3 simple and effective practices to deal with pressure and stress

By Ruchi Pankaj Gupta

March 17, 2016   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

3 Simple and Effective Practices to Deal with Pressure and Stress
When someone asks you “What is the essential part to leading a life?”,  the answer would be “oxygen” from anyone. But in today’s fast-paced era, the answer should also include “relaxation” from the pressure of daily routine. It became an impossible task to think of life without stress and pressure in our daily routine. Dealing with them is as important as breathing for any individual in this modern day world.
However, a little bit of pressure is necessary in our daily routine to carry out our tasks. However, if we ignore the pressure as it is, it will surely make us suffocate by slowly crushing our health. The increase of stress and pressure beyond a particular level could have adverse effects on an individual’s health. For instance, if we are in a hurry for any particular task and feel pressured to deal with something in such a short time, our mind and nerves get activated and release hormones into our body that lead to an acceleration of our heart beat. This increase thereby ramps up our breathing and a confused state results in all the mind and bodily processes. This particular state is called as acute stress.

This state of acute stress leads to certain disorders such as headache, lack of sleep, confusion, lack of concentration, indigestion and others. However, these disorders do not stay for long and the body recovers quickly from them. Still, if this happens repeatedly, it may lead to chronic stress, which is a much more dangerous state. Likewise, the results can be very harmful to the individual’s health.

Hence, it is important for anybody, to reduce the stress and pressure that they carry and make sure that they do not conquer him. More importantly, extra care should be taken to avoid the influence of stress on our health. The only way of succeeding in this is through relaxation. Now is the time to get rid of these depressing nonsensical thoughts, and to avoid leading a miserable and unwell life. This can only be attained by following 3 simple, yet effective, procedures that assure a happy and stress free life.

Deep Breath

Breath governs all the bodily processes of an individual. So, taking a deep every now and then reduces stress and pressure in our body and mind. The rapid breathing that occurs when under stress and pressure is called shallow breathing, which leads to insufficient oxygen availability to the body. Hence, sit calmly, relax and take deep breaths slowly for 5 minutes each day. Inhale slowly until the stomach expands and exhale until the stomach contracts. Repeat this procedure everyday for 5 minutes and you will observe a positive effect in your body very soon.

Daily Exercise

Following a daily regimen of performing exercises each day increases the endorphin levels in our bodies. Endorphins are effective natural pain and stress fighters. The secretion of endorphins in our bodies leads to decreased feelings of pain, feelings of euphoria, enhancement of immune response, and modulation of appetite. High endorphin levels causes less pain and fewer negative effects of stress. Many doctors suggest performing exercises everyday for these reasons.

Social Relationships

Loneliness is one important cause for many people suffering with pressure and stress. When we feel lonely, the affect of pressure and stress gets multiplied even more. So, it is important that we avoid loneliness by participating in social gatherings and increase our social relationships. Leading a happy married life, having good social relations and being among friends could very well contribute to fighting with stress and pressure. It has been proven by many experts that having such good relationships can lead to positive thinking.

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