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How To Live a Life That Is Uniquely Yours

The biggest mistake people make in life is that they pursue dreams and goals without taking the time to discover what they are truly passionate about, and then allowing their dreams to unfold naturally as an expression of their passion and who they really are. If you are doing something under the impression that you will be happy once you achieve this or that, or that you’ll love your job when you get that promotion, but not right now, then you are mistaken. Your happiness and your wealth (in the truest sense of the term) is determined by how you feel now, not by how you will feel when you achieve your goals. When you make your happiness reliant on a potential future, all that […]

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Fight to Win!

‘Deep within all of us there is a fight, so powerful so strong, it can overcome any fear, any obstacle, any challenge. It can even intimidate and stave off death itself, even when death is at your doorstep staring you in the face, if your reason for living is big enough’ In every unfortunate extremity that life can dare to throw at you, there is an inner fight that will bludgeon, scrap and force its way through. Deep inside your head is the ‘fight’ and when your circumstances are plotting against your purpose, dreams or the very continuation of what you consider your idealistic essence and backbone to be, when your habitual subsistence is provoked it will give you the commanding jolt you need. A […]

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4 Ways to Stop Coasting at Work and Feel More Challenged

You work eight to 10 hours a day, five days a week, wracking up anywhere from 40 to 50 hours in the office. With only 168 hours in a week, 56 of which you (hopefully) devote to sleep, you’re spending nearly half of your waking hours on the job. Don’t you want them to be worth your time? No one should need to tell you to choose a career you enjoy, but many people still consider this a luxury. In my experience, feeling challenged at work fuels that enjoyment. This may sound irrational, since challenges usually make us think of a struggle, but without challenges, we never grow or improve. Is your job making you feel challenged, or are you cruising on autopilot? 5 Signs […]

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Five Simple Ways To Beat Low Back Pain

Have you ever suffered from low back pain? If not, you’re in the minority. 80% of people will at some stage experience this debilitating condition. So, if you do suffer from back pain, what action can you take to solve the problem? Well, the first priority is to change your perception of the pain. Working as a physiotherapist for the last ten years, I’ve treated numerous patients who complain that their condition is either hereditary or an inevitability. They refuse to be held accountable, and feel incapable of managing the problem. This type of attitude gives back pain the power. The truth is that the vast majority of back pain is avoidable, and is predominantly caused by lifestyle factors. Only with this knowledge can you […]

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Questions and Answers: A Beginners Guide to Meditation

In an extract from her just-published book, Inspiration Meditation, (part of the Go Creative! series) Orna Ross, bestselling novelist and poet and Director of The Alliance of Independent Authors, answers some of the first questions asked by beginners to  meditation, allowing you to establish good meditative practice from the start. 
When Should I Meditate?Zen masters recommend that the moment you open your eyes, before the first half-conscious thought has time to form in your mind, you should get out of bed and begin your meditation. Doing it first has many benefits, not least that it sets the tone for your day.
Yogic tradition recommends the times around sunrise and sunset as ideal. This works better in countries close to the equator where sunset and sunrise are […]

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6 Simple But Effective Ways You Can Reach Your Goals

Goals push us to keep going. They motivate us and help us lock on to a target. Through evolution we have learned that the best way to get results is to focus our attention on one thing at a time. And just like hunters in the past, modern humans continue to use goals to find a target, plan to reach it and dominate it. So keeping that perspective in mind it’s important that all of us fully harness the power of goals and know how to effectively reach them. And luckily for all of you that is what I hope to share with you right now. Here are 6 Easy Tips to help you reach even the most seemingly difficult goals: 1.    Radiate Self Confidence […]

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How I’ve Managed to Make Myself Happy

I’ve had a happy, carefree childhood. For that, I feel lucky. Unfortunately, along the way I’ve picked up negative thinking habits. It was getting worse for me month by month. It felt like cooking a frog. If you slightly add to the heat, the frog won’t even notice. And when you do notice, it’s too late. Or so it would seem on the surface. I was there and got back again (yes, the Bilbo Baggins reference was no coincidence!) Basically, I went from happy, to mildly depressed, and to happy again. As I feel I had no real control over how I felt as a kid, what made me happy in the first place, and how I became slightly depressed later, I won’t write about […]

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12 Painless Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight This Winter

There’s something about cold weather that makes many of us crave comfort foods—and gain weight. If you’ve spent the last several springs frantically trying to shed the pounds you gained over the holidays and winter months, here are a few tips for eating well without packing on more weight. Cut back on takeout and delivery.When the temps are cold and the rain is pouring down, it’s tempting to call your favorite pizza joint or Thai takeout place for a delivery. Since these restaurants generally have a minimum for delivery, you order the biggest pizza they sell or two full dinners with egg roll, guaranteeing you’ll be eating this stuff for the next three days. You’ll be much less tempted to overeat if you don’t open […]

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Checkmate! How to Capture the King of Jobs

Happy at work? No? Already searching the job board? That’s great: it shows you’re ambitious to move on.  And there’s nothing wrong with ambition. In many ways, it’s the driving force behind every career move (even the unsuccessful ones). It may be time to start proactively planning your career progression.  It’s something everyone should be doing.  It’s the only way to ensure it happens! Your move Firstly, be clear about what you want to achieve and give some thought as to what your next two or even three moves need to be.  Ensure your ideas are realistic and achievable.  Gather as much information as you can about the job you desire.  Ask other colleagues, search the internet for tips and study requirements and specifications of […]

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How to Tell if You Have Mind Parasites and How To Get Rid Of Them If You Do

Susan woke early. Early for her was any time before eight on weekdays. Weekends she would sleep in until ten or ten-thirty. However on weekdays, eight meant that she had just enough time to get ready for work, grab a bowl of Special K and get to work three minutes late. Three minutes late was her little protest that nobody could complain about. It meant she was independent. This particular morning she had a hangover, though she was a full decade out of college and graduation was the last time, on stiff rum and cokes, she had been drunk, perhaps her hangover was a result of her desire not to be at work. “Maybe I am catching a cold,” she told herself. But her hangover […]

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