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How to Control Constant Worrying

Worrying can be very debilitating, especially when you are not acting on the worry. When we worry about something, we are really starting to fear the worst things that can happen in any given situation. Or we worry about past events and what might have happened. For example, parents constantly worry about their children from when they are young to when they become adults. They worry that they will not make friends at school, they worry when they go out at night with their friends, they worry that they have made the right choices in life. You can never run out of things to worry about and if you do you will worry that there is nothing to worry about. When worrying is good Not […]

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How to Stop The Raging War Inside Yourself

So much of our life is spent battling against ourself that we begin to forget who we really are. We think we need to look like Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock or many of the other ‘perfect’ celebrities that grace our world. ‘If I could look like her/him my life would be perfect’ ‘If I had their money, I wouldn’t have any worries’ ‘If I could buy the most fashionable clothes I would feel great about myself’ ‘If only I change my personality I would find the perfect partner’ Our ideal self and perceived self When we go searching for our ideal self we are expending energy on a needless war; the war between our perceived self (the way we see ourselves) and our ideal self […]

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The Death of Multitasking and Rebirth of Unitasking

How many times have you heard someone say, “I get so much done because I am able to multitask”? Usually said with a smug little grin. Whilst it has been a popular thing to be able to attempt, multitasking is on its way out of our lives, that is if we really do want to become more efficient and productive. It has been shown in numerous studies that people who try and multitask actually lose efficiency and productivity levels drop. The guy on the phone, checking his emails whilst telling their work colleague what to do maybe be doing three things at once however he is doing three things at once very badly and not efficiently enough to be doing the job correctly. Studies by […]

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