sorting out hypoxia. 

Also, Back Pain SOS is a natural approach and is safe for both genders and people of all age groups. Further, if you can’t afford expensive treatments, this treatment plan is ideal for you as it doesn’t cost much. 

Back Pain SOS Pros and Cons

Easy to Comprehend: You can easily understand the stretches by watching the videos. Further, you can also read the instructions given in the PDF file. ❌ It requires your efforts; you may find difficulty performing the exercises and stretches as it may cause mild pain in your back.  
For all Ages: Back Pain SOS by Virgil Pruteanu is a carefully crafted treatment plan that includes exercises and stretches aimed at people of all ages. ❌ If pain persists, you should discuss it with your health provider. 
For Both Genders: Unlike other programs that are specifically designed for one gender, the Back Pain SOS is created to target both men and women. 
Affordable: This Back Pain SOS program is pretty cheap. You can get rid of chronic back pain for just under $30. 

Back Pain SOS Discount and Refund Policy

back pain sos reviews
Photo: Back Pain SOS Official Website

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You can refund 100 percent of your money if you don’t get the expected results within two months of the purchase.  

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Back pain is common nowadays, and it can be a disability if not treated well. That is why you must get immediate medical attention if you suffer from back pain. 

Many treatments, including conservative and non-conservative, are available for curing back issues. Each program covers a specific technique. But if you are looking for a treatment plan that combines various techniques, Virgil Pruteanu’s Back Pain SOS is a great option. 

It offers a series of exercises and stretches that are easy to follow. Further, these methods are effective for older people to get rid of severe crippling back pain. Also, with affordable cost and a 60-days money-back guarantee, it is safe to use this program.  

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Back Pain SOS​​ Reviews FAQ

Is Back Pain SOS safe to implement?

This Back Pain SOS program helps restore normal back function naturally through safe exercise. Yes, it’s pretty safe. 

What if stretches and moves cause more pain?

This program is highly customizable. If a specific move aggravates the pain, you can modify it to target different body parts. 

Are exercises challenging to perform?

These exercises are designed for beginners as well as professionals. Choose the exercises according to your comfort level. 

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