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Vitcas Fire Brick For Your Pizza Oven – A Review

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The Vitcas Fire Brick is ideal to use in Pizza ovens as they have high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity and are denser hence more resistant to abrasion.

◉ VITCAS Fire Brick Pros and Cons


vitcas pizza oven review
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Price: £29.99

✅ Can resist high temperatures of up to 1300 degrees Celsius❌ Can be fragile so you need to be careful while taking them in transit and while shuffling them around.
Has lower thermal conductivity which lets them absorb heat but at the same time, they don't transfer it to surrounding materials.
They are denser which makes them more resistant to abrasion.
✅ Ideal to be used for barbecue grill, fire pit, tandoor oven, fireplace, stove, wood-fired bread pizza oven.
✅ Can be easily purchased online.


◉ Introduction

Of all the dishes that Italy has to offer, the one item that has caught the fancy of foodies across the world is Pizza. Of course, there is more to Italy than just Pizza.

No trip to Italy or for that matter your local expensive pizzeria is complete without second servings of Arancini, Lasagna, Proscuitto, Ribollita, Osso buco alla Milanese and Saltimbocca. However, as flavourful as these dishes are, none are as ubiquitous as Pizza.

On a pizza night, you could order a takeaway from a food chain like Bella Italia or Prezzo or you could spend a few extra pounds on pizzas at the local pizzeria which are likely to serve more authentic Italian flavours.

You can also don the chef’s hat and make a fun activity out of making pizza at home. Naturally, the easier thing to do would be to buy a frozen pizza from the market and reheat it.

However, there is nothing like baking pizza at home from freshly made dough. You will be surprised at how easy it is to make pizza at home. All you need is a wood-fired pizza oven and Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra belting songs about the beauty of Rome in the background!

Building a wood-fired pizza oven at home is easy and fun. The most important part of this Do-It-Yourself project would be to buy the right bricks which are heat resistant to temperatures of at least over 1000 degree celcius.

Pizzas made in these classical looking ovens have an authentic flavour and aroma that Frozen pizzas just can’t beat. The bricks that are used to build pizza ovens are not your regular bricks but fire bricks or refractory bricks.

There are several options that you can choose from online and offline. However, a popular brand that is widely used for buildings pizza ovens is Vitcas Fire Bricks.

Vitcas is ideal to use in Pizza ovens as they have high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity and are denser hence more resistant to abrasion. This brand of bricks can be easily sourced online and so can their replacement when the time comes to replace them.

Moreover, Vitcas fire clay bricks lend an authentic Italian look to your pizza oven making it a conversation piece at parties.

◉ VITCAS Fire Brick Features

Photo: amazon.co.uk

Looks / Appearance


The firebricks can be used at places like fireplaces, circulators, stoves, barbecue grills, inserts, pizza ovens and furnaces . The fire clay bricks are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are suited for both industrial and domestic applications.

Ease of use

These bricks can be used directly in high-temperature applications. In case, you need to customise the bricks to a size of your choice, you can easily cut them or trim them.

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◉ Who is This Fire brick For?

Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash

The Vitcas fire bricks are ideal to be used in high temperature places like circulators, fireplaces, stoves, barbecue grills, pizza ovens, furnaces and inserts. The fire clay bricks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and are suited for both industrial and domestic applications.

They also have a decorative variety of fire bricks so your wood-fired pizza ovens not only look functional but all add to the beauty of your garden.

◉ Specifications of Vitcas Fire Brick

Photo: amazon.co.uk

◉ What Makes Vitcas Fire Brick different from others?

Vitcas Fire Bricks are ideal for domestic or industrial applications that require fire bricks. These fire bricks have high temperature resistance.

When it comes to their use in domestic applications, Vitcas is perfect to build wood fired bread pizza ovens. They can withstand high temperatures of up to 1300 degree celsius, have high density and are free of toxic chemicals.

The low thermal conductivity ensures that they retain heat for hours and sometimes till the next day so you can reheat food in them. They also last long and in case the bricks crumble, replacement bricks are easy to source with one click on the ‘add to basket’ option on Amazon.

However, these bricks are resistant to abrasion so you are likely to purchase replacement bricks at large time intervals, thereby reducing your long term costs.

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◉ Verdict

Vitcas fire Brick is the ideal refractory brick to use at home or even for commercial use. It is high temperature resistant, decorative, low thermal conductivity, energy efficient. Also, it is Ideal to be used in building fireplaces, circulators, barbecue grills, pizza ovens, and furnaces.

Moreover, it is easy and convenient to use when making a wood-fired pizza oven at home or any other similar cooking application. These fire bricks come in the dimension 230x114x32mm but they can be easily cut to a size you need. You can always customize according to your oven needs

Interesting right?

They are buff in appearance and can also be used as decorative bricks at home. Talk about versatility!

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