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11 Underrated Ways to Improve Your Sleep and Get You Focused, Happy and Massively Productive

Most of us think we’re getting enough sleep when really, we aren’t. A recent poll revealed that almost two thirds of us just don’t feel we’re meeting our sleep needs. And, “we” includes those teaching our kids, driving on our roads and running our world!

Are you one of those statistics? Walking around compromised by tiredness — cranky, fog-headed and simply unable to participate fully in the script of your life? These are common complaints in our over-processed, over-stimulated, overdone world. And unless you step in and break the pattern of this life-sucking roller-coaster ride of mere existence, you’ll have more and more down hills and crashes.

I’m quite confident that you’d prefer a prettier picture for your future. So jump on board and start by getting a good, solid night’s sleep. You’ll want to begin by making some simple changes to your daily and bedtime routines.

  1. Stick to a sleep schedule
    This may not make sense, but it works. Go to bed and rise at roughly the same time every day, including weekends. You might be cursing at the thought of foregoing your Sunday-morning sleep-in but truth be told, too much time in bed can actually disrupt sleep.

So even if you’ve had a rough night, get up and on with your day.

Drinking excessively before bed will result in you waking up and running, or perhaps stumbling, to the bathroom throughout your sleep time.

Here’s the point of controversy — when to exercise? Late at night is a definite no-no. But, wait up, that’s when I exercise and I truly sleep like the dead an hour thereafter. Other research indicates early morning exercise is best for guaranteed deep slumber while still additional studies points toward a late-afternoon cardio workout as being the trick to lights out all night.

My suggestion — as always, listen to your infinitely wise body. Try out different times and see what works best for you.

While alcohol hangs around in your system for a varying amount of time depending on your body mass, gender and your metabolic rate and tolerance levels, a standard drink will stay in your body for at least one hour.

And what’s the deal with cigarettes? Well, nicotine can cause shallow breathing and sleeplessness. Furthermore, smokers tend to sleep much more lightly than non-smokers. So, you’re easily startled and disturbed.

It’s also crucial that your mattress and pillows are comfy. Before I changed my mattress I would honestly wake up due to lower back pain every time I rolled over. It was just awful. And if you ask my family members, so was my morning mood!

And turn the phone off! At least those beeping Twitter and Facebook notifications. You are unique, magnificent and uber special — but the world will survive without your immediate response. Off!

And here’s the thing; less sleep equals less sex. Sixty-one percent of Americans report that sleepiness disrupts their sexual relations. So you might want to follow these tips.

With a good night’s sleep, you’ll arise smiling, energized and ready to be an active player in your life. Sounds crazy but it’s true — and simple. Make a few tweaks here and a few tweaks there and before you know it, life will be brighter, your productivity will be fantastic and you might just be the lover you were in your college days!

Written on 2/24/2012 by Kerri Baruch. Kerri is a Holistic Life and Nutrition Coach. If you are ready for Inner Bliss, Vibrant Health, Sheer Phenomenal Greatness and Infinite Self-worth, be sure to subscribe to my newsletters and blogs at or follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Photo Credit: tobyotter
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