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10 Ways To Fight Holiday Depression

Christmas is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but for some of us, it’s the most depressing. If you’re eight years old and dreaming of all the great gifts Santa will leave for you on Christmas morning, you’re all aquiver with anticipation. If you’re a parent who’s been laid off at work and can barely pay this month’s rent, much less buy presents, the holiday may look pretty bleak. It’s easy to feel stressed out and overwhelmed by the demands of the holiday season, so it’s no wonder that some of us suffer from crippling depression during this time of the year. Here are a few ways to fight off the holiday blues. Have realistic expectations.Many of us are tempted to […]

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10 Ways to Reduce Stress at Work That Could Save Your Life

Let’s face it.  Many of us have felt the miserable feeling that stress and tension related to our jobs can cause on a daily basis.  Aside from feeling bad from a mental perspective there are serious health issues that can develop if you don’t do something and make some changes to reduce your stress levels. Stress and work are like two peas in a pod.  They go together well, and because of this, many people dread waking up every morning.  Stress is not something to take lightly.  You could say that it’s a fact of life, but having too much stress could lead to some major health problems down the line. Rather than waking up every morning and feeling the wave of stress and tension […]

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16 Excuses that Prevent You from Going After Your Dreams

“I shouldn’t write this.”  “Nobody’s going to read it anyway. So much has been written about this topic already.” “What if people hate my stuff? What if they get bored to tears?” “What business do I have teaching them something? Heck, am I even qualified to talk about this?” These are only some of the thoughts that usually race through my head as I am writing a piece for a client.I am trying to write a blog post, and I have written many in the past but I can’t seem to start on this time. I am drowning in the sea of self doubt and my mind insists on bringing every single negative thought to the surface. Negative thoughts = Excuses in disguise. And there […]

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3 Questions to Inspire Action in the Face of Fear

I sat at my desk, waiting for the inevitable. That morning I put my letter of resignation in my boss’ mail bin. He was out of the office at a meeting at the time and I knew it would only be a matter of time before he came back and checked his mail to discover the fact that I had found a new (and better) job. Normally, I wouldn’t be afraid of something like this, however, my boss had a bit of a temper (he once yelled at a coworker after a meeting to the point that the other guy actually fainted in the middle of the hallway and they had to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital!). Every second that ticked […]

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5 Little Secrets for Turning Fear into Your Loyal Servant

Fear is misunderstood. We learn that fear is bad, and happiness is good. We run away from fear and toward happiness. But what is fear, if not a few sensations in the body coupled with a few thoughts? We are the creators of our own fear, yet we believe we are the fear. We put up filters that we see the world through, and we get these filters from our experiences in life. We form meaning from them, and we approach the world through them. If someone had bad experiences in life, they will see the world as bad, unless they choose not to. Easier said than done. You are not your fear is the message I want you to get from this article. WelcomeWhen […]

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6 Deceptively Simple Ways to Conquer Fear

We all battle with fear. Just a few short years ago, the underlying current of my being was filled with fear, worry and anxiety. When your whole life is controlled by fear, it starts to get to you. Fear isn’t your enemy; it is through fear and hardship that we grow the most. When you think about it, if your life was free from any challenges, it would be fun for some time, but ultimately it would get pretty boring as you skated through each day without any challenges. Fear is the spice in our life and using it to your advantage can make the difference between being miserable and being happy. But before you can do that, you should probably know about the following […]

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6 More Ways of Effectively Overcoming Fear

How often do you let fear control your life? Fear can be a powerful enemy, but also a powerful ally. A few years ago, I wrote an article here on Dumb Little Man called 6 Deceptively Simple Ways to Conquer Fear. I still use the tips in that article in my own life. They work, but still, people have trouble living the life they want to live. Why? They don’t take action. They don’t use the tools. They are more comfortable dwelling and complaining than moving on. Through living life, I’ve found 6 more ways of overcoming fear. There are more, but the rest is for you to find and use. 1. Let It Pass  Have you noticed that some thoughts you let pass, while […]

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7 Little-Known Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

Do you get sweaty palms just thinking about speaking before a big audience? Do you hyperventilate picturing yourself giving a speech in front of a crowd? If so, you’re not alone. You’ve probably heard that according to public opinion surveys, more people have a fear of public speaking than they are afraid of death. That statistic caused Jerry Seinfeld to joke that this means “to the average person, if you have to go to a funeral, you’re better off in the casket than doing the eulogy.” I get nervous speaking in front of large audiences just like the next guy, but personally, I’d still rather sweat it out behind the podium than be the stiff in a box. Fortunately, there’s actually a lot you can […]

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7 Steps to Beat Your Fear of Flying

Does the thought of stepping foot on a plane reduce you to a quivering wreck? If so, I know how you feel. Because that used to be me. Luckily, I’ve refined a series of mind hacks to beat this miserable phobia. But before I show you how, let me share my fear of flying story. I’m originally from Australia – a country where the distances between its handful of cities is so vast that flying is an essential part of life. That’s why I was a part of the jet-set pretty much from birth. In fact, as a kid, nothing excited me more than the chance to roar off down the runway. It was pure bliss.    Until I reached my teens. That’s when anxious thoughts […]

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7 Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure

Sometimes the largest obstacle to reaching your goals or the completion of a project is the simple fear of failure. It can be easier to leave something be and never fail at it than to face up the possibility of failure. It takes no genius to see that this is a negative outlook that could be holding you back. But how do you overcome this fear? John Wesley explores 7 alternative ways to go about things so you’re not stranded thinking about what could have been. 7. Burn the boats – When ancient Greek armies traveled across the sea to do battle, the first thing they would do after landing was to burn the boats, leaving them stranded. With no way to make it home […]

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