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How to Efficiently Start a Part-Time Startup?

Every start-up wants to dedicate the whole day to the project from day one, but just as it happened with us, this is not always a viable option. However, not having that possibility doesn’t mean that we don’t have the chance of making our idea a reality. For sure we won’t be executing everything as fast as possible, but in general speed isn’t the most important item during the first steps of a start-up; what is really important is the quality of the solution we are giving to our future clients, that is to say, the one that effectively solves a concrete and real problem for the one they are willing to pay. Six years ago we started our startup as part-time while we were […]

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5 Tools For Entrepreneurs To Boost Productivity

For an entrepreneur, 24 hours in a day is just not enough. That is because there is always more things that can be done in a day. This often leads to burnout and a general loss in motivation. A 2005 study conducted by the International Game Developers’ Association showed that people working more than 8 hours a day tend to become extremely unproductive and tired. In cases of people in the work floor, the study also found that adding additional hours to work only increased the rate of accidents and other catastrophic events. That is exactly why you should work not more than 8 hours in a day – even if you are a bootstrapped entrepreneur doing the job of three people. How do you […]

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Debit vs. Credit: Which Should You Use To Be Better Protected Against Identity Theft and Hackers?

Were you one of the many Target shoppers whose credit or debit cards got hacked? I was. And so were 110 million others. The hackers stole customer data, including customer names, credit and debit numbers, card expiration dates, and the three-digit security codes from shoppers who visited Target from November 27- December 15, 2013. Our information was compromised during the peak of the holiday season. Many banks cancelled all cards that could potentially have been affected during the hack, leaving me (and many other shoppers) cardless and annoyed, with potential unauthorized transactions on our accounts. So it got me thinking. Hacking and identity theft are very real problems in today’s day and age. You should do your best to prevent it, but in some cases, […]

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Cellphone vs. Landline – Do You Need Both? How to Save on Your Phone Bills

It’s hard to believe now, but up until about 20 years ago, a wireless phone was a luxury that only the wealthy could afford. Even in the early 1990s, the cellphone was considered to be a frivolous item, while the landline phone was a necessity. All that has changed drastically over the years, since now many of us rely on our smartphones for everything and have given up landlines altogether. As much as we hear politicians whining about how poor people have cellphones they don’t deserve, wireless phones are pretty cheap these days. Walmart is selling the TracFone Samsung S150G bundle with double minutes for just $9.98. Add a 60-minute airtime card for $19.98 and get 120 minutes. It’s not an iPhone, but this device […]

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How to Get the Most out of your Smart TV

If you’re thinking about buying a smart TV with your holiday bonus, read this first. According to the NPD Group, few users are really getting the most out of their smart TVs. In fact, most people are using their smart TVs in a pretty old-fashioned way – for viewing video, and not much else. One of the best things about investing in a smart TV is its range of capabilities, far beyond traditional television programming. But few users are venturing outside the video box to explore web browsing, social media, shopping and more. Whether you’re considering throwing down cash for a smart TV or you already have, you want to make sure you’re using it to its full potential. Download these apps to get the […]

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The 3 Step Framework That’ll Get You Meetings With High Value People

If you haven’t heard yet, email is the most effective way to get in touch with any busy or hard to reach person. Using emails over the last year, I’ve been able to meet with a bunch of my heroes in the blog world, interview startup founders about their products, and, by reaching out and meeting the right people, used email to land a job within two weeks of moving to New York City. You can do the same thing by using the framework outlined below, but first let’s talk psychology. Why would a high value person want to help a random person who cold emailed them? In my experience, these people love giving advice to anybody who is actually interested assuming the listener will […]

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Top 11 Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

Running a business is hard work, but with the help of these 11 top apps, it can be more efficient and easier to manage. Starting a business requires the entrepreneur to understand a variety of aspects that stretch beyond the product or service they provide. There are a variety of administrative, financial, and technical details that need to be worked out in order for a business to succeed. Finding the right methods to make a business run smoothly can sometimes be the most difficult part. Luckily, in today’s business world, there are apps for almost any business strategy an entrepreneur needs to perform, including the need to share files, run a conference call, scan documents, and manage general tasks. Following are the top 11 apps […]

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4 Unconventional Ways To Eliminate The Distractions That Keep You From Creating Your Best Work

“I wonder when email officially became work,” I casually commented to my office mate. “What did we do at work before email?” I sarcastically added. He smiled, but didn’t look up. I remember working before email was a thing. Granted I wasn’t in a professional position as I am now, but I still remember seeing my manager’s office. The office had no computers, only paper. Now, of course, it’s much different. There are seemingly infinite distractions that can keep you from creating your best work, especially from the computer. The fact of the matter is that many of us have moved from the proactive, creative work to reactionary work. The move is a result of our attention being divided up by seemingly infinite distractions. You […]

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Ways to Protect Your Computer from Hackers While Traveling

Traveling is an occasion for excitement that’s second to none. It’s a time where we escape the day-to-day grind and plan for the future. For the various reasons we travel, business or pleasure, one constant remains with us — our laptops and mobile devices. While we use our devices for different purposes and with varying frequency, we must all be aware of the dangers that exposed to our devices. Hackers understand our computers are vulnerable while traveling. These Internet ninjas are armed with several strategies to disrupt your travel and damage your device. This should serve as a short guide of hacker’s tactics and what you need to do to protect your computer. What’s My Password? If your password is strong enough, even you should […]

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Identity Theft Gone Wild: Are you Protected Online?

Identity theft is a serious problem, whether you are an individual or a business. Online identity theft continues to grow as more people use the internet. Identity theft is a serious crime that occurs too frequently. In many instances, the people behind these attacks are seasoned criminals who know just the right weaknesses and vulnerabilities for which to watch. Many online attacks now occur within just a few minutes due to lapses in internet and computer security, as well as mistakes made by consumers. The best way to keep from becoming a victim is to protect yourself online. Protect Your Computer You can reduce your risk of falling victim to a cyber attack by securing your PC with a malware removal tool. An effective anti-spyware […]

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