Who We Are?

Dumb Little Man is a comprehensive information platform aimed at empowering users with the requisite knowledge to lead enriched and gratifying lifestyles. Our website furnishes detailed product guides, cutting-edge tips and tricks on diverse subjects, and supplementary articles to educate and enlighten our readers.

Dumb Little Man was initially established in 2013 as a modest blog, which rapidly evolved into a comprehensive website featuring a team of devoted writers and editors. At present, our expert team spans diverse sectors such as finance, health and welness, personal finance and wealth management, investing, and more, consistently delivering high-quality content to our audience.

We pledge to provide you with practical and applicable information on a daily basis, enabling you to make informed decisions pertaining to your investments, business, finances, and health journey.


Editor Guidelines

At the heart of our Dumb Little Man website lies a fundamental principle – to offer our users reliable advice and information across a broad spectrum of subjects. We recognize that achieving this objective is contingent upon adhering to rigorous editorial guidelines. These guidelines are formulated with the dual prupose of elevating the quality of our content and ensuring a professional, transparent, and unbiased presentation of information.

Our website enlists only certified experts who have established their credibility in their respective domains. They operate independently, without any association with commercial entities. Rather, they offer their expert insights and information gounded in their own research and experiences. At Dumb Little Man, we do not exert any undue influence or control over the work of our contirbutors and editorial board. They are afforded complete autonomy to generate content, impart valuable advice, and engage with our users in the manner they deem fit.

In addition to ensuring the autonomy of our contirbutors, our website has implemented a set of guidelines aimed at enhancing the quality of our service delivery. For instance, all content disseminated through our platform undergoes comprehensive fact-checking processes. Our team is consistently reminded to refrain from propagating any false or misleading information while providing lucidity on subjects that may be intricate or perplexing to our readers.

Our writers and editors are obligated to disclose any affiliations they may have with commercial brands, and evaluating whether such affiliations could potentially give rise to conflicts of interest. Our overarching objective is to furnish you with impartial and pragmatic information that you can rely on throughout the day.

What We Can Say About our Editors, Writers and Guest Contributors

The exceptional talent of our writers, editors, and guest contributors has been instrumental in positioning Dumb Little Man as a leading information website. Given our focus on providing insightful and informative content to our readers, we place a great deal of emphasis on leveraging the expertise and experiences of our contributors to meaningful engage with our audience.

Accordingly, we uphold rigorous standards of professionalism and expertise within our team. To be considered for writing or contributing on our website, candidates must furnish concrete evidence of their proficiency and expertise in their respective domains. We do not compromise on these criteria under any circumstances, as they are essential to maintaining the quality and credibility of our content.

We further assert that all content featured on our website must be distinguished by it’s originality, utlity, and accuracy. To this end, we require all our writers to furnish evidence of their adherence to established standards of originality and factuality. Moreover, our writers and editors possess extensive experience and have previously held editorial positions at rapidly expanding websites similar to ours.

Fact Checking

As previously indicated, our primary objective at Dumb Little Man is to furnish our readers with information that is grounded in fact and accuracy. We acknowledge that several of the topics we address, such as health, wellness, finance, and investing, are inherently sensitive. In light of this, we have communicated unequivocally to our team that only verifiable and substantiated information will be deemed suitable for publication on our platform.

In actuality, we have established a specialized team of fact-checkers, who possess expertise in their respective domains, to scrutinize all content before it is published. Our objective is to ascertain the veracity of all information contained before in the posts. Furthermore, we exert signifact effort in equipping our team with the research tools they require to compose informative and substantive posts that offer tangible benefits to our readers.

Product Reviews

As an aspect of our approach to delivering premium content, we conduct a series of product evaluations across various sectors. These reviews are intended to provide our readers with insight that can aid in their purchasing deliberations. It is important to note that we refrain from endorsing any specific products.

Our team engages in comprehensive research of various products to generate informative posts that enable our readers to make informed purchasing decisions. A majority of these evaluations are conducted by subject matter experts who possess hands-on experience with the products being reviewed. The objective is to provide our readers with in-depth, evidence-based analyses that enable them to make well-informed decisions.

Diversity and Inclusions

Dumb Little Man values diversity and inclusivity within our organization. Our team is comprised of individuals from various backgrounds, including women, men, and members of the LGBTQ community, working in different capacities to serve our diverse audience.

We are committed to making our content inclusive and repectful of diversity. To this end, we have a dedicated editorial team that reviews all of our posts to ensure that the language used is to appropriate and not offensive to any individual or group.

As an organization, we are committed to continously enhancing our understanding of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion, with the objective of improving our practices in the long term. Dumb Little Man adheres to a policy of non-discrimination, and we extend a warm invitation to indivduals of all races, sexual orientations, religions, creeds, and genders to access and engage with our content.

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We welcome any opportunity to connect with you and address any questions or conerns you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected], as we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and support.

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