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Does Working From Home Really Work?

Every side has its own arguments when it comes to working or not working from home. But if the boss and the employee alike take a look at this issue from the eyes of the other person, they can sooner find a suitable and pleasing outcome for both sides. More and more people demand flexibility in their lives or look for a work-life balance. Companies started to listen, allowing staff to work from home either permanently or a few days per week. But there is still some tension between employees and their bosses, when speaking about home office. Employees: The bright side to “home office” I feel comfortable and relaxed: You generally feel best while at home so doing work from home can make you […]

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Why Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Yea that’s exactly how I said it. Perfect practice makes perfect. I know you’ve heard the saying “practice makes perfect,” but does it really? Great athletes preach this mantra to others to show them how they got to where they are in their life right now. But read this quote of what NBA Legend Michael Jordan said: “You can shoot eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, all you become is good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.” This quote in itself is a life lesson! Let’s say that you strive to run a successful business online. You can watch videos on how to create a successful business and model […]

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What Your Testicles Say About You

Our bodies tell us much about who we are, and ain’t nothing more integral to a man than his family jewels. What may surprise you is that a man’s testicles also say a lot about women. You see, a tool is made to do something but is designed as it is because of the environment it operates in. Wheels tell us not only about cars but also about roads. In this same vein (no pun intended) testicles tell us as much about women as they do about men. I write a lot about human nature. Testicles paint a vivid, concise picture of our nature. We know what they’re for: producing sperm. Big deal. But take a closer look. Disgusting, I know. But what about testicles […]

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7 Reasons successful people have mentors and you should too

Does this sound familiar? You have a big dream. It’s what you were meant to do. It motivates you. It has you getting up early and staying up late. But none of your effort seems to make a dent. Even though you’re doing all you know to do, at the rate you’re going, you will never get where you want to be. Maybe you are called to be a great parent or spouse. Or, maybe you aspire to create a successful business that kicks money in your direction while you travel the world. Either way, some of you will forever dream and some of you will be successful. Ever wonder if there is a tool or technique that could bridge the gap between dreaming and […]

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12 Powerful Questions to Help You Live Your Life on Your Terms!

  “Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” – Tony Robbins Do you often ask yourself questions like, “Why does this always happen to me” and “Why am I always doing everything wrong?” or “Why did he do that to me?” Now, do you honestly expect to get an empowering answer from these types of questions? Questions are very powerful and can have a tremendous impact on your life, but like most things of great power they can harm you just as much as they can help you. Only when used wisely can the right question at the right time have the power to totally shift your perspective and literally transform your life. Let me share with you 12 […]

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5 Things I Learned about Success from a Cup of Tea

A couple of years ago, I talked to you about the sacrifices you’ll have to make to start a business.  Some of you asked me if running a business was all about sacrifice – no, it isn’t. Today, I’d like to talk to you about success. I’ve had a few successes in my life; my recent experiences launching my own tea company have taught me more than any of them. Here’s what I’ve learned. Some Things Just Can’t Be Rushed One of the things that fascinates me the most about a cup of tea is that you cannot rush it. If the instructions say the tea needs to steep for 5 minutes, you have to wait – there is no physical way possible (yet) to […]

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5 Reasons Your Life Should Have a Theme

You should have a theme, a motto, a definite thing that you stand for. Does that sound a bit corny to you? It did to me too until I realized how much having one could affect all aspects of my life. I’m not talking about a theme song here, even though I have wished my life had a soundtrack from time to time. Instead I’m talking about a saying that represents the concepts you find most important in life. You might already have one and be well aware of the common thread running through your daily activities. Others have never thought to look for one before. I never thought to look for a theme in my own life until about a year ago. I’m a […]

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Don’t Quit Your Jobs…Yet

It’s the new year. If you’ve put off pursuit of your dreams, I have a message for you. And no, it doesn’t require that you write a resignation letter, tell off your boss or make a viral video informing company management that you quit. You could do all that, but what’s the point? You would soon be unemployed, homeless and living on someone’s couch with your dog, Fido. Throughout the past few years, I’ve made a transition in my career, starting in law and politics, then working for myself. I ran an online law firm, became a freelancer, wrote and sold books online and now coach others who are unhappy with their jobs. Instead of the typical path many people follow when they quit their […]

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5 Motivation Secrets of Successful People

Because motivation is such a powerful, driving force, it is one of the most important elements of the corporate world and can be the difference between failure and success. However, since no two individuals are ever alike, whatever you use for motivation may not work for others, especially in business. Motivation enables individuals to overcome the challenges of setting and accomplishing goals in their lives by taking consistent action to do so. Two Types of Motivation It is important to understand that motivation takes two forms. On the one hand, there is external motivation or certain factors around you that drive it such as earning more money than you did the prior year or receiving a prestigious award. On the other hand, we have internal […]

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10 Ways to Embrace Changes In Your Personal and Professional Life

For many individuals, accepting change in their personal and professional lives is oftentimes a difficult proposition. Yet change is inevitable; it is the only thing that is constant in our world. Whether it is in your personal life or your professional life, you can anticipate changes that you will have to adjust to. However, accepting change is not a popular idea and we typically oppose or resist it. People are reluctant to step out of their comfort zones because they get attached to old habits and their lifestyles. This makes it difficult to achieve our goals. Why are People so afraid of Change? Even though you may want to control your own destiny, making changes in your life may be so intimidating that you will […]

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