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8 Things You Didn’t Know There Was an App For

We live in a strange world. With technology evolving at a rate never before seen in human history, we now carry pieces of metal, plastic and glass in our pocket that can connect us to friends, family and loved ones all across the world. With the click of a few buttons, we can access information on almost any topic without the need of a book, a library or even a computer. Yes, the smartphone has made our lives much easier, but there are many things that your phone can do that you might not be aware of. From monetizing various aspects of your daily routine to helping you find fish on the lake, there is an app for almost everything. Take a look at these […]

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4 Things Experts Do to Learn Faster Than You

Let’s learn how to play Bizaroo. The fictional game invented by me, five minutes ago. How would you start? Your first attempt would naturally be followed by immediate failure and maybe amused laughter from experienced onlookers. We would then probably say,”Wow! It’s hard”, followed by a healthy dose of self deprecation. From there we would seek some help, and it would definitely be useful. As long as you don’t have some serious mental handicap, most people would experience a lot of initial growth. Then eventually a plateau. More than likely a plateau that lasts most of their lives. Quick basic skill acquisition and than long period of plateaus are the norm for most people learning anything. Plateaus are where dreams of mastery go to die. […]

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The 3 Sure Ways to Avoid Business Juggling

Being a Solopreneur, or having to run a Small Business by yourself, Without the help of employees or associates can be very hard on your time. You spend the whole day extinguishing fires and trying to get some money producing work in the mean time.  Certainly is a treat that almost every one person business faces. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I have been working for my own since 5 years ago, and sometimes it has been very overwhelming to do the work of 4 or 5 people every day. Especially when you start getting more clients and you need to deliver to them in time. Here, I’ll share with you what I do to avoid being caught in this constant juggling […]

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Does Working From Home Really Work?

Every side has its own arguments when it comes to working or not working from home. But if the boss and the employee alike take a look at this issue from the eyes of the other person, they can sooner find a suitable and pleasing outcome for both sides. More and more people demand flexibility in their lives or look for a work-life balance. Companies started to listen, allowing staff to work from home either permanently or a few days per week. But there is still some tension between employees and their bosses, when speaking about home office. Employees: The bright side to “home office” I feel comfortable and relaxed: You generally feel best while at home so doing work from home can make you […]

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9 simple steps to becoming an assassin

There you are, sitting at your computer, cranking out a great report or blog post. Then suddenly it hits you, the dreaded distraction. Now you can’t seem to concentrate. That YouTube video of fighting ninja cats becomes more important than finishing your work. You fight to stay on course, but the struggle is just too much. Unfocused and scattered thoughts are perhaps the most annoying type of distraction. They pop into your mind without warning. Leaving low production in their wake. Sometimes these thoughts can constantly invade your mind. That’s when you have to become an assassin, a distraction assassin that is. You don’t have to be Jason Bourne or Le Femme Nikka to accomplish this. No guns or fancy hand-to-hand combat required. All you […]

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5 Secrets For Becoming More Productive

Our lives are filled with stress. Spending long hours at work, in traffic, never having enough time to eat properly and then coming home exhausted to drop on the couch and turn on the television. This is the daily routine for a large percentage of the people on this planet. It sometimes feels as if there is not enough time to do anything. People want to accomplish many things, but the general perception is that there is a lack of time. It is as if the 24 hours in a day weren’t sufficient, but 30 or even 40 hours in a day would be more appropriate. Despite living in an era, which is more prosperous than any in history, people seem to keep on getting […]

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5 Easy Ways to Improve your Mental Clarity

You turn on the TV and you are bombarded with images and stories of disaster and tragedy from around the world, you are getting 100 emails a day, your finances need attention and you still haven’t fixed the leak in your bathroom. With modern life pulling us in so many different directions, coupled with a connection to so many people across so many platforms it is becoming increasingly challenging to keep our mental faculties working at their absolute best. With that in mind, it is essential that we give our brain a fighting chance. If you had a beautiful Lamborghini, would you drive it for hundreds of miles before it finally died on you? Of course you wouldn’t, you would refuel it, check the oil […]

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What to Do When There Are Too Many Things to Get Done

You know that feeling of having way too many things to do. When you don’t feel like starting to work on them any time soon, and just the thought of all the tasks, projects, housework, school assignments, or else, is overwhelming you. Most of us do know how this situation looks like. And those who don’t are either the most organized people in the world, or have some secret strategies for doing a lot of work in no time and not feeling stressed. Or have just followed some or all of the simple tips I’m offering you here that may put your to-do list in order and make things manageable. 1. Eliminate some of the tasks Not everything you think you need to do is […]

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3 Habits Surprisingly Killing Your Productivity

Yesterday about 6:30 p.m. a gaping sense of panic set in. Did I send that article? Wait, did I finish that article? Hey, did I eat today? Why are the lights off? Did everyone leave? How did this happen to me, again? I was content with my accomplishments that day, never leaving my workstation. At one point, I responded to twenty emails, while answering the phone. In addition, I scheduled five meetings, created a beautiful report with splashy graphics and squeezed in assisting a teammate. Turns out my leg muscles were cramped, two of those meetings were scheduled at the same time and a bewildered client called to inquire why I emailed her regarding my cat, Mr. Whiskers. By the way, I missed the crucial […]

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3 Skills to Future-Proof Your Brain for Tomorrow’s World

“If you are in school today, the technologies you will use as an adult tomorrow have not been invented yet. Therefore, the life skill you need most is not the mastery of specific technologies, but mastery of the technium as a whole — how technology in general works. I like to think of this… as techno-literacy.” – The Technium Applying diverse skills and tools is like breathing for folks like you and me. Most of the time it’s automatic and what makes us feel alive. But why is this so important? For starters, breadth of knowledge means more than specializing to us. Yet intentionally leaving room for new skills and tools is a challenge for people who always tinker. The problem is that we’re often […]

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