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8 Ways Jealousy Can Help You Grow

I’m sure we’ve all felt jealous at some point in our lives. Whether it was the friend who just bought that big house, the friend who is always in the limelight, that friend who is doing extremely well in their career or that friend who just started their own business, there’s a high chance we’ve felt that tinge of jealousy. But jealousy doesn’t have to be a bad thing Think about this, do you get jealous of everyone? Do you get jealous of people who have success in areas you know for sure you don’t like? Chances are, you won’t feel jealous and you’d be happy for them. So know that jealousy is not a bad thing (provided you don’t act on it and hurt […]

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What’s In Your Web?

Think all spiders are basically slackers just waiting around for home food delivery? Stop and look closer. Sure, some of them may not have any ‘gusto’, but the more industrious ones are driven to succeed. You’ll find not just one web but two, three or even four of them ready for the catch of the day. One might be larger (for the big hauls) and the others will be smaller (hey, snacks can be a meal!), but they are set up and ready. Pretty smart thinking on the spider’s part. Different size webs, kept within a defined area that was manageable. Think about it. You wouldn’t find a crab or lobster fisherman just setting out one trap, would you? Now, think about your own webs…your […]

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6 Bad Habits That Make Work Unbearable

Let’s face it, having to be somewhere for 8+ hours each day, even if you like it, isn’t ideal. I’m willing to bet that the vast majority of us would prefer to be doing something other than our jobs if we felt we had the choice. It’s a statistical fact that more than 70% of people are unhappy with their current jobs. This is a frightening realization and is due in large part to the habits we develop at work. As Napoleon Hill once said, “Thoughts are things. We become what we think about all day long.” When we think negatively, we start to believe it. We then begin to develop negative habits, which will compound on each other until we become of the 70% […]

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The one question that can make all the difference: “What am I really afraid of?”

It is often said that roughly two things motivate people: interest and fear.  A lot of self-development programs and books deal with interest related topics: What is it that I really want in life?  What is my passion?  What do I really-really want to do?  What would I do if I’d win $50 million?  These are actually all very important questions, but just as important is to understand: What am I really afraid of? So this has actually been the million dollar question for me in the last couple of years: “What am I really afraid of?” This is a simple question that you should also ask yourself often. It is especially helpful to ask this question when you’re at a crossroads and must decide […]

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How to Tell if You Have Mind Parasites and How To Get Rid Of Them If You Do

Susan woke early. Early for her was any time before eight on weekdays. Weekends she would sleep in until ten or ten-thirty. However on weekdays, eight meant that she had just enough time to get ready for work, grab a bowl of Special K and get to work three minutes late. Three minutes late was her little protest that nobody could complain about. It meant she was independent. This particular morning she had a hangover, though she was a full decade out of college and graduation was the last time, on stiff rum and cokes, she had been drunk, perhaps her hangover was a result of her desire not to be at work. “Maybe I am catching a cold,” she told herself. But her hangover […]

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7 Inspiring Reasons To Help You Follow Your Bliss

One of the first starting points to follow our dreams is to stop dreaming. Yes, stop daydreaming about what you’d love to do, or who you would love to be and start giving small steps towards achieving your goals. A long road is made of little steps, so no matter how small your efforts may seem to be… they’re leading you on the path to achieve what you want. BECAUSE LIFE IS TOO SHORT You’ve heard about this too many times but it never really hit you till you faced a loss, either of a loved one or a door was shut on your face and you were forced to realize how fragile life is and how everything can change in a second. Yes, life […]

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What I Learned About Achieving Goals and How to Achieve Yours

Behind every achieved goal, there’s a story about our own personal development.  It is a manifestation of experiences, challenges, and our inner abilities all accumulating to one glorious moment, marking off a goal from your “to-achieve list”. Every goal is a test; a test of willpower, courage, and intellect. But what really sets apart people who are able to reach their goals from those who cave in? Since achieving most noteworthy goals takes some time, it’s quite difficult to isolate the exact cause that allows some people to achieve their goals and prevents others from achieving theirs. So let’s ask ourselves a few questions first.  Hopefully by the end of this post, we’ll have a broader understanding of what it takes to achieve our own […]

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How Safe Are You from Your Thoughts?

Really think about it. What do most of your thoughts consist of? Are they positive, do you uplift yourself? Or are you doubting yourself and questioning every glimmer of hope? Your thoughts are a reflection of your personal beliefs. They radiate how you feel about yourself and influence your life as a whole. Even those passing thoughts are pebbles in the foundation on which your life is built. You go shopping for a new top at a trendy store that you just noticed in the mall. You find a few things you like and are excited to try them on, you try pulling one shirt over your head and it gets stuck somewhere between your elbows and your shoulders. Because you don’t want to break […]

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Understand the Emotional Effect

Recently a reader contacted me for advice. He was in a position he didn’t like and needed a positive outlook. I gave him tips he to improve his outlook and his current practices, but it caused me to think about our emotions and how they affect our decisions. Separating our emotions and logic to be more independent may improve our ability to make better choices. What is an Emotion? We know we feel certain ways about certain things. We feel sad, angry, scared, excited, tender, and happy. But what does that mean? Is that just a feeling or an emotion? According to Wikipedia, an emotion is a subjective, conscious experience characterized primarily by psychophysiological expressions, biological reactions, and mental states. Emotions are clearly subjective because […]

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Why Self-Confidence Should Be Your Top Goal This Year

Did you set any goals or make any resolutions for the year? How are they working out for you so far? Are you on track?  Or have you already fallen short or abandoned your goal completely? If that’s the case, you aren’t alone. Research from the University of Scranton reveals only 8% of people who make resolutions keep them. We all have great intentions to improve our lives, get healthier, make more money, or improve our relationships. But the vast majority of people fail in their efforts. There are many reasons people aren’t successful in achieving their goals and resolutions. •    They set big, complicated goals that are overwhelming rather than small, attainable goals;•    They don’t set tangible, achievable metrics for their goals that are […]

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