11 Best National Banks For Savings and Checking Account

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January 12, 2024   •   Fact checked by Dumb Little Man

best national banks

Although with the rise of digitalization, many people have turned their banking experience entirely online. However, just like many things on the internet, online banking poses its risk in many ways.

There are just too many risks you can’t ignore, from cyberattacks to stealing online information and credit cards. That is why it can be beneficial to handle your finances at your national bank.

It can be confusing which bank might be the best for you, as thousands of banks are available worldwide.

For that reason, we’ve created this list of the 11 best national banks that are perfect for handing your savings that come with unbelievably low monthly service fees.

best national banks

Best National Bank in 2024

What are National Banks?

A national bank is a financial institution that the government most commonly owns. A national bank can also be any bank, whether owned by the government or owned privately, that operates nationally.

The banks that the government controls are most often known as Central Banks. These national banks are most used for commercial use – which means that they provide public services to the whole nation.

They are often members of the FDIC ( Federal Deposit Insurance Corp). This state body provides these banks with insurance if they happen to have a bank failure.

The FDIC insurance protects as much as a $250,000 deposit. However, it’s essential to notice that not every bank is a national bank. There are many criteria a bank must fulfill for it to be even considered an actual national bank.

11 Best National Banks: Detailed Insight

#1. Top Consumer’s Choice: Capital One

best national banks
Photo: Capital One Official Website

There is a reason why Capital One is considered one of the best national banks. Although its primary services provide personal loans and debit cards, it offers a whole range of other services to its banking customers.

Although it has only 755 physical branches, it is the highest-rated national bank that provides you with access to more than 40,000 ATMs services.

Not only it provides its clients a checking account and a savings account, but it also provides a debit card, business, and commercial banking, and even auto loans.

What is the Savings and Checking Account?

The checking account Capital One provides high-interest rates, doesn’t have a monthly maintenance fee, and has no deposit you have to leave each month to keep the tabs open. Not only that but with this account, you can earn up to 0.10% APY.

The savings account offers up to 0.40% national APY, five-time higher than the national average.

You must transfer it from your savings account to your checking account to withdraw money from this account. Only then can you withdraw your money from the ATM.

Who is it Best For?

Capital One is ideal for anyone that wants to avoid paying typical fees banks often require. It’s perfect if you use more ATM services and wish to pay your bills wherever you are. It’s ideal if you are comfortable using both physical and online versions of banking services.

How much are the Fees? 

There are no monthly maintenance fees when it comes to Capital One. This is one of the most significant benefits this bank offers. You won’t have to pay anything to open an account or to maintain one. You don’t even have to deposit cash regularly at all.

And, even though sometimes overdraft fees might appear, the bank offers you many ways to help you avoid those same fees.

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#2. The Most Trusted Bank: Chase

best national banks
Photo: Chase Official Website

Chase is considered one of the largest banks to provide a large number of trusted assets.

Founded in 1799, Chase Bank is one of the oldest banks ever to exist. For that reason, it has become a bank you can trust. What makes this bank so well-known is that it manages more than $2.6 trillion in assets.

Not only that, but it also has more than 100 markets throughout the globe and several thousand employees. Due to this, it has more than 4,910 bank branches that provide services to account holders.

What are the Savings and Checking Accounts?

Chase Bank offers the most extensive banking account selection. There are two main types of accounts it offers, a savings account and a checking account.

These two types can also be split into several other subtypes of accounts such as everyday banking, kids & students, and premium. And, when it comes to fees, children and college students don’t have to pay anything at all.

Who is it Best For?

Chase Bank is ideal for people that live permanently in Illinois, California, and Florida. There are the most branches available at those locations. This means that even the ATM fees can go down if you’re near a Chase branch.

How much are the Fees? 

When it comes to monthly fees, Chase Total Checking requires a $12 monthly payment. There is also a waiver criterion to pay $500 with direct deposits with a minimum deposit amount.

For Secure Banking, the monthly price is $4.95 with no ability to waive fees.

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#3. The Highest Interest Rates Bank: Wells Fargo

best national banks
Photo: Wells Fargo Official Website

Although not a standard bank, Wells Fargo has been around the USA for more than 160 years. It offers one of the highest interest rates, unlike other banks.

Wells Fargo is the 3rd largest bank in America and the world. There are hundreds of services you can choose from in this bank. You can select an account you need, from commercial banking to creating savings accounts and other bank accounts.

Not only that, but it also provides one of the lowest overdraft fees with many branches and ATM locations.

What are the Savings and Checking Accounts?

Wells Fargo is the best bank for providing as many as four options for bank accounts. The checking account comes with nominal fees.

The savings account offers an option to avoid monthly fees if you’re an average user. The Platinum account allows customers to have an even higher APY.

Who is it Best For?

The Wells Fargo plans are ideal for people who want to have easy-to-understand and maintain options. It is one of the most widespread financial institutions that offer a minimum balance requirement.

How much are the Fees? 

Wells Fargo offers a monthly everyday checking account fee of %10 with a minimum opening deposit of $25. And, for the savings fee, the price is usually around $5.

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#4. Best FDIC Insured: Ally Bank

ally bank reviews


Ally is an online bank that offers many different financial services such as personal loans, investment accounts with account minimums.

Ally is an FDIC-insured smaller bank that offers free access to Ally ATM networks. Not only that, but you can direct deposit with the E-deposit option.

What’s excellent about Ally is that it also offers educational resources. This means that you have the option to educate yourself on finance as well.

What are the Checking and Savings Accounts?

The account holders can earn an APY between 0.10%-0.25%. The free interested checking service has no opening deposit fees nor any fees to maintain the account itself.

The saving account is a high-yield savings account that offers a 0.60% APY. It also offers a money market account and a C.D.s account.

Who is it Best For?

Ally Bank is perfect for people looking for an online approach to citizens’ bank, with a mobile app that can help them be on the go.

How much are the Fees? 

Ally doesn’t require any payment when it comes to opening and managing an account.

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#5. Best Credit Union Bank: Bank of America

best national banks
Photo: Bank of America Official Website

Bank of America is one of the best options if you’re looking for a bank or credit union in which you can open a checking or a savings account.

Bank of America is a citizens bank that offers a minimum balance to maintain your accounts. What’s also incredible about this bank is that it even provides sign-up bonuses to new users.

What are the Savings and Checking Accounts?

Average Banking Accounts, Advantage SafeBalance, and Advantage Relationship Banking come with a minimum monthly payment. Not only that, but they also promote overdraft fee protection.

There is only one account related to savings. To open this account, you’ll need a $100 minimum deposit, and you’ll earn a maximum of 0.01% APY.

Who is it Best For?

Bank of America is the best bank for people interested in holding an investment account, using a debit card, and that is comfortable using branch and atm locations.

How much are the Fees? 

Although it charges monthly fees,  children and students don’t have to pay anything.

And, even if you don’t fit that criterion, you’ll still pay absurdly low fees. The fees can range from $4.95-$25.

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#6. Best Online Bank: Discover

best national banks
Photo: Discover Official Website

Discover Bank is the best online bank when it comes to offering utterly new banking services.

Although it doesn’t have any physical branch locations, it has partnered up with Allpint to provide your free access to ATMs without paying any fees at all.

Unlike many online banks, Discover Bank provides access to more than 60,000 ATMs throughout the country.

And, aside from standard accounts, it comes with a mobile app, a credit card, and auto loans.

What are the Savings and Checking Accounts?

Discover Bank’s checking account promises to return 1% of every $3000 spent and even reimburses the money some out-of-network ATM charge.

The savings account offers an APY earning of 0.60%, which is higher than the national average.

And, for everyone that wants to open these accounts, the good thing is that it doesn’t have any minimum deposit requirements. It’s essential to notice that these accounts also don’t come with fees and deposits.

Who is it Best For?

It is best for people who are comfortable using online banks and want to pay zero overdraft fees for their accounts. This includes students, retired people, people interested in personal loans, and more.

How much are the Fees? 

Discover is entirely free of any fees.

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#7. One of the Best Local Banks: U.S. Bank

best national banks
Photo: US Bank Official Website

U.S. Bank is one of the most well-known national banks that offers a whole range of personal services to its customers.

Credit cards, personal trusts, investment and retirement services, mortgages, and wealth management services are available through U.S. Bank.

It is one of the most profitable national banks with $495 billion in assets.

What are the Savings and Checking Accounts?

There are five types of each of these two accounts. You’ll need to go to the nearest branch locations and provide your personal information to open these accounts. Then, they’ll check your credit score, ask to pay a small fee, and you’re good to go.

You can acquire such a high APY percentage even with a minimum balance in your account.

Who is it Best For?

U.S. Bank is the best national bank for students and seniors. These two categories can’t afford to own their accounts, so this bank made sure to make their participation completely free of any fees.

How much are the Fees? 

There isn’t a free savings account, but there are some options for students to own completely free accounts.

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#8. Best Bank For Retirement Services: Charles Schwab

best national banks
Photo: Charles Schwab Official Website

Schwab is both an online bank and a standard, national one that provides exemplary retirement services.

Although quite a new bank, it has quickly risen to the top thanks to its competitive interest rates.

It offers insights that can help you navigate market conditions, provide you with strategies, and protects your money and account.

What are the Savings and Checking Accounts?

Both of these accounts are fee-free to open and maintain. What’s even better is that both of them give you the ability to earn a solid APY percentage of interest rates.

You don’t have to deposit anything, and even the ATM fees are none existent. The APY is lower than national banks but higher than the brick and mortar banks.

Who is it Best For?

It is ideal for people who want to simplify their financial life and have a hassle-free bank account. This simple online bank can be fond of many investors who want to save money from expensive and unnecessary fees.

How much are the Fees? 

There are no fees when it comes to Schwab. There are even unlimited ATM fee rebates.

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#9. The Most Affordable Bank: Synchrony

best national banks
Photo: Synchrony Official Website

Synchrony is the best bank when it comes to affordability. Partnered with Accel, they make baking faster and cheaper than ever.

Synchrony has more than 412,000 ATMs throughout the USA, allowing everyone fee-free access to money withdrawals. It is FDIC insured, so your money is guaranteed to be safe with them.

What are the Savings and Checking Accounts?

The checking benefits are combined in the savings accounts. This means that you can access your savings money from the ATM and write checks even.

You can earn up to 0.60% APY without paying any fees or balance minimums.

Who is it Best For?

It’s best for people who prefer online banks over traditional ones and are comfortable using a debit card with a minimum monthly service fee.

How much are the Fees? 

Synchrony is one of the many online banks that come with no fees.

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#10. Best Budgeting Bank: PNC Bank

best national banks
Photo: PNC Official Website

PNC is one of the fastest-growing national banks that focuses on improving your budgeting plans.

It has a virtual wallet of products that surpass previous ones. It is one of the most common national banks with more than 2,400 branches and 18,000 ATMs.

With this bank, you can balance your daily spending and lifetime savings without any problems.

What are the Checking and Savings Accounts?

The checking accounts allow you to do online banking by using the mobile app and online bill pay. Not only that, but it also reimburses a large portion of the ATM fees.

The savings account comes with competitive interest rates and with a high APY. What’s also great about this is that id doesn’t require any deposit for opening the account.

Who is it Best For?

PNC is the best bank for people who struggle with spending and maintaining their budget and want to improve their life savings.

How much are the Fees? 

PNC so far has had the highest overdraft fee. With 36 dollars per item, it allows you to make four charges a day.

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#11. For Better Banking Access: Allpoint

best national banks
Photo: Allpoint Official Website

Although Allpoint is not a bank, it offers numerous connections to ATMs.

Allpoint connects ATMs in places such as Walgreens, Walmart, and even Target. The main goal of Allpoint is to allow free access anywhere in the country.

This means that you can use any ATM without paying any fees at all. You can deposit cash, withdraw money and even access all your funds.

What are the Savings and Checking Accounts?

Although there are no checking and savings accounts, Allpoint works with several other online and physical banks and credit unions. This means that you can find the right bank for your needs that are simultaneously connected with Allpoint so you can freely access your accounts.

Who is it Best For?

It is best for people that want to easily access their money and accounts without paying any fees nor visiting any branch locations that might take time and energy to do so.

How much are the Fees? 

Because Allpoint is not a bank, it doesn’t come with any fees, as that is its central point.


Best National Bank Comparison

BankMinimum Opening DepositMonthly FeeAPY%Sign-up Bunos
Capital One$50$00.40%$250
Wells Fargo$50$100.01%$200
Bank of America$100$4.950.01%$100
Discover$0$00.40%$150 or $200
US Bank$25$40.01%$400
Charles Schwab$0$00.05%$1000

How We Rank the Best National Banks?

We’ve followed several criteria before choosing the best national bank on this list.

The most important thing we check is the bank rating. This is the type of ranking set up by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) and other rating agencies.

This information is essential as it states how secure and reliable a bank is. This is a great way to determine why some banks are better than others and where do they lack.

The banks we put on this list have been all assigned with exceedingly high rates. We look at is what services they offer and how flexible they are to suit their customers’ needs. We made sure the banks provided minimum balance to no account fees when opening and painting an account.

Out-of-network ATMs are also an essential deal as these banks offer minimum fees for withdrawing money.

How to Choose the Best National Bank?

If you’re not sure about which bank to choose, there are several things you can consider. For example, you can start by identifying what your ideal type of bank would be.

May banks offer various services you can choose from. By making sure you know your needs, you can select the right bank with this simple step.

You can also look for banks that offer low fees or no fees at all. It would help if you also searched for banks that offer overdraft protection. This means that opting for this type of protection means you won’t have to pay seven times more in fees.

Look for a credit union as well. A credit union is a smaller bank that gives competitive products with smaller fees and higher interest rates.

Finally, you can look for reviews for the banks and the credit unions you’re interested in. You can tell a lot by looking at how these financial institutions treat their customers.

The best national banks are the ones that offer incredible customer service and a whole variety of products to suit everyone’s needs.

Conclusion: Best National Bank

National Banks are an important deal, especially in America. Although online banking has taken over the world, many people still enjoy going to their regional bank branches.

They’re far more convenient and often come with no account fees. If you’re debating whether what best national back you want to open an account with, we would suggest the Top Consumer’s Choice Capital One.

National Bank FAQs

What are the leading banks in America?

Capital One and Chase Bank are the two leading banks in America. They offer top-notch services like no other. Wells Fargo comes next in line when it comes to quality of service and monthly fees.

What are the best national banks in the United States?

Some of the best national banks are considered to be Capital One, Chase, and Wells Fargo. Many other banks come similar in ranking, but these can be regarded as some of the best ones so far.

Is Chase the best national bank?

Although Chase offers one of the highest interest rates, Capital One stands firmly on the number one spot overall service. This national bank has no account overdraft fee, high-interest rates, and not one monthly maintenance fee.

What are the top-rated banks?

Many banks seem to offer excellent services to their clients. However, Capital One, Chase, and Wells Fargo stand out from the other banks.

What makes them incredible at their job is their enormous benefits and barely charge monthly fees at all.

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