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Business Advantages of Getting Mobile Office Containers

Calling small business owners and startups out there! Have you considered mobile office containers? Shipping containers are creating a buzz in this modern generation because of the myriad possiblities they offer. Reinventing this simple box to various uses is one of its key advantages. To cite one advantage of shipping containers, businesses can consider them as a customized solution for office space needs. There are many business owners who rely on mobile office containers not only as temporary storage for their office equipment and supplies but as an on-site workplace for their employees. You may have heard of shipping containers being used as venue for trade exhibits and company related workshops or trainings. These containers can also be used as convenient mobile office containers. Here are more business […]

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5 Lesser-Known Must-Read Books For Entrepreneurs

As any entrepreneur will tell you, starting your own business is like giving birth to a child; only much more painful and demanding. Despite that, it’s an addiction that aspiring entrepreneurs just can’t let go of. There are a number of popular books available at your local bookstore that is aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs. A few of the popular ones include ‘The 4 hour work-week’, “The E-Myth Revisited”, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “Think and Grow Rich” and “The Lean Startup”. While these are really good books and something that every wantrepreneur must read, they do not cover all aspects of entrepreneurship. Moreover, most of these books are from best-selling authors and celebrity entrepreneurs whose advices may not always apply to someone who only aspires to […]

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The Importance of Defining Your Life Goals as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is a dream for many people and something that a lot of us strive towards. To be completely ‘financially independent’, to be able to set your own working hours, and to be able to work on projects that you feel passionate about and actually chose to work on are all things that many believe will make them happier and more fulfilled in life – and often this is the case. But before you get too excited about the prospect of creating your own start-up and earning millions while sitting on a beach somewhere in Spain, it’s first important to define what your goals really are. Because if you set off on this journey without doing that first, you’re likely to find that […]

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5 Marketing Questions All Business Owners Should Ask Themselves

There’s your baby – your small business website. You put out brilliant posts on Facebook and Google+ while hoping to connect with others through comments on their posts; you try to SEO your website enough to raise its Google score; you make promotional offers on a couple days of the week [‘Monday Madness Specials’ ‘TGIF Twofers’] but somehow your site still isn’t gaining the traction you’d hoped for or that you were expecting. Time for a new site redesign or name? Fill the site with more ads to attract? Hire the Goodyear blimp to spread the word? Nah, none of those should be your first consideration. It might be there are some things you haven’t thought of or dismissed. Let’s do a quick review of […]

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How To Pay Bills & Start A Business – 5 Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets

At some point in our lives, we have all contemplated over quitting our boring jobs and start something on our own. But in most cases, this ends up being merely a dream. That’s because not all of us can afford the luxury of going without pay for the first few months of starting up. So how do the successful entrepreneurs do it? In the book, “How We Did It – 100 entrepreneurs share the stories of their struggles and life experiences”, the author talks to over 100 entrepreneurs on the various challenges and struggles of starting up. Here are snippets from five of these entrepreneurs explaining how they managed to pay their monthly bills during those initial days. Chandler Crouch (From Chandler Crouch realtors) “I […]

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How to Efficiently Start a Part-Time Startup?

Every start-up wants to dedicate the whole day to the project from day one, but just as it happened with us, this is not always a viable option. However, not having that possibility doesn’t mean that we don’t have the chance of making our idea a reality. For sure we won’t be executing everything as fast as possible, but in general speed isn’t the most important item during the first steps of a start-up; what is really important is the quality of the solution we are giving to our future clients, that is to say, the one that effectively solves a concrete and real problem for the one they are willing to pay. Six years ago we started our startup as part-time while we were […]

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How to “Hack” Your Networking and Grow Your Income Using a Email Newsletter

One of the best things I’ve done for my business in years is starting an email newsletter.  Now, you may be thinking: what a hassle! I have enough to do already!  I don’t need another thing on my plate. Well, good news. An email newsletter actually doesn’t take any more time, beyond the initial set-up. In fact, it’s actually saved me loads of time. If you do it the right way, starting an email newsletter is an amazing way to grow your network, your business and your income, while actually minimizing the amount of time and effort you have to put into your business. If that sounds like some “get rich quick” scheme or too good to be true, well, it’s not. You do need […]

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A Simple (Yet Powerful and Actionable) Way to Re-Motivate Yourself

Have you ever “lost steam” in the process of achieving a goal? Maybe you wanted to lose 10 pounds within two weeks, but after a week of jogging for 30 minutes a day, you realized that you still haven’t lost a single pound. Or maybe you worked so hard to build goodwill with your co-workers, only to ruin all that with one angry outburst at someone’s casual, offhand remark over lunch. Perhaps your “special project” on the side is only 25 percent finished, and it’s already been three weeks since you promised yourself that you’ll get it done within the month. Whatever your case, one thing’s for sure: Feeling de-motivated sucks, especially when you’re in the middle of an endeavor. Somehow, you need to get […]

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Top 11 Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

Running a business is hard work, but with the help of these 11 top apps, it can be more efficient and easier to manage. Starting a business requires the entrepreneur to understand a variety of aspects that stretch beyond the product or service they provide. There are a variety of administrative, financial, and technical details that need to be worked out in order for a business to succeed. Finding the right methods to make a business run smoothly can sometimes be the most difficult part. Luckily, in today’s business world, there are apps for almost any business strategy an entrepreneur needs to perform, including the need to share files, run a conference call, scan documents, and manage general tasks. Following are the top 11 apps […]

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Five Ways a Blog Could Help You Reach Your Goals (and One Way It Probably Won’t)

Since you’re reading a blog – Dumb Little Man – there’s a reasonably good chance that you’ve at least considered starting a blog of your own. Maybe you enjoy writing, and you’d like to share your work with the world. Maybe you’ve heard that a blog can be a way to make money – or to promote your existing business. Here are five ways a blog could help you reach your goals in both your personal and professional life. #1: Teaching You New Skills Blogging involves a lot of different skills. Simply getting your blog set up will teach you a lot of techy know-how that could come in handy in all sorts of different areas of life. Writing regular posts isn’t just great for […]

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