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Health and Fitness: These 5 Supplements For Getting Ripped Fast Just Aren’t Worth It And Can Be Harmful To Your Health

As the president of a nutritional supplement company, I often deal with guys who want to look like Dwayne Johnson in “The Scorpion King.” They ask, “How do I get the massive biceps, V-shaped torso, and chiseled abs like that macho movie star shows off in (insert popular action movie title here)?” I’ve got bad news, guys. There’s no fast or easy way to turn your body into a superhero’s in a safe, long-term way. When I say “safe,” you know what I mean.  There are no magic pills that will help you shed fat around your waist and turn flab into Kevlar pectorals without a ton of work on your part. Even worse is the fact that the nutritional supplement market boasts plenty of […]

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8 Lies You’ve Been Told About Following Your Passion

Are you doing what you truly want to do? Are you following your passion to the best of your ability? If you’re reading this post, the answer is most likely no. Time and time again, I see people who can follow their passion, but they don’t, because they hold themselves back. I know how hard it can be, because I’ve been in the same situation. There are many lies we’ve been told about following our passion. And the worst thing of all is we repeat these lies to ourselves and it keeps us from living the life we truly want and deserve. Here are eight of the most common lies I’ve come across: It’s Going to Be ObviousJust because you know what you’re passionate about […]

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5 Myths Haunting Your Healthy Foods

These days, eating healthy has become a curiously difficult task. Despite the fact that the canons of healthy eating have not changed in centuries, the proliferation of health food products has continued unabated for years. It’s become a crisis of abundance. However, just because a product occupies shelf space in a boutique food store doesn’t mean it’s any better for you than its generic counterpart. Advertisers are very aware of the powers of “mood affiliation”, which is the tendency to associate familiar claims with one another. For example, consumers are very likely to believe a food that has no cholesterol is very likely to have no fat as well, even though the two are unrelated. This cognitive bias allows the food industry to make a […]

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Five Lies Personal Development Gurus Like to Tell

Personal development gurus tell some impressive lies in order to sell their products. That’s right. Lies. These convenient little falsehoods are effective motivators because they play on primal human needs and emotions. Shouldn’t people who promote personal growth for a living be uncommonly straightforward in their marketing? Sadly, this is far from true, even among the popular names in the field. The good news is that once you understand these, you are free to grow and develop in realistic ways. Guru Lie #1: You can have anything you want. It sounds so good, especially after you have been swept away by a motivational message that ignites your passion for becoming all you can be. You can do anything you put your mind to! There is […]

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5 Productivity Myths That Need to Be Busted

When there is so much advice and information on productivity floating around, it is obvious that not all of that is worth paying heed to. There are certain popular beliefs on productivity that some consider useful, which in reality do nothing but to hamper their efficiency. This article talks about five productivity myths which the sooner you come to know about and understand, the better. I’m sure most these tips are something you could actually relate to. Check them out. Multitasking Works Let me set the record straight before I begin – I am not against multitasking. Some people can actually juggle tasks and accomplish all of them efficiently. But the fact is there aren’t many people who can do it, especially in this age […]

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Debunking The Myths: Common Home Emergencies

Emergencies don’t come with warning bells. They strike at unexpected moments and your response, or lack thereof, could determine how things come out in the end. How much do you think you know about first aid and proper emergency response? Was Mom right about sweating out a cold? Most people think they know quite a lot, but most of what they have learned consists of myths that could actually do more harm than good. Put yourself to the test and seriously ask yourself: what would I do in these situations? You grab a hot pan with your bare hands Do you put butter or mayonnaise on the burn? Hurriedly remove the child’s clothing because it is stuck to the burn? Do you get out the […]

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7 Exercise and Fitness Beliefs You Need to Overcome

The reality is that even if you have a healthy diet, you need to keep fit because the human body was NOT designed to be sedentary. We were created to move and be active and this life of home-office-home-office is preventing us from keeping our bodies mobile and agile as we age. Since we no longer have to hunt for our food or farm our own crops (unless you are a farmer by profession), you really need to start making fitness a priority and ditch those poor excuses keeping you trapped in an overweight body! I hear excuses all the time and I decided to tackle a few of those common exercise myths in the hopes that facts will prevail over fiction when it comes […]

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Beware of These Speeding Ticket Myths

While your best defense is to ensure you’re always driving below the speed limit, most of us don’t. Nevertheless, if you’ve received a speeding ticket, you should consider fighting it instead of simply prepaying and skipping the court date. A speeding ticket may fine you $50 (or over $300 in some areas), but the cost to you expands greatly if your car insurance rates jump. Like anything else, you have to be proven guilty and the government (i.e. the police) have to prove that you actually violated the law. So, why not make the government do its job? If you’re going to fight a ticket, don’t believe everything you read. I’ve listed some common myths that I hope to clear up: The officer won’t show […]

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How to Spot Myths or Old Wives Tales from a Distance

Old Wives Tales are often found in trashy print magazines, in water cooler gossip, in conversations with well meaning friends and even amongst popular online life hacks. Old wives tales have been passing from person to person since way before the idea of “Viral ideas” went viral. They are popular, easy to remember, easy to pass on and they have the intriguing scent of insider knowledge. How can we tell the difference between an old wives tale and good, solid advice? Here are 9 questions that you can use, to help you spot an Old Wives Tale from a distance: Is it likely that anyone would know this information? Think carefully about the details. Is it likely, or even possible, that information like this is […]

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