Common Health Conditions Treated with Alternative Medicine

By Stephen Sembe

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Alternative medicines are treatments outside the mainstream of standard healthcare. They are used to treat certain illnesses solely or together with conventional medicine. In this case, the type of treatment will be referred to as complementary therapy. Alternative treatment ranges from meditation and aromatherapy to acupuncture and homeopathy. These types of medicines are used to treat a variety of health issues.

Pain Management

pain management accupuncture

You may feel pain as a result of surgery, childbirth, injuries to the back, head or shoulder, cancer or migraine headaches. According to NHS Choices, almost half of adult British citizens are suffering from pain. Moreover, with the aging population, the number is predicted to increase hence the need for pain management and relief treatments.

Aside from drugs, there are alternative treatment options used as pain relievers. Some of these treatments include acupressure and acupuncture.

In acupuncture, needles are inserted at specific points on the body to boost energy and stimulate pain relievers. Acupuncture reduces pain by improving the release of endorphins that relieve pain. Acupressure works in a similar way, but, instead of using needles, finger pressure is applied.


Depression is also another common problem. Some people think it is not an actual health issue. However, it is a real illness with real symptoms.

Depression is more prevalent than pain since it affects even the younger generation from a tender age of 5, notes NHS Choices. It affects people in different ways and has a variety of symptoms. People experience hopelessness, unhappiness, lack of appetite, having no sex drive and losing interest in things you used to enjoy.

Dealing with depression can involve a combination of treatments methods such as herbal supplements, change in lifestyle and therapy. Some therapeutic options that help cure depression include yoga, meditation, and massage. They relax the body which helps with depression. Your treatment will depend on whether your depression is mild, moderate or severe.

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High Blood Pressure

high blood pressure

A report by CNN stated that more than a billion people worldwide are living with high blood pressure (hypertension). Approximately 16 million of those are in the UK and are living with it knowingly or unknowingly.

These stats are a scary considering that a report by the WHO indicates that blood pressure causes 7.5 million deaths globally. These facts highlight the importance of knowing your blood pressure and getting treatment if found out to have high blood pressure.

There are several types of alternative treatments that are effective for treating hypertension. For instance, dietary change, yoga practice, and relaxation have been found out to lower blood pressure for those suffering from mild hypertension.

Note that it is important to consult your doctor before engaging in a physical program especially for the older population of age 50 and beyond. Some herbals to use at the discretion of doctor include hibiscus, garlic and fish oil.

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Other health conditions that you can treat using alternative medicine include insomnia, arthritis, and migraines. Alternative treatment is becoming popular because many people dislike the use of mainstream medicine like drugs.


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