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10 Devices for Under $100 That You Didn’t Know You Needed

Life can get pretty hectic, and that is why it’s nice to find helpful tools that can give us a helping hand from time to time. To give you an idea of some of the products that are out there, here is a list of ten devices under $100 that can help to give you a much-needed boost in various facets of your life. There’s a little bit of everything mixed in, from tech to cooking and much more. Let’s jump into the list and check out these products you didn’t even know you needed shall we? K310 Logitech Washable Keyboard – $39.99 Whether it’s for work or play, a keyboard is probably something that you use every single day.  Now if you’re like me, […]

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10 Tools & Tips For Escalating Your Productivity

A lot of us put in a lot of time and work in our daily activities, and push ourselves to the limit without getting the desired outcomes. This can be really frustrating and can take a toll on your health. Here are a number of tips that will help you get the most out of your time and efforts without infringing on your well-being. 1. Refuse unwanted meetings- time is one of the most resources we have at our disposal. Not all meetings are necessary. A lot of meetings that take up our time are of very little consequence and should be avoided. It is important for you to know which meetings are important and which ones are not. For example, a meeting with your […]

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10 Useful (and Innovative) Windows 7 Productivity Tips

I’ve already talked about why you should switch to Windows 7 if you haven’t yet (Mac users, spare me the sarcasm). Windows 7 is without a doubt the best Windows version yet, and hence the sooner you get started with it, the better. Now, for those who are reading this post on a browser that’s installed on a Windows 7 machine, I’d like to share some neat tips and tricks that could skyrocket your productivity while working on your PC. Yes, I have already written about how you can work productively on your Windows computer, but these tips are different and cater specifically to Windows 7 users. So, if you own a Windows 7 PC or someone in the family who has one, these techniques […]

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10 Ways to Find More Hours in Your Day

We all wish we had just a bit more time. Just think what you could do with an extra hour or two each day: you could finally stick to an exercise routine, or spring-clean the house, or write your novel, or learn the guitar, or get a new qualification. I can’t magically make all your days 25 hours long. But I can help you find more hours in your day for the things that really matter. Get Out of Bed Earlier If you normally get up at 7.30am, try getting up at 7am. That half-hour might not sound like much — but it could be time that you use to meditate, to exercise, to read that book you’ve been meaning to finish, or simply to […]

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10 Ways to Reduce Stress at Work That Could Save Your Life

Let’s face it.  Many of us have felt the miserable feeling that stress and tension related to our jobs can cause on a daily basis.  Aside from feeling bad from a mental perspective there are serious health issues that can develop if you don’t do something and make some changes to reduce your stress levels. Stress and work are like two peas in a pod.  They go together well, and because of this, many people dread waking up every morning.  Stress is not something to take lightly.  You could say that it’s a fact of life, but having too much stress could lead to some major health problems down the line. Rather than waking up every morning and feeling the wave of stress and tension […]

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11 Underrated Ways to Improve Your Sleep and Get You Focused, Happy and Massively Productive

Most of us think we’re getting enough sleep when really, we aren’t. A recent poll revealed that almost two thirds of us just don’t feel we’re meeting our sleep needs. And, “we” includes those teaching our kids, driving on our roads and running our world! Are you one of those statistics? Walking around compromised by tiredness — cranky, fog-headed and simply unable to participate fully in the script of your life? These are common complaints in our over-processed, over-stimulated, overdone world. And unless you step in and break the pattern of this life-sucking roller-coaster ride of mere existence, you’ll have more and more down hills and crashes. I’m quite confident that you’d prefer a prettier picture for your future. So jump on board and start […]

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13 Effective Time Management Tips For Web Workers

I’m sure the phrase time management isn’t new to you. Managing time is certainly one of the biggest challenges for web workers and freelancers and it’s something we think of all the time. If we don’t do it effectively, we find it hard to meet deadlines and accomplish tasks. The concept is quite simple. It’s about finding ways to do the same task in less time while maintaining and/or increasing, the quality standards. It also implies getting things done without stressing yourself, being more productive, taking time out for yourself and enjoying life. And if you are web worker, I’m sure you know how important it is to be more productive and enjoy life. Here are some good tips to help you manage your time […]

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13 Warning Signs that What You’ve Delegated Won’t Get Done (And How to Fix Them)

Yes, you know you’re doing too much. Way too much! And, yes, you know you need to give things to other people to do. But you’ve tried delegating, and it doesn’t work. The last time you delegated something to someone, the whole project blew up in your face, and you ended up doing it yourself. Not fun. I can hear you saying now, “Give me something I can use!” Right? But consider this. Maybe, just maybe, it’s not delegation that doesn’t work, but the way you delegate that doesn’t work. Read through the 13 warning signs below and see if you find yourself in any (most?) of them. 1. You delegate too much at one time For many of the clients I work with, delegation […]

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14 Great Apps for Getting Organized

Do you feel like you live in total chaos? Do you have nine pairs of scissors because you keep losing them in the piles of junk in your home, then buying new ones? Do you get stuck paying late fees on your credit cards because you forget to pay the bills on time? If so, you need some serious organizing. Here are a few apps that can help to organize some the messier aspects of your life, like finances, clutter, appointments and shopping. Key RingIs your key ring weighted down with a dozen different rewards cards from grocery and drugstore chains? Get rid of all of them with Key Ring, which lets you store all the information from those cards in one place and just […]

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15 Most Useful Productivity Tips for Windows Users

Our pursuit of increased productivity is endless. Right when you think that you are at your peak productivity level, new ideas or technologies pop out of nowhere and force you to reconsider your process. Listen, no matter how good things are, there are always things that can be tweaked to perform better. Take the PC for example. Out of the box, a Windows PC can be very unproductive since most of the applications that come pre-installed aren’t very functional. In this post, I’ll show typical Windows users how they can double or even triple their productivity. Reduce the Number of Auto-starting Programs As your PC ages, it tends to get filled with a lot of auto-starting programs. These programs may be things you do indeed […]

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