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10 Sure-Fire Ways to Be a Complete Failure At Everything

Whatever that word means to you, it’s probably something you’ve been chasing for a while. By now, you’ve read about scrambling to the top of your career ladder, how to get the partner of your dreams, how to achieve your goals. You’ve mastered Getting Things Done, and learned every Zen Habit in the handbook. But, let’s face it, success is hard – and uncertain. It might mean putting in long hours. It might mean learning new skills or doing things that scare you. It might mean some uncertainty and discomfort. Failure is much simpler. If you want to be a complete failure at everything you do, read on: I’ve got ten easy-peasy steps for you. Heck, if you’re like most of us, you’re probably managing […]

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2 Tricks That Help Overcome Procrastination

Your best friend, procrastination. “What!” you say, “My best friend, how could you say that?” The reason procrastination is your best friend is because it’s on the teetering edge of motivation. Let me explain. For a behavior to be classified as procrastination, it must be counterproductive, needless, and delaying. Here are some other examples you may be familiar with: putting off an important decision leaving a critical task undone becoming counterproductive and keeping “busy” on needless work To start behaving this way it takes real mastery. You’ve got to learn how to procrastinate – it doesn’t just happen. You’ve got to use your physiology, create the right emotions and get it all working perfectly and in the right sequence. And when you get really good […]

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27 Productivity Killers: Why Nothing Ever Gets Done!

There is always more to do than time in which to do it. And the more you take on, the more there is to do. You finish one task and six more pop out of no where; it never ends. To toss a major understatement at you – you need to invest your time wisely and that means being productive. Yes, the dreaded ‘P’ word. Easier said than done, that’s for sure. Sometimes, you just aren’t productive. You want to be, but things seem to never get done. Here’s why… What Kills Productivity? There are only a few broad reasons why your productivity could be suffering. I’ll talk about all the specific instances in a moment, but let’s start with a high-level look: You have […]

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5 Quick Hacks to Kill Your Excuses and Pursue Your Dreams

You make them. I make them. We all make excuses and often we’re well aware of it. Excuses feel good in the short-term but when you take a step back and think about the long-term effects, the end result isn’t all that enticing. It’s hard to do meaningful work, but you have to really think about what you truly, deeply want. If you want to move towards a happier and more fulfilling life, you will come across obstacles and it won’t all be a bed of roses. Making excuses is easy, but taking action is hard. The stars will never align and the conditions will never be perfect, so you might as well get started now. That thing you’ve been putting off, start today. You […]

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5 Simple Steps to Stop Procrastination Today

Procrastination: it’s one of the problems that plague most of us, every day, and one of the problems that we most want to be rid of. It’s not an easy task for most people, conquering procrastination, often because we procrastinate on taking steps to solve the problem. But it’s not impossible. In fact, five simple habits will eliminate the plague of procrastination. Take them today, and you should see a huge difference in your productivity. Eliminate all but the essential. One of the problems is that we’re so overwhelmed with tasks that we don’t know where to start. Take a few minutes and list out your projects and tasks. Now look over that list and decide which task and projects are the most essential. Which […]

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5 Tools For Entrepreneurs To Boost Productivity

For an entrepreneur, 24 hours in a day is just not enough. That is because there is always more things that can be done in a day. This often leads to burnout and a general loss in motivation. A 2005 study conducted by the International Game Developers’ Association showed that people working more than 8 hours a day tend to become extremely unproductive and tired. In cases of people in the work floor, the study also found that adding additional hours to work only increased the rate of accidents and other catastrophic events. That is exactly why you should work not more than 8 hours in a day – even if you are a bootstrapped entrepreneur doing the job of three people. How do you […]

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6 Easy To Install Productivity Habits

Each time I come back from a long or short holiday, I find the task of throwing myself back into work a seemingly insurmountable challenge. Is it laziness? Is it my penchant for procrastination? Or is it the trepidation of knowing what will undoubtedly spring from the simple act of opening my laptop? Whatever it is I have decided not to beat myself up about it. While on the surface it may seem wrong that a freshly holidayed human would have any problem jumping straight back into stuff, it certainly is the case with me, so I’m sure it’s the same for others. And I know I’m not the only person that gets Sunday Dread a few hours before bedtime on a Sunday, when the […]

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6 Playful Strategies to Beat Procrastination and Boost Your Productivity

Are you a procrastinator? When there’s something you know you have to do, do you feel overwhelmed instead of motivated? How often do you think to yourself, “I can’t deal with this right now. I’ll start later today. Or maybe tomorrow.” Those words pop into my own head just about every day at some point or  another. Having struggled with attention deficit tendencies my entire life, I’m a master at putting things off, or not finishing the things I do manage to start. If you’re like me, as soon as something–especially something you’re not getting paid for– feels like work, you’ll look for an out. Exacerbating our desire to avoid work is that most of us have a warped sense of time. Our estimation of […]

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6 Useful Steps To Tackle Procrastination

Is there something you’re procrastinating in your life now? For example, Finishing your work Getting a new job you’re passionate about Looking for your soul mate Losing weight Starting a business Procrastination is one of the biggest time wasters in life. When we procrastinate, we waste away valuable free time and put off important tasks we should be doing until it’s too late. When that happens, we panic and wish we started earlier. I know a few chronic procrastinators, and unfortunately they spend their lives in the cycle of delaying, putting off important tasks, procrastinating, avoiding work, and doing work only when it’s inevitable. It’s unfortunate because they are disgruntled with their lives and they often self-victimize about their situations, when they have put themselves […]

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Are You Wasting Your Time Reading About Personal Development?

Walk into any bookstore, and you’ll see shelves full of books about personal development. You’ll know the titles of some classics, even if you’ve never read them: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Getting Things Done, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway … and loads more. You’ve probably read some of these books, or at least come across major personal development ideas in magazines or online. If you’ve been reading Dumb Little Man for any length of time, you’ll definitely have soaked up a lot of great personal development advice. You might even spend time every day reading personal development blogs and books, or listening to audio. But … are you wasting your time? Just Reading Won’t Get You Far When you want […]

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