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66 Interesting Guy Body Language When They Like You

Do you want to know what a man’s body language looks like when he is interested in you? When a man likes you, you will notice a special change in his behavior as compared to those who are neutral towards you. Learn here about the different 66 interesting guys’ body language when they like you and see if your man has a few of these signs or not

💞 66 interesting- guy body language when they like you 💞

1. You see him parting lips

When you notice his lips part when you are talking to him, it is a good indicator that he likes you. When men like a woman, their lips part when she is talking to them.

2. He makes eye contact during a conversation

Notice if he makes eye contact with you during a talk. He won’t stop himself from looking into your eyes if he has feelings of likeness for you. When he frequently does so, it simply means that he loves you.

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3. Raises his brows while talking to you

One of the obvious body language signs that he likes you is that he will raise his brows while you are talking. Raising brows means that he is paying attention to what you’re saying and men pay attention to those women whom they like.

4. You see him flaring nostrils

Another male body language sign is to see if his nostrils flare or not. When men are so happy with a woman, not only do their lips smile but their nostrils also flare.

5. Pay attention to self-grooming

If he starts paying more attention to himself, it means that he is displaying open body language of likeness. In self-grooming, he would be more conscious about his physical look and aesthetics.

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6. Pay close attention to you

Whenever you are with him, he pays close attention to everything related to you. Usually, men don’t pay close attention to women when they are not interested in them or have other priorities in life.

For example, he would attentively listen to you whenever you are discussing something with him.

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7. Makes hand movements while talking

One of the body language signals that indicate his love for you is that he frequently moves his hands while talking. It means that he is fully engaged with you during a conversation.

8. Wears the T-shirt that you gifted him

Wearing your favorite t-shirt several times is one of the obvious male body language signs that he likes you. Give him a shirt and see if he wears it frequently or not. If he does, it means that he likes you.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

9. Another open body language is fixing hair

Men are usually very conscious about their hairstyle, especially when they are with someone special. If he likes you, you will see him fixing his hair frequently when he is with you.

10. Ignores social interactions when you’re around

If he ignores his social interactions where you’re around, stop wondering whether he likes you or not. A man can only ignore his social circle if he is with his favorite woman.

11. Makes physical touch

Most women find it a bit offensive when a man tries to touch them physically.

However, you should take it easy because it may also be a sure sign that he likes you and does it in a subconscious way to express his feelings.

12. Respect your personal space

If a man likes you, he would respect your personal space. Liking someone requires you to understand each other’s space and respect it as well.

13. He’ll lean for you

Does he lean for you? If he does, he is in love with you for sure. A leaning man is a surefire sign that he has a special place for that woman in his heart.

14. Locks eyes at you

If he locks his eyes on you while his pupils dilate while looking at you, it’s one of the subtle signs that he likes you. Men lock eyes with a woman who seems very charming to them.

15. He is more involved in deep breathing

Does he frequently take deep breaths while he is with you? Taking a deep breath is a sign that he is interested in you and paying deep attention to you at the same wavelength as you do.

16. Stands straight

He secretly likes you if he stands straight with confidence when you are with him. While reading male body language, must see if he is confident and stands straight with you or not.

17. Walk side by side with you

A guy doesn’t walk side by side with you if he is not interested in you. However, if he walks side by side with you, it means that he idealizes and likes you.

18. Opens up the door of his car for you

One of the powerful and expressly permitted signs of likeness is his act of opening the door of his care for you. If he is doing this, he likes you so much.

19. Smiles more with you

A guy smiles more with a woman of his choice. Notice if he smiles more with you or not. If he does, it is a good sign that exhibits his love for you.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

20. Give good facial expressions

According to body language experts, facial expressions are the best way to read body language. When a guy likes you, you will notice positive and good expressions on his face.

21. Start talking openly when you are with him

Check if he is reserved while communicating or open when you are with him. If he is not reserved but freely talks when you are around, it means that he likes you.

22. Frown when other guys stare at you

Men don’t like it when any other person stares at you with wrong intentions or mixed signals.

If you see that he raised eyebrows because someone else was staring at you, it’s a good sign because he likes you.

23. Fix his socks

A guy likes you when he frequently fixes his socks to impress you with his dressing sense and style. Fixing his socks frequently with you is an obvious body language that exhibits a guy’s love for you.

24. Spreads his legs

Another body language that he likes is whether he spreads his legs in front of you or not. Men usually spread their legs to get their crotch noticed and to get attention in return.

If he is doing so, it means that he is attracting you because you have a special place in his heart.

25. Touch your hair

Touching your hair is also a men’s body language sign that expresses their warm feelings for you. He likes you if he touches your hair while making eye contact with you.

26. Hold your hand

He is in love with you if he tries to hold your hand. Holding a hand is the body language of a guy that expresses his love for you.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

27. Offers you drink

See if he offers you a drink. If so, it means that he enjoys your company and wants to be with you more.

28. Offers you food

He secretly likes you if he offers you food or especially if he offers you your favorite meals. Serving your favorite meal to you is one of the many signs that he likes you.

29. Relaxed upper body

Just like you feel relaxed with him, see if he also feels relaxed with you at the same time. If his upper body is in a relaxed posture, it means that he enjoys your company and likes you.

30. He’ll stand tall

A guy would be proud to be with you when he likes you. He would stand tall with confidence and pride and it’s a great sign that he likes you.

31. Fix and wear your favorite clothes

Suppose that you like a dress on him but that dress requires some fixing now. He would for sure do that fixing for you if he likes you.

32. Touch his face

When he touches his face, it shows that he secretly likes you so much. Many guys touch their faces to fix their brows, or mustache, or maybe to overcome their nervous energy.

33. Play with anything around

Playing with things around is also among the male body language signs that he has some feelings for you. He likes you if he starts playing with keys, glasses, or anything around when you are near.

34. Offers his coat to you

Just like you care and share your things in love, he would also do it in the same way. When he offers his coat to you, he means that he doesn’t only like you but also cares for you.

35. Offers his shawl/cap to you

Another sign of men’s body language when he is interested in you is that he offers his shawl/cap to you when you’re feeling cold.

36. Wear your favorite glasses

Does he wear the sunglasses/glasses of your choice? If he does, you must know that this is a male’s body language to express his likeness and interest in you.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

37. Tries to make physical contact

A guy tries to make physical contact with a woman when he is interested in him. While doing so, he may also make eye contact to see how are you feeling in return.

If your pickup line matches with his feelings, he would take this relationship in the long run.

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38. Opens his arms for you

Opening his arms is a sign of men’s body language where they exhibit their love for women. When he opens his arms for you, you must know that he likes you so much.

39. Tries to hug you more

When men try to hug their women, it’s only because they love them a lot. A guy would never try to hug you if he is not interested in you or doesn’t like you.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

40. Murmur in your ears

If a guy murmurs in your ears, he wants to catch your attention. You must understand the body language of a person when he murmurs in your ears as it shows his love for you.

41. Bending on his toes

One of the most famous and popular body language signs of men is that they bend on their toes when they like her. If he bends on his toes in front of you, he likes you.

42. He speaks louder in the crowd to get noticed

It’s the psyche of men that they like to be noticed by people whom they love/like. If you caught him speaking aloud in public to get noticed by you, it means that he is interested in you.

43. He makes an intimate connection

When he tries to develop a pure and deep connection of love and intimacy with you, it’s proof that he likes you the most.

44. Makes coffee for you

Does he make coffee for you? The point behind making coffee is the care and love that he has for you in his heart.

He may not know how to make a perfect coffee but if he is still making it for you, he loves you.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

45. He never makes fun of you

Those men who like their women would never make fun of them. When a guy makes fun of you, he is not really interested in you.

46. Never shout of you

He likes you the most when he gives you more space to do what you love and never shouts at you. The men who shout at women are never interested in them but are only in a compromising relationship.

47. Take selfies with you

When he makes direct eye contact while taking selfies with you, you must know that he is interested in you. A guy only does so when he likes her with all his heart.

48. Look into the mirror more when you’re around

A person is more conscious about his appearance when he likes you. To look good, he would look into the mirror several times.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

49. His whole face blushes when you’re with him

Within a split second, his face would start blushing if he liked you. You would see him smiling at little things and feeling the happiest when you are with him.

50. He frequently stares at you

When you talk to him, see if he stares at you or not. When he keeps staring at you whenever you talk, it means that you have stolen his heart.

51. He protects you in the public

Another body language of a man’s likeness is that he protects you in public.

Suppose that you are about to fall accidentally while coming down the stairs in a mall. He rushes to protect you from falling off and successfully holds you back. It is a clear-cut sign that likes you so much.

52. Rush to you whenever he has to share any good news

When a person is in love with you, he won’t stop himself from sharing everything with you. If he rushes to share any good news with you first, he likes you.

53. He’ll point his feet towards you

While sitting together, see if he points his feet toward you. If he points one or both of his feet toward you, it means that he wants to get your attention because of his interest in you.

54. He purposely talks about love life

One of the body language signs that a guy likes you is that he purposely talks about love life. He wants to engage you in such a conversation to get your opinion on this love relationship.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

55. He may be shy at times

Sometimes, the men may be shy to share everything with the women of their dreams at the start of the relationship. If he seems shy about multiple things with you, it means that he likes you but is very shy at this point in the relationship.

However, this shyness would reduce over time if he gets a positive signal from you in return.

56. Happily drinks in your glass/bottle

Does he happily drink in your glass/bottle or sip at the same side from where you touched your lips? Doing these things means that he loves you so much and wants to go along with you on this journey.

57. Avoids using his phone when he’s with you

When a man is interested in you, he will not be much concerned about upcoming calls and messages on his phone. He would also avoid using his phone frequently so that he can spend more time with you.

58. Winking eyes are also among male body language signs

Have you ever noticed him winking his eyes at you in a cute way? When you see him winking eyes at you, know that he wants your attention because he has deep feelings for you in his heart.

59. Mimics your actions

One of the common body language signs of an interested man is that he will mimic your actions. When men are inspired by women, they try to copy their actions.

60. Copies your words

He would also copy your words when you inspire him and he likes you so much. As a result of this inspiration and likeness, he would try to copy your talking style and words.

61. He doesn’t stare at others

It’s important to keep in mind that when a man likes you, he won’t stare at others.

In contrast, if he keeps on staring at others, it means that he is only passing time and not sincere with you at all.

62. He doesn’t smoke/drink when you’re around

When a guy loves you, he will try to ensure his good reputation in front of you.

To do so, he would avoid smoking/drinking too much in front of you so that you may not get annoyed or offended.

63. He behaves decently

When men behave decently, it’s body language that depicts that they want to impress the girl of their dreams. Therefore, you must know that he likes you and wants to impress you as well by behaving decently.

64. Leans at you during a conversation

Does he lean at you during a conversation? A guy only leans at you when he likes you and wants to come closer in any way.

65. He wakes up early for you

No one sacrifices his sleep for anyone without any positive intentions. Therefore, he likes you so much if he often wakes up early for you.

66. He stood up late at night for you

Similarly, a man loves you so much if he stood up late at night only for you regardless of how tired he is. If you find such a man in your life, never let him go!

✦ Different Physical signs of attraction ✦

You must know different physical signs of attraction to see if he likes you or not.

☛ Sparkling eyes

His eyes would have a noticeable spark with dilated pupils when he looks at you. These sparkling eyes would tell you that he likes to be with you.

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☛ Blushed face

Not only eyes, but you would see that his face blushes when you come closer to him.

He would love to spend more time with you and you won’t see any negative expression on his face during this time.

☛  Laugh and smile more

When you are with him, he uncontrollably laughs hard and smiles more on every little and bigger thing. These would be his pure emotions of likeness that are flooding out while seeing you.

☛  Tries to touch

Does he try to touch you when you are with him? If it is so, you should know that he likes you. For example, he would try to touch your hair or hold your hand to express his feelings and emotions for you.

☛  Leans at you

Another physical sign of attraction is a man leaning at you in love.

For example, suppose that both of you are watching a movie together. If he leans at you during this time several times, it means that he wants to say that he likes you so much.

Similarly, if he leans at you while talking or gossiping, it is a clear physical sign that he has positive feelings for you.

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💕 What is the unspoken attraction? 💕

Here are the three common signs of unspoken attraction that you must know!

➤ Frequent gestures

When a guy makes frequent gestures to assure that you stay involved in his words, it means that he likes you. He makes frequent gestures to catch your attention during a conversation.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

➤ Teasing each other to get more attention

When two people keep teasing each other to get more attention from one another, it is a clear sign of unspoken attraction.

For example, he likes you so much when he continuously keeps on patting your back/leg to tease you in love.

➤ Prefers each others’ favorite meals

A man is for sure in love when he prefers your favorite meals over his favorite meal and vice versa.

When both of you are doing the same thing, it is a sign of unspoken attraction that may be from one side or both sides.

💞 Signs of a mutual attraction 💞

➽ Open and nonstop talk

There must be some sort of mutual attraction among both of you when you talk non-stop together without thinking about anything.

When both of you engage in an open conversation on any topic and love to talk to each other for hours, you must know that there is a strong mutual attraction between both of you.

➽ Love taking selfies with each other

See if both of you love taking selfies with each other or not. If so, it means that he loves you the most and you love him as well.

When there is a lack of interest among two people, they never take lots of selfies with each other and don’t even like taking them.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

➽ Buy gifts for each other

Do you buy gifts for each other? Arranging surprises and offering gifts to one another is a common sign of mutual attraction.

Whenever you pass gifts or give surprises, it is a clear indication that you like the other person.

The same thing is true in the case of your partner. He likes you when he buys gifts for you with or without any occasion to express his love for you.

➽ Engage in a physical relationship

The top sign of a mutual attraction is that two people always physically attract each other. When both of you want to be intimate with each other or build up a physical relationship in any way, it represents your love for each other.

For example, there is a mutual attraction among both of you when frequently hug, kiss, or intimate with each other.

➽  Lean on each other

Another famous sign of mutual attraction is that two people frequently lean at each other while performing multiple things.

As an example, two people may lean at each other while watching their favorite TV show. Similarly, they may also lean at each other while enjoying a love conversation with each other.

No matter what the reason, both of you have a mutual attraction in your relationship when you more frequently lean on one another.

Photo credit: Pexels.com

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

When a man likes you, his body language will show it to you clearly. To find out if he likes you or not, you must notice the most obvious signs of likeness/love in his body language.

The above-discussed 66 body language signs of men when they like someone would help you a lot in figuring out his intentions for you. If you notice most of these signs in his body language, it is a clear indication that he likes you so much and wants to come closer for a lasting relationship.

🤔 Relevant Questions 🤔

❓ How do you tell if a guy likes you or is just attracted to you?

When a guy likes you, you will see him caring more for you in several little things instead of just inspiring you with your beauty or body. When a guy ignores your negative points and still appreciates you, it means that he likes you.

However, a man is only attracted to you if he tries to come closer to physically engage with you or behave rudely/weirdly when he dislikes something about you.

❓ How do guys hint that they like you?

When guys like you, they would give you hints in several ways. For example, a guy may wink at you, kiss you, stare at you, smile at you, pay attention to you, or ignore everything else when he is with you.

❓ How do you tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it at work?

When a man is attracted to you but hiding it at work, you can figure it out by his behavior. For example, he would be shy to talk to you at work but would be more open outside. In the same way, you would also catch him staring at you frequently at work or standing tall in front of you to express his feelings.

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