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30 Telltale Signs of Attraction: Explore and Verify

There are several things that you can look for to determine if an attraction is present. Attraction is something that is natural and there are various ways for this to be detected if it is present. It can also be mutual and it is best when this happens. Many things can be explored to verify attraction and to assure yourself that someone is interested in you.

☀ Here are the 30 Telltale Signs of Attraction ☀

1) Dilated pupils

Eye contact is a great way to find out if someone is attracted to you. The eyes are the windows to the soul, so if you are making eye contact and you pay attention, if there are dilated pupils this could indicate that someone is attracted to you. Some hormones are released when someone is happy and it can affect pupil size.

2) Flushed skin

When looking at the other person, one of the body language signs can be flushed skin. This is like when someone blushes as it is involuntary so it good sign to show that someone is feeling good. This is controlled by the rush of adrenaline when someone is excited.

3) Voice changes

Another good sign is when you are talking to someone and their voice changes. This can indicate excitement or happiness in human behavior. The voice will be a dead giveaway if someone enjoys speaking to you and if they may want to continue or prolong the conversation.

4) General body language

If there is open body language, this is a great sign that the person enjoys your company and will welcome you with certain body language cues. Some of these cues include hugging, kissing on the cheek, and welcoming actions to prolong touching and make you want to be close to each other. This nonverbal communication is a great way to subtle signs to indicate attraction.

5) Personal Space

Everyone likes their personal space to express themselves and to be comfortable. However, if someone’s attracted to you, then they may try to be closer to you to touch and lean into you. This may be a bit awkward and is one of the ways to detect if someone is attracted to you.

6) Replicating your behavior

People tend to mirror the behavior of people they are attracted to. They may subconsciously start to do things that are exactly what their crush would do. This is a sign of attraction as you are showing that you admire something and you adapt and start to do it yourself.

7) Ensuring they look good around you

When you are attracted to the other person, you may find that you start to pay attention to how you look all the time. You may try to check if your hair is fine if there is anything on your face or just about anything to make sure you look perfect. If you find yourself doing this while you are around the opposite sex, then there just may be an attraction there.

8) Body temperature

When your blood starts pumping more and your heart rate increases, this can lead to an increase in your whole body temperature. If you are around a love interest then they can make you start to sweat or cause anxiety especially if you are physically attracted to the person. You do not have to be a dating coach to know that another person can have this intense effect on you.

9) Eye contact

If someone is attracted to another, maintaining eye contact is a great sign to give hints other than a physical flirt technique. This is one of those nonverbal cues that shows if a girl or a guy likes the opposite sex. A mutual gaze is great if your attraction is mutual but it feels uncomfortable if you are the only person showing the attraction.

10) How they behave around you

A body language expert would be skilled to speak on little behavioral cues that happen when you are around someone to whom you are attracted. The informed professional advice will pay attention to all the subtle hints and point out the body language. This could involve nonverbal or verbal cues that give a strong sign that some amount of attraction is present.

11) Constant Communication

If someone is secretly attracted to you, they may aim to be in constant communication with you. They may try to make a good impression by trying to make you think they are the right person for you. They may be self-assured and try to give a few common signs to indicate their interest.

12) Physical contact

It could be a light touch or the way a woman holds you, this can be a sure sign of attraction. Physical touch can indicate sincere flirts with you so you have no question of the romantic attraction. Once you experience the right touch there will be no need for verbal communication as you will not doubt that the person is interested in you.

13) Asking a lot of questions

When your potential love interest is asking you questions, you can observe their body language to see how they are reacting. If you are receiving prolonged eye contact, this can also indicate a deep interest in you to find out your thoughts. If a person is genuinely interested in you, relationship advice always indicates that they will be deeply interested in what you have to say.

14) Making plans to spend time

If you are sexually attracted to a person, you will want to spend as much time with them as possible. You will enjoy spending time with them and may find yourself having an extended gaze just gawking at them. If a girl or guy puts effort into spending time this is a clear sign of attraction and there is no doubt they are trying to explore the relationship further.

15) Attentive

When you spend time together is the person attentive to what you say and your needs? This includes facing forward when speaking or pulling their chair closer to be as close to you as possible. If you are on an official date with an attractive person, there are a few things you can look out for. If a person maintains eye contact or if their feet point towards you are just two of the things you can identify the presence of an attraction.

16) Introduction to friends and loved ones

Counselors’ related articles will state that once someone is interested in someone, it is natural for them to want to introduce you to their friends and loved ones. This is also a great time to observe body language to see how they behave in this situation. If they are still attentive to you and still make you feel good, this is a sure sign that some attraction may be there.

17) Sexual flirting

It could be a gentle tease on the dance floor, nonverbal communication, or verbal cues that can lead to a sexual encounter with your potential interest. However it is done, there will be no question and one of the surest signs that a sexual attraction is there. This can lead to sexual excitement for both persons to further explore the attraction.

18) Expressing interest

A qualified mental health professional may say that some persons may not be able to fully express what they are feeling when it comes to attraction. This is true and you may have to observe body language before you are certain any interest is there. There can be mixed signals sent but you can look out for things like when pupils dilate or just simple things that show a sign of attraction. If you are unsure, you may have to keep an active log of things you see to be certain!

19) Close search

You may have to do a close search to investigate what the person is feeling when they are spending time with you. Some persons may require immediate help to express themselves to you but you being the primary source of their attraction may allow them to get comfortable the more time they spend with you.

20) Compliments to your body

If there is a sexual attraction to your body, the person may start complimenting and trying to touch your body constantly. If they are sexually attracted to you then this possibly will not remain hidden for too long. Physiological responses will eventually surface to express what they are feeling when they see you.

21) Leaning back in the chair

Another body language you can observe is how comfortable your partner is when you are having a conversation with them. You can see how they relax and lean back into their chair which would indicate using a nonverbal communication cue that they are quite relaxed with you. This is can be an indication that some amount of attraction may be there.

22) They are glowing

When someone has interaction with you and they seem to be glowing right after, this can be an indication that some amount of attraction may be there. In a previous article that speaks about attraction and interactions, once you are close to someone you are attracted to and having a great conversation, this can make you excited and can lead to you glowing.

23) They tease you

This is a playful way for persons to indicate some attraction they have for a love interest. They may tease and make playful actions with you to show that they care about you. This can be a sign of attraction as this can indicate that they like being in your presence and find and do some whimsical things to make you smile.

24) You seem to distract them

If you find that a love interest seems to be distracted by you, then they may have some amount of attraction for you. This is a great sign for you to discover if someone is interested in you and this is especially true if it is a sexual attraction involved. They may try to hide it but it may be very difficult to do so.

25) Constantly smiling

If your love interest constantly smiles with you this would indicate that they are comfortable with you and they are enjoying your company. A smile can be one of those nonverbal communication that can show you that some level of attraction may be present. This is a conscious and flirtatious action to make your love interest feel good.

26) Wants you to give them attention

They may enjoy being around you and this can lead to them doing things that will get your attention. If you find that they are always trying to get you to pay attention to them, this may indicate that they like you and want you to focus on them when you are around.

27) Make you feel special

Making your love interest feel special is a definite way to express attraction to them. When you have an interest in someone, then you will do almost any and everything to make sure they feel good and feel what you are feeling for them. Make them feel special and tell them how you feel to ensure they know that you are attracted.

28) They single you out in a crowd

If you are in a group and your love interest singles you out then this means they see something special in you. This is even more intense when you see a strong gaze when you are surrounded by several people. This can indicate that they have a higher interest in you which could be an attraction.

29) Attention to little things

If you find that your partner is paying attention to little details about you, then this shows that they have a level of interest in you. If they connect with you on this level, then some amount of attraction may be present which allows them to think highly of you and will notice anything about you no matter how big or small.

30) Essential Feeling

Once there is an attraction, then this will lead your partner to make you feel essential and special to them. When the attraction is present, there is a need for individuals to feel important based on the feelings they have. Making your love interest feel important in your life, is very essential so they know where they fall in your life.

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➽ Female body language signs of attraction

❣ They respond to your voice

This is a great sign that is noticeable when present. If she gets excited or happy when she hears your voice then this could be a body language of attraction. There are little things you can observe to see that she is welcoming to you and enjoys being around you.

❣ She gives her details to you

The more a woman likes you, the more details about themselves they will share. This can include flaws or general setbacks in life that they may face. You may also see that she attempts to keep the conversations going with you as the level of interest is present.

❣ They play hard to get

When a woman plays hard to get this is one of the methods that she would use to tease. This is a way to attract someone as they will become more interesting and will create some way to find out more details about them. When you appear less available, this can make someone want to spend more time with you more.

❣ Her legs are uncrossed

This is a body language sign that can indicate the woman is sexually attracted to you. If she opens her legs then this can give some idea if she is available or not. This can give the love interest an idea if they have a chance or not.

❣ They keep hinting that they are single

If a woman keeps hinting that she is single, this can be an indication that she is attracted to you. This may show that she may want to pursue something as she is giving you a sign to proceed with her. If she is showing that she is single this can indicate that she is available and want you to come on to her.

➽ Male body language signs of attraction

❣️ Teasing

During the conversation, a man may tease you and use this as a flirtatious tactic to drop hints. It can be little things done in a heartfelt way just to show that they have a crush on the person. It can be a fun and exciting way to spend time together and urge the relationship to grow.

❣️ They try to take care of you

So as a man, they would act as a protector to make sure you are safe and have all you need. Body language such as hugging, touching, and smiling are some of the things that can indicate that there is some amount of attraction from the male.

❣️ Influenced behavior

You can realize that your thoughts and actions are influencing their behavior towards you. This would show that there is some care and great consideration for you to influence their actions when interacting with you. If your thoughts and actions mean this much to them, this can indicate that they respect you and may have some attraction to you.

❣️He takes deep breathes

This can be subconscious and there may be times that he takes a deep breath before he talks or acts when he is around you. This would show that they are thinking deeply before they act around you which can mean that they would not want to say or do the wrong thing. He just wants to make you happy and not make a fool of himself.

❣️ He is concerned with his looks

This may be another subconscious way to show that a man likes to be around you. He wants to make sure he looks good and wants to make an impression in front of their love interest. This can be a way to ensure you are looking at them to keep your attention on them.

He is concerned with his looks
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➽ Signs of a mutual attraction

⫸ Reciprocal

Any clinical psychologist who explores relationships will speak to reciprocity with interests when it comes to mutual attraction. This means that there is an equal contribution in conversations, plans, and body language engagements. There will be no one person that will show a higher level of interest but both persons will be engaging and showing up for each other.

⫸ Mutual eye contact

This is one of the best ways for people to express interest in each other. Eye contact is strong and can be very passionate especially when a mutual attraction is present. If it is mutual, then both persons will tend to look at each other deeply while they are sharing anything.

⫸ The scent of each other

This may not always be said but when the attraction is there sometimes the smell of your love interest can be welcoming. This is good if they smell nice and the mutual attraction includes the attraction to the pheromones that are present. This can also be important when your love interest has a signature scent that can be readily identified.

⫸ Curiosity

If someone is genuinely into you, there will be some amount of curiosity about the person. The more time you spend with someone the more you will want to find out about them. As you build your relationship, you are exploring all the important aspects of the person as you learn about them and grow together in your mutual attraction.

⫸ Physical touch

The mutual attraction will involve physical touching as they always put forward that actions speak louder than words. Touches like hand-holding, rubbing, or stroking the hair can be mutual activities that show that there is interest on both sides.

➽ Can you feel instant attraction?

Instant attraction is possible when people are interested and have a lot to offer to someone. The opposite sex can be very appealing once they have parts about them that make them appealing to the other person.

Many signs can be observed to determine if an attraction is present. These can be checked to determine if someone is attracted to you and once at least one or two of these are present then you can be certain there is an attraction there. Instant attraction is possible as you can see and get to know someone and feel something right away. This can be an instant pull to one another and it is an even better feeling when this attraction is mutual.

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➽ Which part of the female body attracts the most?

The female body has several parts that can attract someone to them. From the top of their head to the bottom of their feet, there is a part that attracts everyone. When we start at the top, hair is something that can attract someone to a lady. If her hair is long, straight, and flowing, this can be very attractive as it allows their love interest to run their hands through it.

You can also look at the eyes as this can be a very attractive part of a woman as well. Eyes are windows to the soul and can be very welcoming and warm to draw someone in. This is a powerful part of the woman’s body that can be used to attract someone to them.

The lips are another interesting area that can be used to attract a love interest as well. Lips are an area that women can accentuate with different colors, makeup, and other things to make them look very appealing to the observer.

One can also think about body parts such as shoulders, arms, fingers, breasts, bottom, legs, or feet. All of these areas can appeal to different persons depending on what appeals to them. When you are looking at a female, beauty or attraction is in the eyes of the beholder.

This means that whatever attracts you to that female is really up to you. There is no single body part that may attract the most, therefore, it can be a combination of things or one single thing, depending on who is looking.

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➽ What makes a man feel attracted to a woman?

A man will be attracted or drawn to a woman and it is good to understand why. Three main things can cause a man to be attracted to a woman:

🌟 She is beautiful

This is a given as this can be one of the first things that will attract you to a woman. Her beauty and appearance are some of the initial things a man will notice even before he speaks to her.

🌟 She is attentive to him

A woman can be interested and not afraid to show it to the man. This can pique his attraction once she is making eye contact, smiling, and laughing at his jokes. This includes if she takes care of him like cooking for him etc.

🌟 She is confident and sexy

This is one of the most attractive things for a woman to be is confident and sexy. This will make her very appealing to the man and he will want to be with her and get to know her better.

➽ Can you feel if someone is attracted to you?

Yes, you can feel it when someone is attracted to you. There are several things they will do to make you feel special and to spend more time with you to grow the relationship.

➽ What is the unspoken attraction?

Unspoken attraction is a feeling that exists towards people but it has not been explicitly said. This means that you may have to observe body language or nonverbal cues to get the idea that this attraction is present.

➽ What causes instant attraction?

An instant attraction is something that can happen possibly the first time you are meeting someone. This can be mistakenly called love at first sight as it is usually felt when you identify something that you like in someone and it pulls you to them in a strong way.

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