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Why We Should Look at the World as a Child Again

Do you remember what it was to be like a child? Seeing everything for the first time? I doubt many of you can retrace that far back. Me neither of course. But, if you take the time to watch a small child, it isn’t hard to notice just how full of wonder they are about life. Everything — even the simplest of things — are filled with questions of how and why. Life for them is a magical playground with unbelievable moments around each and every corner. And it’s beautiful to see. They interact with everything in a much deeper way. It’s refreshing to pay attention to and it makes you realize that even though growing up has made us wiser, it has left us with […]

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10 Secrets To A Happy and Fulfilled Life

secrets to a happy life

What are the secrets to a happy life? Have you at any point in your life asked this question? Most of us spend the greater part our lives looking for happiness and satisfaction in the wrong places and activities. That’s because we attach happiness to money, fame, and other benefits. We erroneously think these benefits are all we need to be happy and fulfilled in life. But interestingly, we’ve heard stories of people who had all the money and fame that anyone could dream of and yet didn’t live happy lives. Those stories drive home the point that money and fame – while good to have – aren’t the recipes for happiness and fulfillment. Now, what’s the secret to a happy, fulfilled life? The answer […]

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5 Reasons to Join a Sorority

We’ve all watched movies with a typical sorority house throwing a real banger or hazing the crap out of their pledges. But does this really depict the reality of what sorority life has to offer? Speaking as someone who has some first hand experience being apart of sorority life, I can safely say that although sometimes we do party a little too hard, there is more to sorority life than meets the eye. 1. A home away from home Attending a college or university in a new city can be very overwhelming especially when you are constantly meeting new people. Joining a sorority will allow you to have a group of women who share the same interests as you to share in a common bond. […]

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The Top 6 Travel Locations for Single Men 2016

It’s no secret, traveling as a single man is one hell of an experience. Well, each of us has their own idea of what makes a place fun to visit, but for single guys, it almost always revolves around women, alcohol, outdoor activities, boobs, booze, and breaking bones. Matters not if one is accompanied by his bachelor friends; matters not if one is a lone wolf on the prowl. So then, which are some of the best travel spots for the single man in 2016? Here are six epic spots we’ve narrowed down for you. Cebu, Philippines Home to over 7,000 islands, the Philippines is a breathtaking part of the world and the cozy tropical island of Cebu is one of its biggest attractions. The […]

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4 Ways to Make Yourself Happier on a Daily Basis

I love journaling, and as a natural consequence of that I love journal prompts. The other day, I opened one and it said to write about the last time I was truly happy. I was stumped because I couldn’t remember the last time I was. As I backtracked through my brain, I found myself pulling up one incident after another where I was sad, depressed or otherwise agitated, but nothing that was happy. It turns out this is a common problem because our brains tend to remember negative experiences vividly due to the negativity bias and emotional impact they carry. So in an attempt to make myself happier on a daily basis, I started to build a few habits in my life. 1. Smile. For […]

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2 Strategies to Get Your Business Unstuck

Is your business stuck, paralyzed, not moving forward? You know where you want to be 5 years from now, do you feel like you’re on the right path to achieving it, or does it seem like the days tick by without you getting any closer to those dreams? For most of us, the second one is our reality. We spend our time tackling the items on our to-do lists, the things that seem the most pressing, ignoring our bigger goals for ourselves. But if life is a summary of our days and we spend those days on the unfulfilling stuff, then doesn’t that add up to—the horror—an unfulfilling life? You deserve so much more. Luckily, that doesn’t have to be the case. Taking control of […]

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6 Steps to have a Stress Free Travel including Yoga.

We all know that making a trip can be a little stressful, especially at the beginning. Vacation time is all about traveling. Here are some tips you can follow to have a great trip from the beginning to end. 1. Book flights and accommodation with a couple months of anticipation. Location and comfort are essentials here. If your hotel is near the airport and some tourist attractions, is definitely a great choice. For the flight tickets, time is essential; searching for them with anticipation will give you better deals and offers. There are many websites that could help you with it, too. 2. Do some yoga the night before your trip and during it. This way you will feel more relaxed and you’ll definitely sleep […]

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Three Ways to Rock at Breaking Up Via Text Message

In some instances, you may not have a choice to break up with someone via text. You can still come out ahead if you put some thought into how you are going to do it. You do not want to come across looking and sounding like a total heartless jerk. There are things that you can do to soften the blow and lessen the angry texts that you will likely get back. You need to think about how the other person is going to react and feel when they read your message before pushing send. A classy breakup message cannot be something that says, “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.” It has to have a bit more meat to it than that. The message […]

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How To Get Back a Normal Life After a Loss

When someone close to you dies, it often seems like life can never be the same again. Yet loss is a natural part of life, and it is also something we all have to face. Of course, it is never easy, but there are ways to prepare yourself and ensure that things can return to normal in time. To help you through these difficult times, here are a number of factors to consider. Prepare For Deaths As grim as it sounds, death is an inevitable part of life, so you should always be prepared for it. While you might not always expect it, there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead. This is especially useful during the period following the immediate death. For instance, if memorial services […]

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10 Tips to Develop Both Sides of Your Brain

Each side of the brain performs certain functions. The right side focuses on the visuals and the “big picture” of something and is the side from which creative thought springs, while the left brain is the linear, detail-oriented, and logical part. Many people do tend to have a left or right brain dominance, a factor, for example, in what they might choose for their life’s work. Thus, the artist would never consider accounting for a career, and vice versa. The brain works best, however, when both sides are activated and involved in learning and activities. When both sides are engaged, neural connections are made that allow them to work together better in the future. Here are 10 simple exercises anyone can do that will improve […]

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