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Ooni 3 Pizza Oven Review -Why is it Popular?

Your love for baking has brought you here, specifically pizza making. Any ordinary oven can cook you your favorite pizza but if you’re looking for a distinct quality of having a crispy crust might be unattainable to your ordinary oven.

As time goes by, so much innovation had taken place and this amazing new technology has been reinvented. From your ordinary oven now comes pizza ovens. The pizza oven has the capacity to accelerate heat at an extremely short period of time which is a perfect environment for your pizza to cook fast perfectly.

Ooni 3 Pizza Oven

ooni 3 pizza oven
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⊙ Looks and Appearance

Ooni 3 pizza oven is made out of quality stainless steel material professional-grade 430. The oven itself comes with a special pizza stone inside that helps regulate the production of heat inside. It has 3 support legs that support the weight of the oven and a chimney for smoke ventilation.

⊙ Functionality

For the price that’s below $500, no wonder this product has boosted sales since it hit the market a couple of years ago. Ooni 3 oven can be operated by just using a wood pellet without the help of fuel or gas however you can also have it connected to a gas stove to uncontrollable fire for beginners.

⊙ Ease of Use

This small but amazing oven has the capacity to heat up to 932 degrees within only ten minutes. Given this capacity, you can already have your pizza done in about a minute or 60 seconds. The entire thing only weighs 12.5 kilos which makes it portable enough to assemble and set up anytime outdoor.

You shouldn’t have difficulty assembling this Ooni pizza oven because they included a photographic manual to help you visualize the process. On average, it should only take you 10 minutes to assemble this portable pizza oven.

Make sure to use a table where you have easy access to the front side of the oven where you will slide in the pizza and the rear or the back side of the oven where you need to insert the grate and fill the pellet in. It is advisable to provide ample space to where you put the oven to prevent any untoward incident while baking.

Open the rear door of the oven and put in the grate inside then pour in the wooden pellet. Start clicking the combustion chamber to ignite the fire inside. To be sure that the oven already reached the ideal temperature, you can use a thermal gun and shoot the outer surface, it should read 932 degrees Celsius before you can slide in your pizza.

It usually takes ten minutes to reach the ideal temperature. The three legs that are attached to hold the oven up are foldable. You can fold the legs every after use and store them inside the bag.

The cordierite pizza stone can be separated from the oven every after use or you can choose to let it inside just make sure you clean and dry everything before storing the oven.

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⊙ Pros

Portability – Although the materials are made out of stainless steel, you would not have any problems with carrying it around, assembling it, and set it up because it only weighs 12.5 kgs. The assembly was made easy as the manual that was printed by the manufacturer is a combination of word and photographic instruction. It has a carry-on bag that helps you store this Ooni oven safely without depreciating over time when not in use.

Cooks Fast – This portable wood-fired oven can cook your pizza faster in just around 60 seconds and will only take 10 minutes to heat up and reach the desired 932-degree Celcius temperature. It means you have to make sure you wait 10 minutes to preheat the oven and reach the ideal temperature before sliding in your pizza.

With the heat that is over 900 degrees Celcius, it will only take 60 seconds or less depending on the dough density and toppings, the more toppings you have the longer cooking time you need. Same with the dough, the thicker the dough, the longer the cooking time you have to wait.

Don’t be confused about the waiting time difference as this should not be longer than 15 seconds or else you’ll get a burnt pizza for yourself.

Affordability – Ooni is the maker of the world’s first portable pizza oven, their technology has been an inspiration to competitors. Given this recognition, Ooni manages to release the product at a much affordable price where it can reach many consumers to enjoy the product.

There only are limited choices when it comes to portable wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens that are under $500. Some of them also have limited availability or limited features when it comes to quality.

Energy Efficient – It does not require complicated technology to fire up this Ooni oven. All you need is to ignite the combustion chamber and start filling the wood pellet inside. It can run with just a wood pellet without the help of gas or fuel.

You can try connecting it to a gas stove to assure stable fire flow inside without having to wait for the wooden pellet to fully form a good circulation of fire inside.

Easy Cleaning – Maintaining this Ooni 3 oven is easy. The pizza stone inside can be cleaned using your ordinary cleaning detergent and water. The remaining ashes after every cooking can be easily removed and clean the surface inside.

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You can store this Ooni 3 oven inside the bag that comes along when you purchase it and store it in any dry clean space you have at home. Stainless steel material does not rust the oven off so you can assure it will not delipidate over time even if not in use for a long period of time.

⊙ Cons

Space – Although the dimension of the opening gives you enough space to slide in and out your pizza, you may find it hard to flip it around inside if you need to in case the heat does not reach the ideal temperature. The pizza peel barely had a margin in the opening of the oven. This gives limited movement to slide in and out your pizza or other food you bake inside this Ooni 3 Oven.

Wood Pellets Challenge – Wood pellets have a tendency to prolong the heating process. It will take time to make the fire rolling wood pellet burner and might cause you to have unevenly cooked pizza.

Wood pellets also have the tendency to produce a lot of smoke while burning that can lead to having a bitter taste on your pizza. Follow the cooking instruction to avoid pouring in too much wood pellet than needed.

Availability – Upon writing this review, Ooni 3 Pizza Oven is no longer available in the market. There are some distributors that still have stocks of this model but they could be very hard to find nowadays. Manufacturer Ooni already phased out this model and replaced it with the Ooni Fyra model.

It is reported that the manufacturer rebranded their product in line with innovating the features and capability of their ovens. The successor model has a more sophisticated heating technology and design.

Outdoor only – It is recommended that you use this wood-fired oven outdoors due to smoke emissions that might be harmful if you have a tiny space in your kitchen. The kitchen environment may not be very perfect for this oven because the chimney will emit smokes that can suffocate tiny spaces.

Who Is This Pizza Oven For?

This portable outdoor pizza oven is best suited for a pizza enthusiast kind of person who loves baking pizza during special days. It is also perfect for aspiring chefs who wish to explore the world of making pizza while at home. Families who love get together and love the idea of sharing pizzas on their quality bonding times.

This oven is not only best for pizza baking, you can also explore on baking other exciting foods such as bread, vegetables, and meat like fish and steaks.

⊙ Specifications

Photo: amazon.co.uk

Where Can I Use This Oven?

Photo: amazon.co.uk

This oven is specifically designed to be used outdoor. You can use it during family holidays, birthdays, intimate get together or anywhere as long as it’s not indoor. Set it up in your garden where you and your family can bond over a great pizza on every occasion or even just an ordinary day.

What Makes This Oven Awesome?

This Ooni oven is awesome not only because it’s affordable, but it is also awesome because of its quality that is meant to last long. The technology behind the fast heating control is well executed.

The body of it is being insulated in order to bounce back the heat that will circulate inside the oven. It has a regulated combustion chamber and spacious pellet burner. Inside the oven is a pizza stone that contributes to faster heat regulation inside.

The oven also has a flame deflector technology that prevents the fire from touching the pizza directly making it safe from being burnt. It also prevents your pizza from acquiring the ashes from the burning pellet.

The outcome of it is an assured evenly cooked pizza your family would surely love. This Ooni 3 pizza oven can give you top-notched quality baked pizza at all times

Is this Oven Worth Purchasing?

Photo: amazon.co.uk

It is worth purchasing. The affordability is great, you’ll definitely have value for money in this product. Not only that you’ll get to enjoy authentic wood-fired baked pizza you could also get to explore baking other things inside such as fish, steak, or other vegetable recipes you can do.

The lightweight materials make it easy for customers to just pack it with them and set it up in a breeze so it is definitely worth having.

Where Can I Buy This Oven?

Upon writing this review, Ooni 3 pizza oven is already phased out by the manufacturer and being replaced by a more sophisticated Ooni Fyra model. The transition happened by early 2020 so you may find it hard to find distributors who still have stocks of this model to this day. There is some website that has it but it would be recommended to contact the supplier first to confirm availability before ordering it straight away.

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This Ooni 3 outdoor pizza oven receives impressing high reviews from the consumer at the Amazon website. My personal verdict of this product is listed below.

What I love about it:

What I don’t like about it:

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