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5 Ways To Cope With Workplace Stress

Workplace stress happens to the best of us. Even if you love your job, there are going to be days where you are likely to feel overwhelmed, overwrought or just plain stressed out. Things won’t always go your way. People won’t always deliver things to you on time, or do things the way that you’d want them to. Deadlines get moved, pressure gets ramped up and clients can be a nightmare. The more importance you put on your work, the more stressful it can become. But that doesn’t mean you should start slacking and not putting so much into what you do – well, not really. Think about it – that job you had when you were in college or as a teen wasn’t that […]

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10 Ways to Stop All That Drama in Your Life

1. Choose – Diplomacy or Silence?  As you grow up you realize that being honest and straightforward doesn’t mean you blurt out everything that comes into your mind. You have two choices, either you learn to be diplomatic or if that route is too political for you, then learn to keep quiet! If you choose neither then you will only create trouble for yourself. 2. Do not give advice unless asked for While we can never watch our near and dear ones suffer.  Unless you are a parent you better keep your opinions to yourself. No one likes to hear how he or she should lead his or her life. Plus, the advice would always be better received when the other person is open and […]

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The 5 Commandments for Saving Time and Reducing Stress

I know lots of people who would give anything to get more done and in less time. They typically respond by being rushed and harried everywhere they go and with everything they do. Such a stressful existence isn’t the answer. Instead, here’s a chance to have both productivity and freedom from stress. The answer lies in the 5 Commandments of Time Management: Commandment #1: Organize your time This first rule of thumb will make a dramatic difference in your effectiveness: keep one calendar and devote yourself to keeping it current. Stop spreading yourself thin between calendars on Outlook, on your smartphone, in your planner, and even on your kitchen refrigerator. Life is busy, and there are far too many chances for an important event to […]

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Five Simple Ways To Beat Low Back Pain

Have you ever suffered from low back pain? If not, you’re in the minority. 80% of people will at some stage experience this debilitating condition. So, if you do suffer from back pain, what action can you take to solve the problem? Well, the first priority is to change your perception of the pain. Working as a physiotherapist for the last ten years, I’ve treated numerous patients who complain that their condition is either hereditary or an inevitability. They refuse to be held accountable, and feel incapable of managing the problem. This type of attitude gives back pain the power. The truth is that the vast majority of back pain is avoidable, and is predominantly caused by lifestyle factors. Only with this knowledge can you […]

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Questions and Answers: A Beginners Guide to Meditation

In an extract from her just-published book, Inspiration Meditation, (part of the Go Creative! series) Orna Ross, bestselling novelist and poet and Director of The Alliance of Independent Authors, answers some of the first questions asked by beginners to  meditation, allowing you to establish good meditative practice from the start. 
When Should I Meditate?Zen masters recommend that the moment you open your eyes, before the first half-conscious thought has time to form in your mind, you should get out of bed and begin your meditation. Doing it first has many benefits, not least that it sets the tone for your day.
Yogic tradition recommends the times around sunrise and sunset as ideal. This works better in countries close to the equator where sunset and sunrise are […]

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5 Daily Habits That Will Make You A More Positive and Happy Person

When was the last time someone said that you were too positive? Never. The reason is that we can’t be. The key to success in anyone’s life is how happy we are. We may be the wealthiest person on our street, but if we’re miserable, we are far from successful. The problem most of us face is getting caught up in the daily grind of life and becoming worn out, overworked, and over caffeinated stress cases. Of course with all of life’s little (and big) stresses comes the tendency to blame, criticize, and generally take a negative outlook on life. Unfortunately, there is no way possible to live to our potential or even close to it by being a negative person. It sucks the life […]

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4 Simple Ways To Help You Let Go Of Your Anger

It’s a gnawing, burning feeling. Deep within your chest, a vice grip has taken hold. It just gets harder and harder to breathe. And then, without warning, you burst—and the damage is done. Anger has always been a crippling emotion. Just a spark of that heat and it destroys your entire day, week, month, year, or even your whole life. We can never escape the resentment we feel when we react to getting hurt, but anger is just that—it’s a reaction. You can always choose how to react when you rise and take control of your emotions. And anger, no matter how powerful it may seem, can be extinguished. Only when you refuse to let it control you can you begin to think and act […]

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A Clear Space, A Clear Mind – Tips For Office Organization

We’ve all heard the saying, “a clear space, a clear mind”. But what does it actually mean? Well, it’s quite simple – the more cluttered the space around you is, the more you have to think (or worry) about. This can apply to your personal or your working life. For the purposes of this blog however, I’m going to focus on working life. So here are some tips for office organization – so you can finally cut the clutter once and for all. Have a big clear outWhen I first started my job, I was amazed at how much space there was on my desk. A quick look around told me that this probably wouldn’t be the case for very long. Everyone else’s desk was […]

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The Happiness Diet: 5 Food Habits That Can Reverse Depression and Actually Make You Happier

Did you know that just a few surprising dietary tweaks can boost your happiness, and help speed up recovery from depression? The number of people on antidepressants is startling. And when you look at the stats, almost 25% of women and 15% of men in their 40s and 50s are on antidepressants. Do you know what’s even scarier? Medicating (over-medicating) people for depression is also on the rise – by over 400% (SOURCE🙂 So what’s going on here? Why is everyone so unhappy? It’s not surprising that there’s a huge movement towards integrative health, and people are trying to find supplements, foods, and lifestyle factors that will naturally heal themselves and make them healthier. But did you know that there are just a couple things […]

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Understand the Emotional Effect

Recently a reader contacted me for advice. He was in a position he didn’t like and needed a positive outlook. I gave him tips he to improve his outlook and his current practices, but it caused me to think about our emotions and how they affect our decisions. Separating our emotions and logic to be more independent may improve our ability to make better choices. What is an Emotion? We know we feel certain ways about certain things. We feel sad, angry, scared, excited, tender, and happy. But what does that mean? Is that just a feeling or an emotion? According to Wikipedia, an emotion is a subjective, conscious experience characterized primarily by psychophysiological expressions, biological reactions, and mental states. Emotions are clearly subjective because […]

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