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10 Ways to Ignite Your Imagination and Accomplish Big Things

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” ~ Albert Einstein The reality is you can be anyone or anything you want to be; it just takes a pinch of confidence and a spoonful of imagination.  Do you want to write like Hemingway?  Paint like Michelangelo?  Or become the next big discovery on the Dragon’s Den?  Guess what?  You can be any of these things; you already have all the tools you need right now to tap in and let yourself shine.  That’s what this article is going to teach you.  I’m going to tell you how. It’s all about a little concept called impermanence.  It’s not such a little thing; actually it’s a big, enormous, monumental, life changing concept.  People who can grasp impermanence are seriously […]

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11 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need More Sleep

There’s nothing better than that feeling of waking up completely and utterly refreshed. Feeling so good that you virtually spring out of bed, already enthusing about how marvelous the day ahead is sure to be. Of course it’s a shame that the last time you woke feeling that way was on summer break in your college days, but hey – that’s the way it goes, isn’t it? These days, sleep is little more than something that cuts into your every-day hectic schedule. Sure, you love going to sleep, and you definitely acknowledge that you need to sleep at least a few hours, but the reality is that you simply cannot prioritize it above everything else in your life. I mean, you’re already behind on Twitter […]

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12 Tricks Your Brain is Playing on You

Is your mind playing tricks on you and robbing you of your happiness? Our minds are complex and are often our own worst enemies when it comes to being happy. Really. Our own brains that we know and love deceive us into thinking something is right when it is really wrong, that we’re in love when we’re not, etc. Recognizing and debunking these traps your mind leads you into is essential to realizing a lasting happiness, into creating stronger relationships, and to succeeding in your career. Check out this list to see if you are being deceived by your own mind! I’d be willing to bet that you have been. I’d be happier if I just had less to do Our minds often try to […]

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12 Ways to Boost Your Energy in the Morning

Are you a “morning person?” You know, the type who jumps out of bed, bounding with energy and ready to face the day? Me neither. Most of us wake up feeling grumpy, grouchy and wishing we could crawl back into bed. Here are a few tips to make mornings a bit more pleasant by increasing your energy. Get a good night’s sleep.You can’t expect to feel great in the morning if you tossed and turned for hours the  night before. Try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night, and the best way to set your body clock is by retiring and rising at the same time for at least a week. If you have trouble dozing off, try meditating for a few […]

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2 Simple Ways to Change the Way You Think and Feel

Law of attraction states what you think about you attract. In a sense this is true, but what is really creating your reality are your unconscious beliefs. Beliefs are repeated thoughts about someone or something even if they are not true. What you believe to be true, you attract into your life. That’s where we get the saying, acting in accordance with your beliefs. So, let’s say you spend the day having positive conscious thoughts. But, something happens and you get distracted and your negative unconscious thought pattern runs again. So, you’re back to being negative, pessimistic, and cynical and your reality reflects that. The human body operates on many levels and often times creates inner conflict. One part of you wants this, another wants […]

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3 Amazing Science-backed Life Tips You’d Never Guess

Life is tough and we’ve all got problems. But hey, look on the bright side – this article has three science-backed tips to help you live your life smarter, and it’s free! Any or all of these three tips could end up making a difference in your life. If you like these tips, please share this article with family and friends to help them live smarter too. Enjoy! 1. Take The Earliest Interview Possible If you earn an interview, schedule it for the morning. In this study, the hypothesis was in the form of an example: “An interviewer who has already highly recommended three applicants on a given day may be reluctant to do the same for a fourth applicant.” Information collected from more than […]

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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Brain Power

Google “improve brain power” and you’ll find all sorts of tips, techniques, books, and games explaining how you could improve your brain power. Most of them involve physical exercise, balanced nutrition and complex mental exercises. While it would be cool if everyone could incorporate these tips, I highly doubt that after reading such advice you will start jogging for one hour every morning and change your diet to incorporate more fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Some people don’t do that even when they are at risk of having a heart attack! For the lazy crowd looking to give a little boost to the brain functions, is there anything easier? Luckily yes. Switch the side of your mouse-pad Yes, it is as simple as that. By […]

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3 Life Lessons Learned from Attachment

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”    -Henry David Thoreau Attachment is at the root of most of our modern experience.  As Shakespeare said, the expectation facet of attachment is also the root of all heartache.  We’re taught to long for a life we must strive for years to achieve.  The lives of celebrities and powerful politicians are held in high esteem, while most of us are simply left out of the history books.   We are taught to attach ourselves to external modalities of success and achievement.  To be happy, the story goes, we must be rich, decadent and status-driven. To succeed in relationships, we must pour out our hearts and give yourself up […]

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3 Mistakes You Need To Avoid To Reach Your Life Goals

A phrase like “achieving life goals” sounds like an extremely important, yet complicated and time-consuming thing to do. After all our life goals play a key role at how successful we will be in life. If you already have big life goals – congratulations! If not, I’m sure that you’ll find a worthy goal to pursue. What matters right now is for you to increase your chances of success, by avoiding 3 Major Goal Setting Mistakes. These mistakes are so sneaky that many Goal Setting courses actually teach them as a part of their achievement strategy. Yet they are so harmful, that they easily account for 80% of failed goals, unmet New Year’s resolutions and wasted Goal Setting efforts. These mistakes make achieving life goals […]

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3 Types Of Excuses And How To Handle Them

I’ve been thinking  about the excuses we make to avoid the work it takes to better ourselves. I think they fall into three categories. 1.    Know I Need To, But 2.    Don’t Know How 3.    Legitimate Excuse That’s it. Plain and simple, every excuse we have falls into these three categories. We have millions of different excuses, but when it comes down to it, they’re all one of these three. 1)    Know I Need To, But This category is a majority of excuses for most people. It is an excuse that we can say “I know that I need to, but” before it. A couple examples: •    I know I need to workout, but John invited me to dinner tonight. •    I know I need […]

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