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10 Creative Gifts for Your Valentine

Candy and flowers make nice Valentine’s Day gifts the first year or two a couple is together, but after a while, this routine gets a bit old. Maybe you can’t afford to buy your special Valentine a yacht or a trip to Hawaii, but you can use your imagination to delight your honey with something that shows how much you care. Why not surprise your sweetheart with a gift that’s as unique as your relationship? Take a weekend getaway.Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, making this a great time for a weekend trip. You may not be able to pull together a major jaunt at the last minute, so keep it simple. Don’t try to pack too much into a small amount of […]

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10 Easy Ways To Get Better Search Results From Your Google Searches

Many of us can’t go a day without turning to Google for the answer to a question or problem. Some people are wizards at finding exactly what they want when doing a Google search, while others are constantly frustrated by failing to get speedy results. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting the most from your Google searches. Search for an explicit phrase. One of the most frustrating experiences in doing a Google search is to type in a two-word phrase and get dozens of results for one word or the other, but not both. Avoid this by enclosing the phrase you’re searching for in double quotes, like “urban legends.” This should take you to rather than every site on the ‘net […]

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10 Foolproof Tips for Better Sleep

  Don’t worry about not getting enough sleep. Try not to worry about how much you sleep. Such worrying can start a cycle of negative thoughts that contribute to a condition, known as “learned insomnia”. Learned insomnia occurs when you worry so much about whether or not you will be able to get adequate sleep, that the bedtime rituals and behavior actually trigger insomnia.  Don’t force yourself to sleep. The very attempt of trying to do so actually awakes you, making it more difficult to sleep.  Go to bed only when you are feeling really tired and sleepy.  Don’t look at the alarm clock at night. Looking at the clock promotes increased anxiety and obsession about time.  Body-heating procedures. Some studies suggest that soaking in […]

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10 Great Ways to Jumpstart Your Creativity

Sometimes, we might feel as though we’re “just not very creative”. Other people seem to have better ideas and bigger projects. The truth is that there are plenty of ways to help yourself become more creative. Here are ten of my favorites: Read Widely and Deeply Whatever field you’re in, reading can only help. Go to the library and check out some good books – and don’t make all of them ones in your area of expertise. Why not get a novel you’d never normally read, or a book about a topic you have no knowledge on? This can jump-start your brain into working more creatively as you try to assimilate the new information based on what you already know from your own field.  Try […]

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10 Keys To Becoming a Better Communicator

A few weeks ago, I met up with an acquaintance, B, for lunch. Throughout the lunch, I couldn’t help but feel there was some sort of communication breakdown. He would cut me off even though I was still talking. He kept offering unwanted advice and opinions, even though I was not asking for help. It became quite frustrating just 15 minutes into the conversation. After 30 minutes, I stopped sharing and nodded away to everything he said. After the meet-up, I reflected over the situation. It was clear that there were fundamental problems in the communication. For one, there was a lack of active listening on B’s part. He didn’t sense I wasn’t asking for his opinions and kept pushing his way through even when […]

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10 Things to Buy for Less at End-of-Winter Sales

This weekend is President’s Day, and that means the major department and discount stores will be having big sales. Since they’re looking to clear out space for spring and summer items, this is a great time to score substantial savings on leftover stock from fall and winter. In addition to the markdowns on cold weather clothing and accessories, the chains are offering discounts on many other items. Here are ten types of merchandise to check out when you hit the mall. Winter clothingWith the way this winter is going, you may get your money’s worth out of that clearance sale coat or jacket without waiting for next year! Most chains start marking down fall and winter outerwear after Thanksgiving, so they aren’t likely to have […]

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10 Tools & Tips For Escalating Your Productivity

A lot of us put in a lot of time and work in our daily activities, and push ourselves to the limit without getting the desired outcomes. This can be really frustrating and can take a toll on your health. Here are a number of tips that will help you get the most out of your time and efforts without infringing on your well-being. 1. Refuse unwanted meetings- time is one of the most resources we have at our disposal. Not all meetings are necessary. A lot of meetings that take up our time are of very little consequence and should be avoided. It is important for you to know which meetings are important and which ones are not. For example, a meeting with your […]

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10 Ways to Create a Work Environment That Drags You Down

Do you always associate your workplace with feeling miserable, fed-up and uncomfortable? You know, you could spend a few minutes decluttering, personalizing your space, and making sure you’ve got an uplifting work environment – but, since it’s so much easier, why not stick to creating the most depressing place possible in which to work? After all, when you fail to meet your project milestones, when you forget to send an important email, or when you just can’t be bothered to get out of bed in the morning, you’ll be able to blame your desk! If that sounds good to you, here are ten easy rules for creating a work environment that’s guaranteed to drag your mood down: Avoid PrivacyFirst of all, when you choose your […]

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10 Ways to Crush Your 2014 Taxes

Tax Season is here, and that means millions of Americans are gathering paperwork, buying tax software and hiring professional help. However, there are several things you can do if you want to get your taxes done quickly, efficiently, and save yourself money. From the simplest of tips, to the newest apps, we found 10 ways to crush your 2014 Taxes. #1 Have Documents Ready The first step in getting your taxes done faster is to have all the documents you need on hand before you start. If you continually need to stop what you are doing to find more papers you will waste time. Have your W-2, 1099s and any paperwork needed for deductions and expenses throughout 2013 in one pile. You can even make […]

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10 Ways to Ignite Your Imagination and Accomplish Big Things

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” ~ Albert Einstein The reality is you can be anyone or anything you want to be; it just takes a pinch of confidence and a spoonful of imagination.  Do you want to write like Hemingway?  Paint like Michelangelo?  Or become the next big discovery on the Dragon’s Den?  Guess what?  You can be any of these things; you already have all the tools you need right now to tap in and let yourself shine.  That’s what this article is going to teach you.  I’m going to tell you how. It’s all about a little concept called impermanence.  It’s not such a little thing; actually it’s a big, enormous, monumental, life changing concept.  People who can grasp impermanence are seriously […]

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