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12 Things Not to Do at the Office Christmas Party

One of the most hazardous driving days of the year is the Friday before Christmas, because that’s when many companies take part in that yearly tradition known as the Office Christmas Party. While this should be an occasion for enjoying the company of your co-workers, too often the office party turns into an embarrassment that haunts some employees well into the next year. Here are some common gaffes to avoid. Don’t get drunk.This is the number one mistake that tends to be at the root of all other mistakes. Drinking too much can lower your inhibitions and make you do things you’d never do sober. Before the party begins, resolve to have no more than two alcoholic drinks all evening, even if there’s an open […]

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12 Ways To Become an Utter Failure at Work

Written on 7/09/2008 by Tim Brownson, of A Daring Adventure. As a life coach I speak to lots of people about self-development. It’s one of the cool things about my job; I actually get paid to help people make their lives more fulfilling. However, every now and then somebody will say something along the lines of, “Yeah I know what you mean, but that sounds like really hard work.” They’re absolutely right! Self-development is indeed a life long process but so is brushing your teeth, eating healthy food and breathing. Guess what else is tough – being miserable, unhappy and unsuccessful. Do you think people with those traits got where they are by accident and taking things easy? Of course they didn’t, they worked damn […]

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3 Questions to Inspire Action in the Face of Fear

I sat at my desk, waiting for the inevitable. That morning I put my letter of resignation in my boss’ mail bin. He was out of the office at a meeting at the time and I knew it would only be a matter of time before he came back and checked his mail to discover the fact that I had found a new (and better) job. Normally, I wouldn’t be afraid of something like this, however, my boss had a bit of a temper (he once yelled at a coworker after a meeting to the point that the other guy actually fainted in the middle of the hallway and they had to call an ambulance to take him to the hospital!). Every second that ticked […]

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5 Essential Steps to Setting New Year Resolutions You Will Actually Achieve

Why do you think that so many New Year resolutions are never achieved? Is it because you simply lack motivation? Is it because you found it too difficult to achieve? Is it because you thought it would be a nice to have a New Year resolution but didn’t really believe in it?Potentially. These are all valid reasons for why you may not have achieved your New Year Resolutions in the past. There’s many reasons why New Year resolutions are not achieved, however there are some simple things that you can do to ensure that for 2014 you will actually achieve them. Essentially, there are 5 critical steps to ensuring you are successful in achieving your New Year resolutions. I can probably guarantee that you have […]

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5 Lessons That Professor Failure Taught Me About Success

Failure has become a faithful friend throughout the years. Early on in my life I thought failure was my mortal enemy. But life’s experience has taught me that Professor Failure is on the academic staff of my personal University Of Success that I attend. He is a vital necessity for my training, in order to become someone who will reach his full potential, and even go beyond what he personally thought possible. And why is that? Because I have learned to ask a simple question of my professor after every failure, ‘What is the most important lesson that I can learn from this mistake?’ Those lessons then become the building blocks for the success I have experienced to date, and the success that will accompany […]

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6 Simple Ways to Eliminate Your Excuses

Excuses allow us to stay within our comfort zone, but do excuses really let you live the life you really want? Sure, going after your dreams may be scary, but isn’t it more scary to succumb to your excuses and live a life of mediocrity? In each of our lives, sooner or later we come upon a crossroads, where we have to choose which path to take. This is not a rigid sort of crossroads that is unchangeable, but merely a metaphorical one. You see, everyone is capable of making excuses, but the difference between the people who get what they want and those who do not, is that they accept their excuses and keep moving forward. With all that said, here are my 6 […]

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7 Life Changing Quotes from Will Smith

Willard Christopher Smith, Jr. is one of the most successful actors alive today. He has enjoyed success in music, television and film. He has been called the most powerful actor on the planet. In the late 1980s, Will Smith became famous through his music, and through the tv-series “Fresh Prince in Bel-Air”. He’s always been an inspiration to me, plus it doesn’t hurt that most of his movies are way above average. He was born in Wynnefield, West Philadelphia, U.S. He is currently married to actress Jada Pinkett Smith. Now that we have some of the background information out of the way, let’s jump right into the life-changing quotes: 1. Ignorance “Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” We all have something to share. We […]

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7 Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure

Sometimes the largest obstacle to reaching your goals or the completion of a project is the simple fear of failure. It can be easier to leave something be and never fail at it than to face up the possibility of failure. It takes no genius to see that this is a negative outlook that could be holding you back. But how do you overcome this fear? John Wesley explores 7 alternative ways to go about things so you’re not stranded thinking about what could have been. 7. Burn the boats – When ancient Greek armies traveled across the sea to do battle, the first thing they would do after landing was to burn the boats, leaving them stranded. With no way to make it home […]

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8 Reasons Why Success Eludes You

Life has a tendency to surround us with so much ‘stuff’ that we often forget the end game, or the goal we’re striving for. Years are burned this way. You wake up after 3 years at a job, having never been promoted, and wonder what happened. Are you destined for mediocrity? Do you not know how to move forward in life? There are never simple answers here. If there were, we’d all be clown-happy 24/7 and frankly anyone telling you that they can solve all of your problems is more likely to inject you with nothing but false hope that will eventually lead to your failure. So let’s step back for a second and hit on a couple of reasons why you’re not leaping forward […]

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9 Top New Year’s Resolutions – How to Make Them Happen

Every year about this time, many of us take a look at everything we didn’t do this past year and vow to do things differently next year. We start the New Year with high hopes, but by Valentine’s Day, we’ve likely given up on most of our aspirations for the next 12 months and fallen back into our old ways. Resolve to make 2014 the year that you actually carry out your New Year’s resolutions! Here are a few favorites and how to make them come true. Lose weight and get into shape.This has to be the number-one New Year’s resolution ever—and the one most likely to be broken. We all start out with the best of intentions, swearing we’ll work off that holiday weight […]

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