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By Nim-Véda Australia

September 29, 2015   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

For far too long, natural products and men have been on two opposite ends of a pogo stick, but that’s all about to change.

Women have predominantly been known to be more obsessed about taking a helping hand from nature when it comes to their daily personal care regimes but men are now firmly in on the action.

According to a recent CNBC report, mampering has become the latest craze to hit our shores. A play on the word pampering, mampering refers to new age men who aren’t afraid to take care of themselves.

Organic Personal Care is a large part of the pie when it comes to men sussing out what’s just plain good for them and what’s best. Real men aren’t afraid to put their buck where their mouth is and this is just one of the many reasons Organic based products are getting as much attention as they are.

The male personal care market has increased by 6.7% between the two year period from 2012 to 2014, turning it into one of the fastest growing sectors in the beauty industry. With a whopping 59% of American men claiming that a solid personal care regime boosts their self-esteem, let’s not waste any more time in showing you how it’s done.

Step One: Dry Skin getting you down?

Let’s face it, man or woman, no one likes wrinkles. Dry skin, especially in the colder months can wreak havoc but if we don’t take care, the damage can sometimes be permanent. Moisturise daily, morning and night. Our skin is the largest organ in our body so naturally, taking care of it isn’t as simple as you would think. Skin goes through loads of changes during the day, so if you can, find a day cream for the day time when your skin is facing the elements and a night cream for the evening time to ensure some serious recovery is going on while you’re recouping after the day’s hard events, ready for the morning.

Step Two: Itchy scalp anyone?

We’re not going to sugar coat it – Dandruff is embarrassing full stop. In fact it’s so annoying; we actually had to spell out full stop after that previous sentence. No one’s falling for snowflakes being the latest shoulder pad fad. It’s also such a bore to have to wear white all the time just so your little scalp scruffs aren’t in on the action on that hot date you have tonight. Want a remedy that won’t cost an arm or a leg or do any permanent damage so close to your brain cells?


Just get some Neem leaves (if you don’t have any on hand, go to your local Health Food store/Indian Grocery store and purchase some Neem powder instead), dilute the leaves/powder in some warm water and let it sit overnight. Wash you scalp with the substance the next day and wait patiently. Like most things natural/organic based the change isn’t going to miraculously occur overnight but stick with it and you will see a change. Best of all, you should feel the pesky itchiness slowly disappear as well.

Step Three: Don’t sweat it.

You’re a man, so we know how much you like your activity. Getting that hot bod takes work dude and with that comes sweating. Sweating is good and all but what about the moisture our bodies lose when we work it while we strut our stuff? Moisture keeps our skin replenished and no one likes dehydrated skin. Use a specially made body lotion because these are often much thinner than normal creams which makes it easier to apply on large masses of skin and more absorbent which is also kinder to that new suit we just bought.

Step Four: Just because we’re guys doesn’t mean we like cracked heels.

Okay, there’s a point when the age old adage of “be a man and rub some dirt in it” needs to get some perspective. No one likes cracked heels and though you may not be the pedicure SNAG type, you definitely aren’t loving your cracked heels and chances are, neither is your partner. Apply some Foot Balm/Body Butter to your heels before you sleep at night and let it work its magic for you while you rest. For faster results, wear some socks over the cream and see your soft as a baby’s bottom skin reappear within weeks!

Step Five: Let’s worry about our insides for a second

Looking good is important but if you aren’t feeling your best inside, what’s the point? What we put into our bodies is just as important as taking care of the outside of your body. The latest organic food craze to hit the planet, drum roll please, is Turmeric. This natural wonder root has been used in India for centuries to ward off arthritic and rheumatic arthritis and is even used as a balm (mixed with warm ghee) for inflammation. Add some to your diet as an addition to a steaming, hot curry or some warm milk (with honey if you absolutely need to make it a little more friendly to your palate) daily and your joints will be thanking you the rest of your life.

Well there you have it, five ultra quick remedies for dudes to improve their lives.

Nim-Véda Australia

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