8 Tips To Promote Your Senior Loved One’s Health

By Dumb Little Man

January 10, 2024

8 Tips To Promote Your Senior Loved One's Health

It is no secret that an aging person needs more love and care than someone in their prime. As the body loses some of its function, the brain isn’t as sharp as it once was, and the hairline recedes, many health-related issues may arise that a senior loved one must give attention to and manage.

Some elderlies may need assistance taking care of their health and well-being. Although there are many options like in-home care, retirement homes or villages, and independent living facilities, these should cater to the needs of each senior.

The loved ones of a senior person will know best when it comes to their unique circumstances and needs, so they should know which areas their loved ones will need to work on more. Reading through some of the best tips to promote their health below will help get them started:  

Encourage Them To Do Regular Exercise

Encourage Them To Do Regular Exercise
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Seniors may not have a lot of stamina or energy, but it is still essential for them to do regular exercise to improve their health. They don’t have to do strenuous workouts for hours, and the type of exercise depends on their fitness level and health concerns.

Find a center for supporting healthy living that knows senior citizens’ physical challenges, ensuring they are monitored and encouraged in a way that will benefit them. There may be numerous facilities available in the area, and the next of kin can make inquiries at all of them until they find the one that will be right for their senior loved one.

Add Vitamin And Mineral Supplements

Add Vitamin And Mineral Supplements
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Along with the body not functioning optimally during old age, these loved ones may not have a considerable appetite to go with it. The combination could quickly cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies, resulting in more significant health problems.

A lack of vitamins, like vitamin C, could lead to scurvy, while the B vitamins will assist with digestion and neurological health. So, to mitigate these instances, senior loved ones should have the levels of their vitamins checked by a medical doctor and any deficiencies supplemented where needed.

Incorporating A Healthy Eating Plan

Incorporating A Healthy Eating Plan
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Healthy eating is something people of all ages should strive to do, but it may be more important for senior loved ones. They often forget to eat or eat whatever is convenient, as they don’t feel like cooking anymore. Because of this, their diet could be less than optimal and cause even more deficiencies.  

If there are any concerns the family members raise about their senior loved one that isn’t getting the nutrition they need, they should devise a plan to assist the older person. One solution could be meal prepping for them, where someone packs nutritious meals in portions before storing them in the freezer. All that is left for the older person to do is heat the meal and eat it.

Emphasize Personal Hygiene Practice

Emphasize Personal Hygiene Practice
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As the aging body struggles to keep up with being healthy, the immune system could also dip, which means the older person can easily catch diseases. The immune system should fight off minor illnesses in a younger person but may be ineffective in old age.  

Before entering the room of a frail loved one, wash hands and ask others to do the same to prevent illnesses from spreading to them. Encourage older loved ones to keep hygiene in mind, especially when visiting the mall or other public places, to minimize their risk for infection.  

Assist Them With Stress Management

Assist Them With Stress Management
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In an ever-changing world, older adults may struggle to keep up with all the new technology and other things around them. They may also not understand all the latest electronic devices, especially when they need to do their banking, get a new cell phone, or do a telehealth session.  

So, as a compassionate family member, always be ready to help them manage their stress by explaining it in a way they will understand and lending a hand where needed. You can show them simple gestures by booking their appointments for them, accompanying them to the store or bank, and setting up their new electronics, so they are easier to use.  

Give Them Enough Time To Rest

Give Them Enough Time To Rest
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Rest is something that all older loved ones will enjoy. Routine everyday tasks could be extremely draining on their energy, so they need more time to recharge. Overscheduling their day could leave them feeling overwhelmed, and family members should ensure they have lots of time between activities to take a nap or lie down for a while.  

During rest, the body takes time to digest food and replenish all the organs with the needed nutrients and energy. Missing out on their rest is thus something older loved ones cannot cope with if they want to remain on top of their game.  

Schedule Regular Medical Check-Ups

Schedule Regular Medical Check-Ups
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Physical and mental health should be a priority for aging loved ones, and regular checkups could assist them in catching a health issue early. Some health problems may go undetected and spiral out of control if the person doesn’t keep a close eye on them.

It may be difficult for the older loved ones to go to the doctor alone, so family members can assist them by fetching them and accompanying them to these appointments. Another option could be to schedule a telehealth session for the doctor to follow up with the older loved one if there are any concerns.  

Manage Other People Who Have Contact

It may sound like some military or school programs if you restrict personal contact, but there is nothing as strict as that. Some people could unknowingly carry viruses, bacteria, and other germs, which they can pass on to their elderly loved ones.

It is well within the family’s right to protect their older family members from contracting diseases and infections, so they should carefully consider who they will allow to visit. People who feel slightly ill should stay away to be safe.

Final Thoughts

Older adults may need more help than others may think, especially when it comes to their health. Fortunately, if family members follow the tips above, they can rest assured that they will have plenty of happy moments to come that they can share with their older loved ones. After all, they deserve all the love and happiness their family has to offer, including keeping them safe from harm.

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