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10 Tips to Make your First Year of Marriage Easier

I’ve only been married for seven years, and the US Census Bureau says most first marriages last only 7.8 years. I’ve done a lot to help maintain a happy marriage, but certainly not as much as I could have done. I am working on it though. There have been many ups, there have been a few downs here and there, but without a doubt the first year was the rockiest road and has left some memories that are difficult to wipe away. With the divorce statistics getting worse every year, there’s no doubt America is in a marriage crisis. But it doesn’t have to be. Marriages, like anything else, take hard work and dedication. You only get out of it what you put into it. […]

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7 Ways To Breathe Life Back Into Your Marriage

After years of marriage, mind numbing 9-5s, and the same boring food, fun, and sex, even the best marriage can become stale. By designing our lives from a place of endless possibilities we can literally blow the socks off our relationships and create a world of fun. When boringness is so prevalent that you hit the snooze button 4 times before dragging yourself out of bed, you know you aren’t living the life you love. You cultivate a new love for love and for the sweetheart in your life, and here’s how… Public Display of Team EffortWhen the two of you are in front of other people, make it a rule to not contradict each other. Even when you know your partner is dead wrong, […]

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7 Ways To Inject Romance Into Your Relationship

Love is a never ending game of courtship, romance, respect and friendship. In most love relationships, there comes a time when the romance fades away. While the love grows stronger with each year we spend with our beloved partner, romance often dies. Perhaps it is the drudgery of everyday life that kills the romantic aspects of love, or the fact that most people rush through life and totally forget to enjoy each others company. Whatever it is, it might become an issue if one partner feels neglected. Therefore, when romance disappears from your relationship it could be the make or break of your bond. This could also be one reason why so many marriages break up after some time. We need to re-ignite our feelings […]

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Are You A ‘Call Of The Wild Man’ Willing To Risk Everything?

Do you hanker to hike the Appalachian Trail? Care to climb Kilimanjaro? Dream of daunting feats of physical fortitude? The wife of a wilderness junkie would like to hear why.  There is a point when most men, no matter how derring do their attitude, might decide that the prospect of combining saltwater and blisters in sensitive spots is a discomfort too far. And then there’s my husband. Now I’m not saying he has acquired any of the aforementioned salt-stung-sore-behind symptoms – yet. But it’s just one of the tantalizing prospects I’ve asked him to consider in his blinkered quest to row the Atlantic. Ocean. In a tiny boat. You read that right. We are now deep in the throes of his latest (PleaseLetMeGoAwayForThreeMonthsMinimum(ButPossiblyForever) attempt to […]

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Financial Management Tips: Properly Managing Your Finances During A Divorce

Throughout our lives we will face many stressful situations, for some, this may include going through a divorce.  If you ever have to face a time like this, you should know that it is important that you protect yourself financially.  It is understandable that going through a divorce will leave you feeling mentally and physically drained, but you will still need to put in the energy to assure yourself that your future will be alright.  Formulating a plan to save yourself financially while dealing with a divorce will not only better your future, but could save you in the long run. While feeling overwhelmed over a divorce, it is easy to get side tracked  on things that need to have your attention, such as personal […]

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Five Surefire Ways to Kill Your Marriage

I don’t have to tell you that marriages and lifelong partnerships are tricky and unfortunately, many fail. However, most of us dream of the one woman or man to spend the rest of our days with, blissfully happy until we take our last breath. Why is it then that there such a huge gap between this wish and the implementation of it? Why do so many marriages end in broken hearts and shattered souls? Do we blame the other person, ourselves, both? Most marriages don’t fail because of the obvious reasons of violence or cheating. Sure, those may be the climax or breaking point, but really, marriages end because of a slow process of drifting apart. In general, people are lazy and most believe that […]

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Happy and Healthy Marriage – Your Wife Might be More Upset Than You Think

Marriage isn’t always easy. That’s a fact. Relationships take work. We all know that. What we may not know is how to do the work or when there’s nothing left to be done. There are things you can do to improve your union in an attempt to preserve it, as well as to have a happy and healthy marriage. Start with these suggestions. Be Self-Centered That’s right. Focus on yourself. See what you can do to make things better and to promote change in your relationship. We can’t make other people change. Figure out what tangible steps you can take toward improving interactions with your partner. Along these same lines, learn to use “I statements.” These are statements in which you focus on sharing with […]

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How to Maintain Independence in a Long-Term Relationship

When you’re in a long term relationship, it’s all too easy to lose yourself. This is particularly true if you live with your partner and, before long, that line where you start and they begin can become very blurry indeed. But why does that matter? Surely, if you’re in a loving relationship, you’re supposed to become dependent.  That just shows how strong you are as a couple and that you’ve become an indomitable unit ready to face the world. However, all too often, this means that you lose something of yourself, of the person you were before. Whether that’s a hobby you used to be dedicated to or just the simple pleasure of solitude, in order for a relationship to be sustainable, both parties need […]

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Relationship Advice: 7 Unexpected Ways To Make Love Last

If you’ve got the basics covered – like being faithful, remembering to talk to each other and having great sex – you might be wondering what else you can do to make it through the years. Here are seven lesser known ways to keep the spark alive that have worked for me and my husband for over twenty years. 1. Have Secrets Everyone will tell you that good communication is vital in keeping love alive, and it is. But it’s also essential to keep some things to yourself. If you suddenly develop a crush for the intern in Accounts, don’t do anything about it, and also don’t tell your other half that you were tempted.  What’s more, your partner does not need to know how […]

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Relationship Troubles? 4 Healing Tips to Try Now.

Every person goes through ups and downs in relationships. No relationship is perfect, and having too high of expectations can really lead to failure. Right now, you want to work on the relationship between you and your partner. Is it time to give up and move on or do you want to try to work things out with your significant other? There are some things that you and your partner can try together that just might reignite the spark that you once felt toward each other. So what are four healing tips that you can try right now? Keep reading and I’ll share 4 ways to try to get your relationship back on track. Go on a RetreatIf you are not spiritual or religious, retreats […]

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