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Best Pizza Topping Ideas To Try at Home

Knock Knock, It’s Pizza!

Let me guess your favorite signal? Is it the ding of the oven or a ding of an aromatic delivery arrival? Either way, it’s all about Pizza knocking! Another yummy section you won’t dare to skip. It’s about our favorite pie with three billion annual sale. So irresistible that we’d gobble it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between.

A Guinness World Record holder by its largest size ever been made by three Italians in 2012.It doesn’t stop on that, as this food reached the space in 2001, thru a delivery funded by the Russian Space Agency for Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Usachov.

Be still cause we will give you juicy ideas about the best toppings to your pizza dough. Defrost that pizza dough, preheat the oven and let’s figure out the toppings. Fill that edible canvas with the newly discovered combo of flavors and start making pizza at home.Make a “master chef” challenge with your kids or partner. Do pizza recipes using available items, fresh from the garden or from the pantry.

Win this game with our plate full of delicious pizza toppings choices! Launching in 3, 2, 1…

Here are the best pizza toppings to try at home;

🍕 Classic Toppings

1. On The Meat Corner

best pizza toppings
Photo: unsplash.com

Still, classic pizzas would be the all-time favorites. Pepperoni pizza maintains its throne being the crowd’s choice. You can never go wrong with cheese and sausage combo as it comes next in the rank, it’s basically a pizza-topping must.

No need to worry if you are out of pepperoni. Stick with the cheese, and just arrange slices of ham or bacon and there you have your ham & cheese/ bacon & cheese pizzas!

Satisfy your craving for a sweet and spicy flavor with bbq chicken pizza. Cut the chicken tenders into bite-size pieces and deeply marinate it with homemade barbecue sauce. Enjoy a good bite of these meaty and salty slices as classic toppings for thin crust.

2. Simple But Classy

Photo: unsplash.com

While the pizza is on a pizza steel and is ready for toppings, look around your home and if you have tomato sauce, mozzarella and fresh cuttings of basil, you can now make the famous Italian pizza popularly known as pizza margherita. Add in a dash of salt, a drizzle of olive oil and it will be ready to slay a night.

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3. The Healthy Way

Would you want colorful healthy pizza toppings? Position your yellow or green veggie like bell peppers, onions, and pineapples and you are blessed with Hawaiian pizza.

According to a survey made by Quora, pineapple belong to the 10% most liked pizza toppings. Not bad. This fuss-attracting pizza is created by a beautiful mistake by a Canadian pizzeria owner.

At a glance, pizza is not just easy to make or the right food item for group hangouts. It is also the most convenient, as ingredients for the classic toppings are mostly available at home.

🍕 Different but Delicious Pizza Toppings

Photo: unsplash.com

Anchovies and pineapples are a no to some areas. These are some of the pizza ingredients that are least preferred by the Americans who are one of the highest pizza consumers around the world.

There might be favorites, but pizza flavors are not standardized. If you don’t like a particular style, it might still be present in somewhere else menu.

In India, the most ideal topping for pizza is tofu. They also crossed biryani ingredients on their pizza dough like minced mutton (lamb or goat meat) and peas.

Japan on the other hand, jive in not a teriyaki, or a hot type of sauce, but rather their sweet mayonnaise on pizza. Sounds weird right? If you’re up for adventurous experiences you might give this a go.

Reluctant to go that far? We got you covered with these pizza tops you might want to bake at the comfort of your home:

1. Mushroom Pizza with Fresh Herbs

Photo: unsplash.com

Mushrooms are natural flavor extenders. You might fail to pull off a well-textured toppings, but here is the secret: melt a butter in a pan over medium heat. Add in the garlic and cook it until fragrant. Drop the mushrooms such as baby bella (aka cremini) and shiitake . You can also use oyster, portobello strips, or white button mushroom together with thyme and oregano.

Season it with salt and pepper and continue to cook until mushrooms are tender and browned. Pour in some pesto sauce and it will be magical for sure.

2. Ultimate Cheese (White Pizza)

Photo: unsplash.com

A pizza-topping must! It is an Italian style pizza that is topped with cheeses like mozzarella, matured cheddar, gorgonzola, provolone or goat cheese instead of tomato or marinara sauce.

It is also joined with other ingredients such as olive oil, garlic, and salt. Sometimes it is topped with vegetables such as spinach, tomato, black olives and herbs. What a creamy-chary oozing sight!

3. Caramelized Onions and Prosciutto

Pan-fry onions in butter. Stir frequently until tender and caramelized. Set aside. Circle the top of initially cooked dough with marinara sauce generously. Sprinkle the cheese, caramelized onions and prosciutto (cured ham)plus pieces of round tomato. Cook it again in the oven until it’s ready.

4. Vegan Fennel, Sausage and Ricotta

Wheat-based dough is usually used for vegan pizzas. However, you are free to use pre-made crust for a hassle-free preparation.

If you worry that it might taste bland and boring, you are wrong! Spread garlic-infused almond ricotta as sauce and layered it with caramelized fennel and onion, Italian sausage and olives. Spinach or basil and vegan mozzarella, would be a great addition for that bubbly and stringy slice separation

🍕 Creative Toppings

Photo: unsplash.com

While you are given with arrays of the finest and fresh combination of flavors and texture for your winning pizza, we also offer you creative toppings for you to secure your crown.

1. Egg

This is surely a scrumptious breakfast meal with a black coffee on the side. Cracked egg as the center, it can be surrounded by vegetables like tomatoes, mushrooms and red peppers. The eggs can be also beaten or purely sunny side ups laying in marinara and cheese sauce.

Photo: unsplash.com

2. Bacon and Shrimp

Inspired with summer barbeque cookouts, bacon and shrimp are good topping combination that you could delightfully serve during a lake side or pool side parties. Cook the shrimp and bacon first before placing it on your pizza. Crumble the bacon and sprinkle it over the sauce. Red onions is also an option to level-up the flavor.

3. Taco Toppings

This might ring for Mexican food lovers. You can exchange tacos with thin crust and combine its fillings on top of picante sauce for the ultimate taco pizza experience. Don’t forget to drizzle some sriracha to level it all the way up.

4. Chicken Shawarma Toppings

If you don’t have the dough but you have the pita, keep it flat for this one. As to the top, make a zesty lemon-tahini sauce to blanket the chopped grilled chicken breast. So refreshing!

5. Cheezy Zucchini Corn

Pick a lingering zucchini in your backyard and chopped it in thin circles. Doll-up the dough with ricotta and mozzarella and assemble the zucchinis right after. Finish this white pizza with drops of corn kernels.

6. Cheeseburger Style

Who wouldn’t thought about it? You might win the game with something that is close to your heart. Burger and pizza are two favorite comfort foods in the world. Unload good amount of lean beef, bacon or minced burger patties plus a ton of cheese into the crust. It is a bomb.

If you reach this part of the article, you got the best in our side. You can use these toppings on individual crust, or you can also cut a large size into two and make double flavored pizza for one serving.

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Final Thoughts

Photo: unsplash.com

Making homemade pizza is without a doubt, fun and exciting. What makes it even more enjoyable is you get to customize your pizza according to your liking. More reasons to make pizza and trying out these pizza toppings at home;

1. Great for family bonding

Taking time to think for pizza toppings can be a great challenge and we don’t want that especially in busy hours. But if we have free hours, pizza making is a great bonding not just to eat but to make it together with your family members. Nothing ever beats good food shared with the family.

2. Great work-out activity

Homemade pizzas allow us to walk all-over the house in order to find the best, the craziest but insanely delicious discovery that we could paint in the pie. A great exercise too, as you move your feet and search in the garden plots for vegetables, herbs and spices.

3. Great enriching activity

It will also help young ones to have an unforgettable experiences on learning about the environment. A good opportunity to teach them about things in the kitchen and to divide tasks among them.

A little work out needed too in mixing ingredients and in kneading the dough. You got to practice your attention in order to avoid chaos in the kitchen like burning your sautés or spilling sauces. We do not want to waste more money at this time of crisis? Do we?

4. Customized Ingredients

One of the advantages of homemade pizza is the freedom to choose the ingredients that we want to include. Have you ever been in a situation where you just eat your order for the sake of finishing it? The same flavor could be boring too.

Choosing flavors for your pizza can satisfy your cravings. It could be smothered with four types of cheese and a mountain of various meat.

Choosing pizza topping allows you to look after your health too. If you are vegetarian who crosses out salty food might want to incorporate your green veggie. The type who wanted to enjoy a gluten-free and low calorie vegan pizza for a dinner.

Whatever is your style, start making pizza!




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