3 Ways You Are Being Controlled By Your Mind

By Jonathan Gibaud

July 10, 2014   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

We live in the subconscious. Rather, 90% of our daily operations belong to the subconscious realm. That’s a huge chuck of us we are not in control of. It is therefore imperative we learn to take control.


Your mind is a collection of billions of connections constantly wiring and rewiring themselves based on every thought, experience and action you have, experience and do every second, minute and hour of each day.

Imagine your brain as a mouldable lump of clay – each firing and rewiring of the neurones following a thought, experience or action carves a groove into the clay. The more repeated, or powerful, the thought, action or experience, the deeper the groove. Let’s call this groove carver ‘The Mind Pilot’. And lets call this lump of clay with the grooves in it your ‘Mind Landscape’.

Your ‘Mind Pilot’ is unthinking, uncaring and doesn’t give a rats ass about you or your well being. It doesn’t know the difference between good and bad, right or wrong and positive or negative. It’s lazy, indifferent and follows only the easiest path to get where it needs to go. It is also your most powerful asset, and when utilized properly – it will change your life.

Your ‘Mind Pilot’ is the navigator of your brain. It is your subconscious; it’s powerful and if you let it, it can fight against you, or it can be your greatest source of power. It will always try to travel around your brain as quickly as possible using the easiest route – which is always the deepest grooves. Therefore, the deep grooves always become deeper as they are travelled along more frequently – the reason people become habitual and are shaped by their thoughts. No one is shaped by an individual thought, just as no one is shaped by a single groove in the ‘Mind Landscape’. It is the network of past thoughts and grooves that dictate how your pilot (your subconscious) makes it decisions.

So how if your ‘Mind Pilot’ controlling you? The grooves it carves are having a serious effect on:

1. Your Levels of Positivity and Happiness

Your natural disposition towards positivity or negativity is a direct result of grooves carved by your ‘Mind Pilot’. People with deep positive grooves act positively more of the time and tend to use more positive words. People with deep negative grooves act more negatively more of the time and tend to use more negative words. They can’t help it. 90% of their actions are being controlled by their subconscious ‘Mind Landscape’. The positive persons Mind Pilot, with its landscape of deep positive grooves to travel in, travels these often – it is simply the path of least resistance. The negative person has deep negative grooves which the Mind Pilot also defaults into as it to is the path of least resistance giving every thought, action and experience a negative slant.

2. Your Propensity towards Opportunity vs Fear

A ‘Mind Landscape’ shaped towards opportunity looks very different to one shaped towards fear. One landscape makes it easier to come alive at the possibility of opportunity: the other makes it almost inevitable the person will be shut down by fear. Reality comes second to how your Mind Landscape shapes the way you view it, affecting how you act. That’s why some people can see an opportunity in every situation, and others cannot.

3. Your Good vs Bad Habits

No place is this phenomenon more clear than in the workings of your daily habits. Those people who have created strong routines of good habits – working out, waking early, eating healthily, reading, working hard, getting enough sleep – have done so by using their pilot to carve deep grooves towards a habitual nature of these personal traits. It’s easier for them now because they have developed deep grooves for this behaviour.
Others have allowed their pilot to carve deep grooves towards bad habits – eating junk food, being lazy, watching hours of TV re-runs, being late etc. The grooves for all these behaviours have been carved and shaped slowly over an extended period of time. Now shaped, the different landscapes are having a large effect on the actions of the individuals on the subconscious level, subtly directing how they think, act and live.

How To Take Action – Meditate.

You can control your ‘Mind Pilot’; control the grooves it carves across your ‘Mind Landscape’. But it requires conscious thought and effort. Which is why, so often, we allow the world to do the shaping, instead of taking control ourselves. Because controlling the ‘Pilot’ requires conscious thought you need to ensure you carve the grooves you want to have, and shape your landscape the way it needs to look at least once every day.

A great way to do this is meditation. In meditation you can consciously create the actions, the life, the decisions, the positive thoughts, run the success habits in a controlled manner and carve the grooves you desire to own. Your ‘Mind Pilot’ is unthinking; it cannot tell the difference between a real and an imagined thought. Therefore, during meditation, you can simulate the perfect life, walk through the perfect habits, and make the perfect decisions, carving the grooves for this behaviour deep into your mind.

The best sportsmen in the world have been doing this for years, as have all who practice the art of meditation and simulation. Runners simulate the perfect race, the perfect stride and the perfect finish so that they carve deep grooves for this outcome and way of running. When it comes to race day, when nerves can override their conscious mind, their subconscious mind, controlled by their pilot goes into action and follows the deep grooves for the perfect race – the natural path of least resistance.

In meditation, people focus on carving deep grooves for peace and well being, so your subconscious ‘pilot’ has a greater tendency to follow this route and increase your general levels of well being throughout the day.

You ‘Mind Pilot’ and your ‘Mind landscape’ are the most powerful assets you own as they control how you think, act and live 90% of the time. Get into a habit of being mindful of the grooves you are carving, and the landscape you are creating in your mind – it is effecting everything you do.

Don’t let circumstance and the world shape how you think, act and live. Take control and train your ‘Mind Pilot’ to shape your ‘Mind landscape’ the way you need it to be in order to achieve everything you want out of life.

Start taking action today, and carve the grooves that will make your tomorrow better.

Jonathan Gibaud

Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker Jonny Gibaud takes new ideas to the world. His latest book The Architech - How Normal People Can Be Abnormally Successful is out now - thearchitechbook.com

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