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5 Signs of Low Testosterone: Complete Guide 2024

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that contributes to the development of male genitals before birth. During puberty, it affects the development of muscle mass, sexual health, bone density, and blood sugar levels, and maintains healthy red blood cells and metabolism.

According to a study done in 2020 by the American Urology Association Virtual, testosterone levels have steadily declined in adolescents and young men. This state of low testosterone is called male hypogonadism. Naturally, testosterone levels peak during the g teenage years and slowly reduce over time. Low testosterone can lead to several serious health problems.

Fortunately, testosterone replacement therapy or testosterone therapy isn’t the only treatment option. Let’s break down some of the basics of testosterone deficiency before moving to possible treatments for low testosterone.

5 Signs of Low Testosterone Levels

signs of low testosterone
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Testosterone, as a hormone, is essential for your average muscle mass, bone mass, metabolism, and muscle strength. Therefore, symptoms of low testosterone levels can manifest in several ways:

1. Erectile dysfunction

In this condition, getting and maintaining an erection becomes difficult due to low testosterone levels. Although this may be embarrassing to talk about, it is not a rare condition. Over 30 million men are affected by it.

2. Decreased sex drive

Although there isn’t much confirmation, scientists suggest that low testosterone levels inhibit the male sex drive. This criterion is hard to determine because the “normal” threshold of libido varies from person to person. However, if testosterone is lowered enough, all men will experience some decline in sex drive.

3. Reduced energy levels

Low T levels can affect your metabolism rate and sleeping pattern and lead to insomnia. Consequently, your body does not have enough energy to function like it normally does.

4. Decreased body hair growth

The dermal papilla in the hair follicles binds with testosterone to grow. In the absence of testosterone, growth is interrupted.

5. Short-term memory loss

T levels have an anti-inflammatory action on the nerves, affecting cognitive functioning. It has been suggested that consistently low levels of T in older men can significantly increase the risk of dementia.

What Are The Causes of Low Testosterone Levels?

Low testosterone can occur due to several reasons, both due to lifestyle problems and underlying health problems. While genetic causes of low testosterone require testosterone replacement therapy, the ones caused by external factors require lifestyle modifications.

Eating too much soy

Soy has a chemical structure that is very close to that of estrogen, which is the female hormone. High levels of estrogen are associated with a low testosterone level.

Additionally, you need to eat healthy fats from sources such as grape seed oil, avocados, salmon, etc., as they also reduce the risk of heart disease and significantly affect low testosterone production.

Overexposure to Bisphenol-A

Believe it or not, frequently being exposed to plastic can lead to low testosterone.

Another cause of low testosterone is Bisphenol A which is found in plastic bottles. BPA is also known as an anti-androgen, which means it blocks the action of testosterone and significantly reduces sperm production. BPA is also known to adversely affect the pituitary gland and in the long run, can cause testosterone deficiency syndrome.

Being Overweight

Your fat tissue can convert testosterone into estrogen. Higher levels of estrogen, in turn, lower your testosterone levels in the blood.

Additionally, individuals with diabetes or insulin resistance have reduced sex hormone-binding globulin, leading to low testosterone levels.

Congenital problems

Certain genetic conditions can affect testosterone production.

Additionally, certain diseases such as anorchia, (absence of testicles from birth), Klinefelter Syndrome (the male has an extra X chromosome), prostate cancer, etc. can significantly affect your hormonal homeostasis, leading to low testosterone.

Risks Associated With Low Testosterone Levels

Heart disease

Studies have shown that low testosterone can alter the muscular structure of the heart leading to maladaptive vascular remodeling. This, in turn, causes joint bleeding, hypertension, ischemia, and irregular heart rhythm.


Low testosterone can cause depression in both men and women. Although more research is required to understand this further, some studies have shown that men with depression over the age of 55 have shown significant mood improvement after testosterone replacement therapy.

Hot flashes and high blood pressure

Low testosterone can lead to decreased red blood cell production. This happens because abnormal testosterone levels can confuse the hypothalamus. A confused hypothalamus, which is responsible for regulating the body’s temperature, due to confusing signals can suddenly raise or lower your body’s temperature.

It is also common to experience sudden chills or night sweats along with hot flashes.


Another significant health problem associated with low testosterone is osteoporosis or bone decay. In fact, unlike menopausal women, men do not go through significant hormonal shifts, and testosterone deficiency is the leading cause of bone disease in men.

As a result, your doctor will also recommend calcium supplements for low testosterone treatment.

How To Boost Testosterone

Now that we understand the above symptoms of low testosterone, how do we treat it?

Naturally, any course of treatment will depend on the severity of the symptoms and how it affects your quality of life. Usually, after routine blood tests, the risk factor will be evaluated and your doctor will prescribe certain medications based on the blood test results.

Primarily, there are three ways of treating low testosterone in men- natural remedies, medicines, and supplements.

Natural Remedies

Get enough Sleep

The brain produces several hormones while we are sleeping, including testosterone. Because of this, doctors advise that you get at least seven hours of quality sleep during the night.

This is why people suffering from sleep apnea have low testosterone.

Exercise regularly

Excessive fat cells inhibit the production of the normal range of testosterone. The same is true for underweight men.

Increased body fat can be combated with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Remember to include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats in your meals to get a balanced diet.

Surprisingly, over-exercising can also lead to low testosterone production. This is why doctors suggest 30 minutes of working out 3-4 times a week as enough.

Manage stress levels

When the mind feels anxious and jittery or sad, it triggers the brain to produce stress hormones such as cortisol. High levels of cortisol significantly affect normal testosterone levels.

Therefore, remember to manage your stress by working out, meditating, or doing anything that brings you joy. Additionally, removing yourself from a stressful environment can soothe your Central Nervous System.


Both the American urology association and the FDA suggest testosterone replacement therapy for congenital issues. Additionally, for individuals with prostate cancer or undergoing cancer treatments, radiation therapy may also need testosterone replacement therapy. This treatment entails replacing testosterone through external production.

Further, certain estrogen blockers such as clomiphene citrate can be used to block estrogen binders. Estrogen, as we know, is one of the main causes of low testosterone.

They are administered either transdermally in the form of gels, patches, or creams, orally or through injections.


With more young men being diagnosed with symptoms of low testosterone, the health industry has turned to supplemental testosterone as a safer, more affordable precautionary measure. After all, testosterone therapy is something that can be done only under medical supervision.

In the same vein, we take a look at some of the best testosterone supplements in the market right now. Each of the following products has been evaluated based on their ingredients list, popularity, long-term results, and market performance.

6 Best Testosterone Boosters

ProductKey Feature

Testo Greens

Top Consumer's Choice

Mita ManGreens

Best All Around Supplement

Rock Hard Formula

Best Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction

Alpha Xtra Boost

Best Libido Enhancer

Huge Male Secret

Best Supplement for Increasing Energy Levels

Barbarian XL

Best Anti-Inflammatory Supplement

1. Top Consumer’s Choice: Testogreens

What sets Testogreens apart is that one of its active ingredients is adaptogens. What are adaptogens, you ask?

Simply put, they are naturally occurring compounds usually found in plants and mushrooms. Over the years, multiple studies have shown that they help fight both mental and physical stress, improve sex drive and bring overall balance to the body. They lower cortisol and improve low testosterone, thereby effectively fighting low testosterone symptoms.

The best part is that, unlike other supplements, it does not leave a bad aftertaste. Blend it into your morning or post-workout smoothies, add a spoonful to your daily bowl of oatmeal or simply sprinkle it on top of other food.

Shop Testogreens at the Official Website.

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2. Best All Around Supplement: Mita ManGreens

Any health supplement is as good as the combined powers of its ingredients. The Mita Mangreens contains 9 active ingredients including Ashwagandha, beetroot powder, spirulina, turmeric, and Tongkat Ali.

The product contains 1000 mg of spirulina which is a great source of Vitamin B and complex and omega-3 fatty acids. These prevent any form of heart disease and improve your gut health by restoring its natural pH.

Tongkat Ali is the secret ingredient that sets Mita ManGreens apart from other supplements. It is an herbal product that has been used in traditional medicine to improve low testosterone levels, muscle mass (making it great for bodybuilders and athletes), and sex drive.

Shop at Man Green’s Official Website.

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3. Best Supplement For Erectile Dysfunction: Rockhard Formula

Rock Hard Formula has been created with some of the most powerful naturally occurring ingredients such as goji Berry, nettle root, and eucommia bark.

Used in Asian medicine for over 2000 years, goji berries have been known to have antioxidants, and vitamins A and C, all of which help reduce inflammation and protect your body’s natural immune system. Another study suggests that it helps reduce associated symptoms of low testosterone such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, and restlessness.

Additionally, Chinese traditional medicine has used Eucommia bark extract for treating cardiac patients. The ethanol extracts which form the primary compound in Eucommia bark have been scientifically shown to activate the pituitary gland, increase body hair, improve your sex drive and stimulate testosterone production.

Shop at Rock Hard Formula’s Official Website.

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4. Best Libido Enhancer: Alpha Xtra Boost

One of the biggest problems with modern-day medicine, even the ones claiming to be 100% natural and vegan, is the presence of herbicides and pesticides. The US alone uses 1 billion pounds of conventional pesticides to maintain natural produce. Pesticides are responsible for the deformation of Leydig cells and overall low testosterone in red blood cells.

Alpha Xtra Boost claims that all its natural ingredients are grown with zero pesticides and herbicides. Therefore, testosterone replacement works even more effectively in the absence of phthalates.

In addition to this, the ingredients boast pacific kelp and fennel seeds. The former contains manganese, zinc, and antioxidants that help fight disease-causing free radicals. It also increases plasma testosterone concentration, leading to improved erectile function.

Shop at Alpha Xtra Boost’s Official Website.

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5. Best Supplement for Increasing Energy Levels: Huge Male Secret

Have you ever heard of cayenne pepper and Ginkgo Biloba? They have been used for hundreds of years in traditional Chinese medicine and form important components in The Huge Male Secret.

The main compound in cayenne pepper that gives it the spice is capsaicin, which has vitamins A, B6, C, and E. In fact, fresh cayenne pepper has about 72% and 50% of our regular recommended quantity of Vitamin C and A, respectively.

It is also a vasodilator, which increases blood flow to the testicles (the same reaction that testosterone stimulates), leading to better erectile function, sex drive, and performance. Additionally, it also helps regulate male hypogonadism or low t levels.

Shop at The Male Huge Secret’s Official Website.

6. Best Anti-Inflammatory Supplement: Barbarian XL

According to most users, Barbarian XL has been beneficial in not only improving low testosterone in the blood but also actively fighting the symptoms that come with low testosterone levels. This can allude to the fact that it comprises Ashwagandha, Shilajit, red ginseng, Boswellia resin extract, and Tongkat Ali.

This is the only product in our list which uses Shilajit. What makes it so unique is that Shilajit is considered one of the holy grails of male hypogonadism treatment. Studies have shown that not only does it improve low t levels but it can even cure male infertility in patients as old as 55 years!

Created by Zenith Labs and Dr. Ryan Shelton, Barbarian XL has all-natural ingredients, which means it has no adverse side effects even when used for a long period.

Shop at Barbarian XL’s Official Website.

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Editor’s Pick: Testogreens

Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website
Live Anabolic Testo Greens

Powdered Supplement

TestingGreens is a doctor-formulated greens powder that aims to help regulate male hormones and combat excess estrogenDepending on the package

When treating signs of low testosterone, people are expected to look for all-natural ingredients to not aggravate their hormonal system further. Fortunately, Testogreens combines herbs, vitamins, minerals, plants, and mushrooms, all derived from 100% natural sources. Further, it has no added synthetic color preservatives or scents, making it completely safe for consumption.

One of the defining ingredients here is Indole-3-Carbinol, which has been scientifically proven to lower the risk of colon cancer, negatively regulate estrogen, detoxify the intestines and liver, and reduce blood pressure.

The prebiotic fiber and digestive enzymes further promote the easier absorption of the rest of the ingredients in this product, so that it can work faster and more efficiently.

The product comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, meaning if you are not satisfied with the results even after one year of use, you will get a full refund.

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Statistically, in the USA alone, over the last decade, prescription use of testosterone therapy has increased by three folds. This speaks to the increase in the number of people affected. Fortunately, treatment and awareness have come a long way.

People no longer need to be ashamed because the health industry is opening its doors to alternative treatment options. Gone are the days when erectile dysfunction, low sperm production, and pituitary gland issues were considered taboo. From injections, testosterone therapy, and supplements, to community support groups, low testosterone treatment is more accessible than ever.

Of all the products reviewed by our experts, all consensus points to the same. Testogreens is the best testosterone supplement currently. This is because not only does it help with low testosterone treatment, but it also inhibits the production of estrogen.

When the hormonal homeostasis of the body is restored, it repairs the low libido and helps several other symptoms such as chronic fatigue and lack of energy, issues of concentration, erectile dysfunction, and jitteriness. Thus, Testogreens is an overall supplement for male hypogonadism.

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Signs of Low Testosterone FAQs

Does masturbation cause low testosterone production?

One common misconception is that excessive masturbation can lead to low testosterone levels in the blood.

However, that is simply not true. One study suggests that low testosterone levels can increase after sexual intercourse.

Who is more prone to low blood testosterone?

People who have diabetes, sleep apnea, insulin resistance, HIV AIDS, gonadotropin-releasing hormone disorders, pituitary gland issues, and a history of chemotherapy are more likely to have male hypogonadism.

How is male hypogonadism detected?

Your doctor will prescribe several blood tests to diagnose low testosterone levels.

For instance, hemoglobin, follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, and total testosterone level are some of the most common ways of diagnosing low testosterone. Results below 300 ng/dL lead to an official low testosterone diagnosis, and your doctor starts you off with testosterone therapy.

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