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“Is He In Love With Me?” (28 Know-For-Sure Signs)

What is the most magical thing in the world?

Actually, the answer is pretty cheesy, but it’s not just one thing but two. And the answer is:

Love and You.

Yes, Love is the most beautiful thing in the world that you can ever give or receive. It’s something that we share with our family and friends. Something women and men both want. Something we seek in our life at every stage. Love defines our life in a way that nothing else can. Love is the true essence of being human. Love is YOU.

“One may read this and think it’s magic. But falling in love is an act of magic” – From the movie ” Ruby Sparks”

Love is magic. Falling in love is the most beautiful thing you can ever do in your life.

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In our modern society, we often spend time mostly dating someone. Before understanding what does love means in a relationship. At first, we may try to understand each other. Try to get to know each other.

Whether you are a man or a woman, what you are looking for is true love, right? And you are dating to find out just who will give it to you.

If you are in a relationship with a guy, there is a time when you question yourself, “Does that guy love me?”

While dating, you might have caught some signs he’s in love with you. And you want to know more about what is the guy actually thinking. So you want a deep and accurate answer to ease your mind.

But a man is not someone who can show his feelings easily. He is very difficult to read, unlike women, who can show their emotions easily.

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A man may not show their emotions to you, but he can most definitely show signs he’s in love with you.

If you are in a relationship with a guy and asking yourself questions like, “Does he love me? Are there signs he loves me? Will he fall in love with me? Is he falling in love with me? ” Then all your questions will be answered here in this article. Don’t worry. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if a guy is in love with you.

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But there are signs he loves to show you and you should be able to understand them right here in this article.

That’s what we will discuss in this article. I have researched everywhere and found out what could be the 28 signs that will confirm. He is in love with you.

So relax, sit back, enjoy the read and let’s discuss what could be the signs he’s in love with you.

Let’s get started.

◈ The 28 Signs to confirm- “Is he in love with me?” ◈

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1. He gives you undivided attention

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Are you in a relationship with a man who is attentive to what you are doing or how you are doing? Is he the type of guy who can’t take his eyes off you? Is he a guy who always looks forward to spending time with you? There is no one else on his mind but a woman with whom he is in a relationship -Which is you!

If all of the questions above apply to your man then you are truly a lucky woman. Why? Because most often women find themselves looking at guys who jump from one woman to another.

Such guys are always looking at beautiful women no matter where they see them. Just look at them and you will see that their eyes are not fixed on just one person. But they are moving from one woman to another.

But if you have a guy in your life that who’s main focus is always on you and doesn’t look or get distracted by anyone else.

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His eyes are glued to you only, no matter what is happening around him. Then it’s a sign that he is falling in love with you.

He talks with you only, even if there are plenty of beautiful women he can speak to. But you are his one in a zillion. And that is something a guy loves when he is in a relationship.

To fall for a woman so deeply that nothing else interests him but you only. Isn’t that beautiful when a man gives his undivided attention to a woman?

2. He’s a gentleman

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A man is often unfamiliar with the love language. When a woman enters his life and makes a relationship with him, he starts wondering does he love her?

His life takes a really interesting turn when he meets a woman with whom he can spend quality time. He really loves to have you and might start doing some actions which might give off signs he’s in love with you.

For example, if he is telling you things that you want to hear. If he is looking after your heart and its demands very carefully. If he is trying to make a good impression on you and grab your attention. Then what does it say about him?

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A man is very clumsy around women when the matter of love is at hand. He tries to do anything to win your heart, with words and actions. You name it! But look for a sign when a man is trying to be that perfect guy whom you have dreamt of. If he is doing all those things then it’s a sign of love.

He’s a gentleman because he considers you as his lady.

That’s why he’s extra polite, attentive, and thoughtful when it comes to you.

He makes eye contact with you and gets shy. Isn’t that truly shows that he really loves you?

3. He loves everything about you

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Relationships are fun. If your boyfriend is the type who doesn’t mind, even when you act weird and childish then he truly loves you. If he thinks it’s okay, lovely, and cute when you act clumsy and cutely then he really wants to make you happy.

Some guys might not be so interested or be weird about it when you act like that. But if your boyfriend is a man who not only likes that but also says he loves it then such little things might give signs he’s in love with you.

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You are the perfect woman in his eyes and he wants to take care of you, even when you have a crazy side of you. If you truly love someone, you accept them in your life with all their flaws and qualities. Paying attention to your guy is a good sign to show that you are also aware of his intentions. And you should answer accordingly.

Most of the time talking with your partner is the easiest way to share feelings. But if he is that understanding then it might feel like you just found your ideal partner! which is amazing! My advice would be to make an effort if he makes you feel like the one and only woman in the world. Say I love you first and see his cute reaction!

Always remember, “Romance” is  very different thing to men than it does to women. To know more, CHECK THIS!

4. His reason of smile is you

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When a woman smiles at a man, it makes him weak. Not literally but in love language, it means his heart gets pierced by the cupid’s arrow. His heart starts to beat faster and he just can’t stop thinking about you. It’s interesting, right?

If you are in a relationship with a man where he just can’t stop smiling whenever you are near him then it’s a sign, that man loves you. When you become his reason to smile then he really loves you deeply. It’s something else, doesn’t it?

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Does he make you feel like you are just what he needed all his life? Does he smile brightly whenever you talk with him? Or when you call, does he make you feel good by talking about you with laughs here and there?

If he loves speaking with you and shows you his smile every time he gets in contact with you, no matter how. Then maybe, you are the woman he truly wants to take care of and plan a future with.

He’s happy to have a woman like you in his life and no matter what someone else says about this, to me, he is the man who loves you truly and will most definitely try his best to make you happy. Signs he loves you are already there.

5. He connects you with his family and friends

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A guy loves his family as much as you. That’s a no-brainer. But when you are in a serious relationship with a man and he starts to introduce you to his friends and family.

It’s a big step for him and a sign that you are more than just his girlfriend.

Guys take this step very seriously and a lot of thought goes into making this decision.

A man loves it when his woman is accepted by his family members. Why? Because their friends appreciate you that you are indeed taking care of him.

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So, if your man has decided to introduce you to his friends and family, then he is thinking of having a long-term relationship with you and clearly thinking about the future with you.

He is not just your boyfriend, but a man who is fallen in love with you. It’s a good sign he is when he is talking about you to his besties and close family members.

6. He is himself around you

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When you first start dating, you might find yourself surrounded by men who are known as “Players” They are not looking for a partner or a long-term relationship but rather short-term flings.

Your feelings to them are meaningless and their actions do not match their words at all. All they want from you is just sex, sex, and sex.

Before discussing further, I would give you advice right now to stay away from a man who only wants to have sex with you.

They are not even worthy to be called a man when you know for sure there is no future with them.

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Why waste time on them when you can meet a man who loves you to his heart content? Who can feel you on another level and maybe is the ideal partner you are looking for?

If your man in a relationship is never changing, is true to his words and actions. If your man is honest, makes an effort to make you feel you are his only woman, is never changing his tone or personality with his friends, or relatives, then he truly considers you to be the person to fall in love with.

And signs he loves you are already there. He’s honest and truthful about himself. Isn’t that something we want in a partner? Trust and no lies?

Know for sure that he is real with you and not just trying to get you in bed. For a peace of mind you deserve know more about him and WATCH THIS VIDEO!

He’s a man who is not looking for just sex but is looking for a loving partner like you. These are little things, but when you start speaking and discussing them, only then do you know for sure what it actually means.

7. He acts nervously

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Dating a guy requires spending time with him. Quality time to be exact because understanding the love language is not easy. It’s not what you can learn so easily.

You have to spend time, truly dig deep and understand what does a man is looking for while dating you. You can’t notice things about a person in one meeting right?

But if you are a woman, who is dating a man for a long time and you probably are in a relationship with him now.

And so you notice little things about him that might feel like he is nervous about something when you are near or in front of him. Maybe he is trying to get to know you better as a boyfriend or it seems like he is trying to just impress you more without looking like a fool.

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A man feels nervous around a woman he likes. It’s a pretty common truth and everyone knows about how clumsy can a man get when it comes to showing their emotions or feelings to women. So what does this all mean?

If your man is acting a bit so nervous suddenly then don’t be alarmed because it might be one of the signs he’s in love with you. It may feel weird at first, I know.

But give it some time, and you will see. Those words are just waiting to come out from your partner’s mouth. Maybe he is planning something grand for you, who knows.

A man is mysterious sometimes when it comes to telling the woman of your dreams about his feelings. How exciting!

8. He gives you the best sex!

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A woman who is in a relationship nowadays is pretty okay with having sex in the beginning with a man. But when you love someone deeply, having sex with that person is most definitely better than the casual fling.

If you are dating a guy who is only paying attention to you because he needs sex from you. He will simply do it quickly and get it over with.

It’s meaningless and just not enjoyable at all. Maybe you don’t know this yet but having sex with someone you love will literally give you the best time of your life! It may feel like just the best feeling you can ever have!

Women love a man who can take care of their needs and sexual desires.

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Someone who is intimate with them and connects with them deeply.

Who makes them feel like just out of this world.

If you are in a relationship with a man who is now suddenly very passionate during sex and giving you the utmost care and attention during physical bonding then these are signs he loves you truly and deeply.

If sex with him makes you feel good and you feel like his effort to please you is getting stronger and more passionate.

Then the fire inside him is a clear indication and sign that his feelings for you are intense! And he is thinking of spending time with you more and more and more!

9. He forgives and admits mistakes

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If you are dating a guy who seems like has no problem admitting to his mistakes and forgives yours, then clearly he feels like a man who wants to take care of you and make you feel good about yourself.

All relationships go through difficult times while dating and it’s our responsibility to take care of things that hold the relationship together.

Nobody is perfect. Everyone knows that.

Problems are a part of our life and we should solve them by having a talk about them with our partner.

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Women maybe talk about it more easily than men but if your man loves you, he will be able to overcome any problems that life throws at him. And clear the path for you and clear any obstacles that may cause your relationship some harm.

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If your man wants to talk and discuss such issues and admits to his mistakes if he has done any. And forgive you, no matter what then mark my words, take my advice, and know for sure that this guy is in love with you.

Finding a person who can forgive you easily means he is able to understand you and care for you more than any other person out there.

Words feel like they could deliver you some peace. He respects you and truly loves you, he makes opportunities so you feel good about yourself. He wants to know more about your feelings and he really loves it when you understand him as well.

He is aware of his mistakes and instead of blaming the world, he works on them and fixes them.

It takes a big man to forgive someone or admit to his mistakes. Such a man has a big heart full of love and is kind. He wants to have a future with you more than anything else.

He has plans with you, that’s why he knows what’s the most important thing in his lifetime.


10. His futures plans are not his anymore

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It’s a clear sign that a guy loves you when he talks about the future with you in a relationship.

You can tell if a guy loves you when he starts using “our” instead of mine or my future. When a guy starts using “we” more often than usual. It’s a sign he looks at you like his future partner.

It’s plain simple if he is looking so far in the future, and thinking of you to be with him by his side and all of his plans in the future include you then signs he’s in love with you are clear.

Every woman wants to have a man who includes her in his lifetime. Women want to feel the man is thinking of them too when deciding something grand. They want to know that guys really love them.

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So, if you are in a relationship with a man who spends time talking about life and other things. But instead of my, he says our or we and includes you.

Then, guys, it could mean, that man loves you more than anyone. He is not thinking of letting you go because whenever he is thinking about his future, you are very much a part of it.

If he is mentioning you every time whenever he talks about the future, then your man loves you. It’s a clear sign.

11. He is always honest with you

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All relationships require honesty.

I have seen people giving advice after advice to men and women to always be honest and truthful in a relationship. Because the truth is always one. While lies can be many.

But how many of us follow such advice anyways? Sometimes it might just be difficult to act on the words of someone else. And that’s fine and okay but advice for you is meant to make you better, not worse. There is a lesson in everything guys.

If you are in a relationship with a person, then pay attention to his words and signs very carefully. To fall in love is very beautiful but look for a good sign about why this guy wants a relationship with me.

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Guy loves to talk and spend time with you. They also love to call you quite often and you might notice he is paying attention to you. Which is a good sign.

Does he say you mean the world to him? Is he clear with you about his intentions for the relationship?

Does he feel like a person who is always ready to talk with you about seriousness in this relationship?

Does he call you and tell you things that are true?

You might feel a bit surprised but it takes a lot of time for a guy to open up about his feelings and if he tells you those feelings then know for sure that this guy really loves you.

12. He keeps in touch with you

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Guys who love to call you daily means they are thinking about you constantly.

Don’t feel bad if they call a bit too often because it just means they can’t tell you directly with their words but with actions. That’s why they call you to talk with you and ask about your day and stuff. How sweet!

If he is texting you all the time then you are the most important person in his life.

Pay attention to how much effort he is putting into taking care of you.

What could all this mean? you might think. When clearly it’s just a sign that the person with whom you are in a relationship is in love with you.

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He might not say it but a sign like this proves it.

His head is full of your thoughts that’s why he misses you all the time. He calls you and it makes his heart calm a bit when he hears your beautiful voice.

He wants to know, how you are doing and what are you thinking about. A guy who loves to call you just because he is missing you feel like something any person will want.

I really love it when they do that. It just shows they are true to their feelings and a person like that is just a treasure!

13. He is a good listener and talker when it comes to you

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If you want to know what a guy loves then let me tell you, they love talking with women.

You might feel “Hey I know that already” but what I mean is that, is the person you are dating ask a lot of questions about yourself?

Does he show interest in listening to you every time you talk?

Does he feel like he loves listening to you?

Does he spend time mostly on talks about you?

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If he is listening very carefully to you and asking questions about you then it’s a good sign that he is in love with you.

If he makes eye contact with you, looks deeply into your eyes, and just talks about you then sign he’s in love with you are pretty high.

For a guy, it may be a difficult thing to do to ask about personal stuff from a woman.

But if you are in a relationship with a guy who just won’t stop paying attention to you then make sure you fall in love with that guy. Because he already has.

14. He wants to be permanent with you

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In a relationship, a guy wants a life partner permanently.

They don’t want two or three but just one life partner with whom they can be for the rest of their lives.

They want to feel a connection with you about love. About life. He just wants to give you his everything. Guys like that do exist still who want to share everything about their life with you.

He takes everything into consideration that is important to you. Whether it be your relationships with your friends or families. Or the people you love in your life, maybe a relationship with your brothers or sisters.

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He not only just care about them but he makes an effort to give off a positive impression. Why? Because it means to you.

So, if whatever means to you start making mean to him as well. Then signs he loves you are clear. Just pay attention and you will see your guy is head over heels for you.

15. He wants to be exclusive with you

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When a guy finally decides that you are the woman with whom he wants a long-term relationship, he will make it very clear to you.

If the guy tells you that he’s making this relationship official and serious, then it means he is only dating you and not other women. You are his one and only dream girl and then you will notice the signs he’s in love with you.

A guy who is honest with you shows his character. He knows what he is saying might not be so mutual but it takes a big man to truly show that he loves you.

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If you are in a relationship, look for such a moment. If he talks about being exclusive and official then love is in the air.

He understands clearly that if he doesn’t talk about making this relationship serious he will lose you and no guy would want that to break his own heart.

The thought of you being with someone other than them scares them to their knees. Which makes them admit to their love for you and make them feel restless until they finally say those words of love.

16. You are his No.1 priority

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When you are in a relationship with a guy, see what he makes his priority. Is it his video games? or hanging out with friends? What does he feel like when you are around? Guys most often rely on actions rather than words. So look for a sign, where his actions are most focused.

What are his priorities in life? Does he love you more than anything?

Guys get busy with their hobbies most of the time, even when they are in a relationship with you. There are many interesting things in his life that might be going but you should always be his no.1 priority.

Does he ignore all his other things and focus mainly on you? Does he prioritize you more than other things that he loves? Even he doesn’t hang out much with friends anymore because he is in a relationship with you?

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You are his most important person now in his life and he is getting more and more interested in spending time with you, not with his friends or other guys.

If he loves to make eye contact with you more and feels like he just loves to be around you only. Like you are his no.1 priority then signs he’s in love with you are pretty much clear.

Spending quality time with you is his priority which shows what’s inside in his heart for you.

17. He considers you to be the most special person in his life

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Guys, to fall in love is a beautiful thing. There is no doubt about it. If someone loves you deeply then they will feel, you are just an extraordinary and special person in their life.

Guys compliments women all the time but how many of you feel that they are honest and true? Only a person who makes you feel special can really be truthful about his words and actions.

If you are in a relationship and your guy is just supporting you no matter what, he helps you with your business, career, studies, and everything. He makes you feel just the most special woman he ever saw.

Then it might be an indication he is into you. Sometimes all it takes is to make eye contact with the guy you love and in those deep eyes, you will see the truth.

He is your biggest supporter and loves you no other man can. It’s a sign of love.

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18. He loves you in many ways

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Sometimes words are not enough for women to know the true intentions of men’s hearts. Love is complicated sometimes and it is for a reason. To find the one.

It takes a lot to know a man, and it takes a lot to know a woman as well. When you are in a relationship, love can be shared in many ways. Love is something you feel deeply, down to your very soul. That’s a meaningful love.

So, if he loves you then he will show you with the way he holds you, and the way he looks at you, and the way he touches you, and the way he makes you feel special.

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He finds many ways to show you his affection and he is constantly thinking about just you only. He makes you understand the love language that is in the relationship. His actions and expression of love have no match.

Expressing love in different ways is what we have discussed so far in this article. There are many ways to do so and if your man is not shy about it then you are one lucky woman! because the signs he loves you are already there.

It’s the most honest, kind, true kind of love that you can experience. So, if you are looking for a sign that he loves you, then look no further because his romantic gestures will tell you anyways.

19. He protects you

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Guys love to be the hero around women. It’s in their nature to protect their mate at all costs. They want to make sure that you are safe from harm and protects you under any circumstances.

It’s the simple biology and physiology of a man. Their instincts go sharp whenever they feel their families or the people he loves are threatened.

It’s common for a man who loves you to protect you. They just don’t any harm coming near you and want you to feel safe near them.

They not only want to protect you but also they want to provide you with everything be it food, love, money, kids, just about everything.

It’s not just about physical protection but what they want to protect you from are the negative situations that may harm you physically or mentally.

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They want you to be dependent on them because they want to be your Hero. Nowadays, there is a term called ” The Hero Instinct” which is quite famous among people who are in a relationship.

The hero instinct is basically how a man reacts like the protective type whenever his girl is around. Women love that part too about men. They want to feel protected by strong men. Even they women might not say it clearly that they want a “Hero” in their lives, but it’s obvious they need at least someone they can depend on.

So, if you are in a relationship with a guy who is a bit more protective type then he truly loves you. Man loves the hero instinct just as much as women.

They don’t want anyone to protect you but them alone. Love is truly amazing guys. It makes you feel just wonders after wonders.

20. He has bigger plans for you

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Commitment in a relationship is very important. Because when you love someone deeply, you love them to your heart’s content. There is no “I” when it comes to making plans but “We” when you are in a relationship.

Are his plans getting bigger and bigger since you started dating him? Do his future plans look more precise and accurate whenever you are involved?

Look, If he takes you somewhere nice, probably far from home. If he wants to go out to places where you need a date and he is always ready for that then clearly his intentions are to have you around for all his life.

Photo credit: unsplash.com

He is not wasting a second on thinking about you are his woman. He is involving you in all his plans and dreams. You are a major part of it and without you, his life will simply be incomplete.

He’s committed to you and isn’t shy about being with you anywhere. He wants to give you a sign that he is looking for a long-term relationship. And who would do that for their partner? Only a guy who is in love with you.

21. He accepts you in all ways or forms

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When a man truly loves a woman, he accepts her in every way or form. Simple as that.

Nobody is born perfect and nobody spends their life as a perfect human. We all are weak, we all have flaws and we all live those all our lives. Some of us love to talk a lot, some of us have friends that are not so good, some of us have birth defects, etc. You get the point. You got to take care of yourself first before others. If you truly love somebody then you will show them your love is pure. Your love is great. Your love is undivided, true, deep, and consistent.

Love teaches us many things and one of them is to know when somebody really cares about you. If you are in a relationship with a man who is patient and doesn’t mind your snoring, doesn’t mind you being lazy, doesn’t mind you hanging out with friends late at night then know for sure that the man really is in love with you.

Photo credit: unsplash.com

He won’t ever give up on you, no matter how many flaws you have. He will instead value them and try to understand you so you don’t feel bad about yourself. He will turn your sadness into happiness, your tears into laughs, your heartbreak into a love that will blossom throughout your relationship. He will let you feel his heart as well, just to calm you because a man who is not shy about showing love will most certainly accept you in every way possible.

I feel like crying now.

22. He cancels his plans to hang out with you

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A guy has many people in his life that he love. Friends, buddies, besties, cousins, etc. Before meeting you, he might have been going out with them or having plans with them just for fun. Maybe on weekends, he would go to bars or movies. Or occasionally board game tournaments. I am just saying. He might be. But when you got into a relationship with him. His plans and time suddenly diverted to you. His time, his hobbies, his plans all revolve around his woman only.

He has no interest anymore in almost everything but you alone. His favorite hobby is you, his favorite time of day is you, his favorite person to call is just you now.

If he cancels his plans with his siblings if he cancels his plans with his friends and buddies and all of the time he is available to hang out with you. It might be the sign he loves you very much.

23. He is helpful

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When in a relationship, love blooms, your partner automatically becomes your best friend. It’s true.

And what are best friends famous for? “A best friend in need is a best friend indeed” best friends are those who are always ready to help you. No matter what. Even if the world is going upside down, whenever you call them, they will be there to give you the helping hand. Now, in a relationship, it’s no different. It can be a man or a woman. They both become their best friends when they get into a relationship. And when it gets serious, the bond of friendship also gets stronger. It’s an unbreakable bond a person has.

If I could explain it to you, I would say that if someone who is always there to help you no matter what really gives off the signs he loves you. If you truly want love to flourish in your lives, then you should be helpful to each other no matter what.

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Life is tough, and there might be ups and downs here and there but it’s not meant to scare you. Or make you miserable. But rather it’s to make you stronger, and wiser. It’s not that a guy should just sit idly and let you feel the cruelty of the world, no. Everyone should help each other. And people who help others show how much love they have in their hearts.

So if a guy is always there whenever you call for help, he truly is in love with you from his deepest depths. You don’t have to ask him twice, just call him, ask for help and see. If he is really in love with you then he will answer you instantly and help you regardless of how big or terrifying the situation can be.

23. His eye contact is charming

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When you lock your eyes with the person you love the most then you might get to see the very core of their soul. Eye contact in a relationship is as much important as love. Because without seeing each other souls, how will you know he is your soulmate? Eye contact is there when you can’t find answers through words.

Women love guys who listen to them, guys who can make eye contact and pay attention to them. It’s a good sign for knowing when you are wondering does he loves me or not. Eyes are the gateway to souls and you can have a much meaningful and deeper conversation with the person you love by making eye contact. Man loves seeing women right in their eyes and when women get shy, men get lost in you even more!

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Eye contact here means paying attention to what you are doing. Is the guy whom you are in love with paying attention to your daily routine? does he pay attention to you when you are having that time of the month? Does he pay attention to you when you feel sad or down? Is he paying attention to your changes in daily activities?

Maybe he does, maybe he does not but if he is paying attention to you more than ever then he is falling in love with you. My advice would be to notice these signs early on in a relationship so you don’t lose the love of your lifetime.

24. Your smile concerns him

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I am writing my article here and this heading just gets to me. I am in love too and let me tell you if I don’t see her smile during the day. My day just won’t go by at all. Love means different for everyone and everyone has a special kind of love for themselves. My love is special in my eyes while your love must be even more special.

Relationships are something very powerful. Something a man and a woman really want. Relationships are great and fun. When you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you love spending time with them. You love to see their faces and you love the company.

But what is the most beautiful facial expression in the whole wide world? If you ask me I would tell you instantly that it’s the girl’s smile when she is in love with a man. It’s angelic, it’s poetic, it’s something so magical that even my words feel less to properly define how much it means when a girl smiles.

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If you really love somebody, you would do anything to keep that smile on their face. It’s just something you have to understand yourselves. When your happiness becomes his happiness, that’s when pure love shows itself.

His warm feeling for you always makes him smile. A guy who loves you will always try to make you smile, laugh, and be happy. He won’t hesitate to lighten the mood just to see that angelic smile on your pretty face. That’s all he thinks about now, to protect your beautiful smile forever.

If your guy is dedicated to making you happy and tries his best to always make you smile. And smiles whenever sees you, then it seems like he is already falling in love with you.

25. He makes you comfortable

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If someone truly loves you, he will make sure you are always comfortable with him and your environment. Having a comfortable and easy relationship throughout our lives is what everyone make effort for. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable right?

A woman has many needs and the man is supposed to take care of them. To make sure you feel good and happy when you live with him. It’s common for a man to not only think about protecting you but also about your comfort.

Its natural instinct of a man who wants to know whether his woman is having a peaceful, ideal, comfortable, and lovely time or not. He makes sure he provides everything the woman needs so she can live happily.

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If the guy in your relationship hugs you when you feel cold, gives you warmth whenever you feel cold, takes care of you when you feel sick or ill, cooks for you, and lets you stay in bed whenever you don’t feel like doing the chores. What does it say about him? Clearly, he puts your comfort first before him.

If he cuddles with you more and holds you tightly just to let you feel his warmth, if he cares about your personal stuff and respects your boundaries, then he truly loves you. His only goal is to for you to feel comfortable so that he can shower you with all his love.

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26. He pleases you

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A guy will show many gestures when he is trying to get into a relationship with you. In the beginning, he might try to please you with his actions. Just to win you over right or break the ice. No matter what you want to call it. It just means he is constantly thinking about having you as a partner and not with some other guy. He is trying his best to win your heart so you can be in a relationship with him.

A guy who wants to take care of you will most definitely listen to you very closely and attentively, put your happiness and comfort first before his, and most certainly will show his love in many different ways. Whether it’s a small thing or grand, he will try his best to make even the little things seem grand.

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So if you are in a relationship with a guy and he let you have the things you prefer, For example. He buys your favorite ice cream whenever he goes grocery shopping, he picks up things that you love from the market, he remembers your important dates, and makes sure they are never missed. If he tries to know you well and genuinely make you happy by taking care of you then clearly true love is there inside him and he is showing it to you by these signs very clearly.

If he continues to please you and still makes grand or small gestures for you during the relationship then don’t think about anything else, but be sure that there is a lot of love inside that man for you.

27. He is proud of you

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When you truly love somebody, you show them that you are proud of them. It doesn’t matter how big or small the accomplishments are. You are proud of them either way, even just for trying. What makes the relationship healthy is commitment. When you commit to someone, you give them the most special place inside your heart. You don’t let them feel bad about themselves right? No. You want them to feel good and happy around you.

If the guy loves you, he will be proud of you whenever you accomplish something. In relationships, even insignificant things hold great meaning to people who are in love with someone. Why? because it may be insignificant to one person but to others, it might mean something great and big.

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Little things make our relationship full of love and all those little things require effort. Both boys and girls are involved in shaping the relationship. So no matter how small your actions are in others’ eyes, to him, it feels like something grand. And he is proud of you that you are trying your best in every field, in every moment.

If he says “Good job” or “Well Done” when you get an achievement. He shows pride and is genuinely happy for all the hard work that you have put into it. He supports you no matter what is clear that he is in love with you.

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Not only he is proud of you, but he also shares your achievements with his friends and tells to everyone how proud he is to have you as his woman. He can’t stop sharing the good news with his world and that just shows how proud and happy he is for you. These are the most amazing signs he loves you with all his heart.

28. He is in love with you and everyone knows it

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There are pretty obvious signs when someone is in love with you. But most of the time we can’t read those signs very clearly as we should. It’s okay because we are simply not aware or comprehend what are the actual intentions of somebody.

People notice things about everyone, even the tiniest of things. They are observing what’s happening around with you. What’s happening inside you. They notice them. The people who are close to you like your siblings, relatives or your friends, usually notice when you are in love.

If you are in a relationship with a guy who seems to be in love with you, they will notice that too even if you don’t because they are observant of the people around them. Including him. Yes, If they are talking about it with you then, of course, they have already figured out the guy you have a relationship with is madly in love with you.

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He is not even trying to hide it so much but he just cannot tell you that directly. When people are in contact with someone who is in love. They pick on that pretty quickly. Because they might have experience in that field. Or it can be that they are very observant people. Or they just care about him and love him as much as you do.

A man is not very expressive when it comes to love in the beginning. It’s difficult for him to just say ” Hey, I Love You ” Even if he didn’t mention it to you yet, or accepted it in his mind yet. His friends and relatives have already noticed the change in him. They have already found a number of signs from our list in him that he is in love with you.

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All these people help him to have a better idea about what he wants. He is aware that the people surrounding him love and care for him. Including you.

So, if he is in love with you then don’t worry. Look for signs that his family notice that about him or not. If they do, then they will let you know the first chance he gets. And it will be cute! and romantic! because you will then surely know that this guy loves me more than anything in the whole universe!

💟 How to make a guy fall in love 💟

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1. Show him that you are his soulmate

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Relationships require a lot of attention to detail. Whether you are a man or a woman, you want to spend time with a person who is somewhat similar to you. Perhaps, the hobbies are matching or personalities are matching. Or even your choice of movies or taste in music is the same. Things like that are very important for a healthy relationship.

So, if you want a man to fall in love with you then just make him realize what do you have in common. It’s that easy.

A man wants to connect with a woman who is almost like him. Well, that cannot happen because everyone is just different in their own ways. But we can do is try to find out what is common between us.

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The more you make him realize this, the more he will be interested in you. If you know his favorite song is “The predatory wasp of palisades is out to get us” by Sufjan Stevens then make him realize it’s your favorite too.

Try to find something that you both love and have in common. That way the relationship will sail smoothly towards a positive direction.

2. Laugh and smile whenever he’s around

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In my article, I have already discussed how mesmerizing and stunningly beautiful a girl’s smile is. It’s no wonder guys fall for women so easily! Men love that about women when they show those sparkling white pearls to them. The pink lips just draw a beautiful smile on their face and the guy is stunned there thinking of how God created a woman so perfectly.

Be yourself, tell a joke, laugh around, be the kid at heart. Guys love a bit of sense of humor in girls. They enjoy it very much and are attracted to it too.

Everyone loves to be around people who can make them happy, right? Who can make them laugh, and cheer! Laughter is a great way of showing someone that you are happy around them.

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Guys would do anything for you if you show them that beautiful smile. Just a small simple smile has a great impact on guys. They fall in love with you so quickly that they don’t even realize it until someone snaps them out of your beautiful magical smiling face thought.

3. Always listen to what he says

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When you are in a relationship with someone, it’s not just about you anymore but it’s about him as well. Nobody likes guys who only talk about themselves right? Not even you.

How will you be able to make him fall in love with you when you don’t even listen to what he says. Listen very closely to what guys tell you about themselves or their friends. If he is telling you about his day, lend him your ear. If he is talking about his past, listen to him closely. There are important points that you can miss about him when you don’t listen.

A man loves a woman who can listen to him, understand him, even when is not so expressive with his emotions, he wants you to get him. He wants you t pay attention to him. He is spending time with you because he finds you as a capable and wonderful woman.

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So, when you give him that attention and listen to him, it shows him you are really interested in him and you might get a chance to know about what he likes the most, or what he hates, what bothers him, what he loves the most, etc.

Just like eyes, ears have a way to heart as well. So if you show him that you genuinely care about his interests then for sure he will start taking a liking to you as well. After that, it’s just a matter of time when he confesses his pure love to you.

4. Show him you are trustworthy

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Trust and honesty in a relationship work like a bond or glue that sticks everything together. It’s the first thing we want before getting into a relationship because if you can’t trust a guy, then how can you even hang out with him. Like seriously, who loves hypocrites? Nobody wants to be used, nobody wants to get scammed in love. Especially in love because the breaking of a heart and trust hurts the worst. The pain is immeasurable and getting back to normal takes years, not months or days but years!

If you have decided to venture into a relationship with a man, then make sure he trusts you completely! He has to know that you are trustworthy and honest. Not someone who will lie just in the name of love.

Photo credit: unsplash.com

Show him the real you so he knows you are not some fake woman. But a lovely, caring, and awesome human being. Gain his trust first and other things will follow accordingly. If a man thinks of you as dishonest or untrustworthy, he will never ever be attracted to you. Nor the relationship will last longer if by some magic it happened.

A man wants a faithful woman. A woman who can be beside him in which he can place his trust. Someone who will be there for him no matter what. Nobody wants to date a player right? We all want a stable and healthy relationship. You want a man to fall in love with you and finding that man requires you to be 100% truthful right at the beginning of the relationship. If the start of a relationship is solid and is based on mutual trust, then the rest will be just a smooth ride.

5. Be patient with him

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Sometimes guys require time to process things. It may take a while or some time so give him space. Give him enough time to understand what does falling in love means.

You can’t just always have that mutual “Love at first sight” They are only fairytales. It’s a rare occurrence and may happen once in a while but for that, you have to be super lucky to find a soulmate just in mere seconds!

In reality, a relationship requires time to grow. And if you want to feel loved by the man you want. You have to be very patient about it.

It may even take months or years but never break your patience. Be consistent with what you want and the universe will do its magic by making you meet your everlasting partner soon.

Patience reaps fruitful rewards, my friends, so be sure you are patient. He will fall in love with you because deep down in your heart, that’s what you want the most. And being patient will surely give him to you.

☸ Tips on how to tell a guy want you to be part of his life 

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Guys or men, whatever you want to call them are mysterious. Understanding their logic can be a bit difficult for women due to the differences in their physiology compared to a woman.

You never know exactly if a guy wants you to be a part of his life because he will not say it directly to you. It’s hard for him to just say it bluntly to a woman that he loves you. It’s difficult for sure.

But I can give you some tips regarding this matter, don’t worry.

🔎 There are many signs that can tell you if a guy wants you to be a partner of his life or not. Some of them are: 

📽 He makes plans, goals, and dreams that includes you

📽 He introduces you to his friends and relatives

📽 He takes you out and goes on vacations with you

📽 He listens to you very attentively and tries to give you advice when you need one

📽 He makes you his priority above everything else

📽 He tells you he is deeply in love with you

📽 He shares everything with you no matter how personal or private it is

📽 He makes sure you are always comfortable whenever he is with you

📽 He let you behave however clumsily or funnily you want

These are some of the tips that might give an indication to a woman that a guy wants you to be his woman for a lifetime. Look for these signs and you can tell if a guy loves you and wants you forever

💞 What is true love 💞

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Love that is true is the purest thing you will ever see in your lifetime. But to understand what true love is, you have to dig very deep inside your heart. It’s not something that can be understood just by merely discussing it. It’s something you have to feel, something you have to get to know, something that is so beautiful that it will make you have restless nights and days.

We know what love is right? To show affection to someone. To deeply care for a man or a woman. To become boyfriend or girlfriend in a relationship, etc. There are many types and varieties of love out there. You can find them easily on the internet but today we will be discussing mainly what is pure love. What is the rarest and most true form of love?

I will try to explain it as accurately as possible with a pinch of philosophy and religion involved in it.

When God wanted to create the universe, he first made the planets in 1 day, he made the skies in another, the oceans and seas in another day. It took him 4 days to create the whole universe! How fascinating is that? With our current technology and scientific knowledge, we now know the edge of the universe exists. Galaxies after galaxies are out there in the universe. Our minds cannot even comprehend the fact that the universe is almost limitless even though it has a boundary. But we cannot travel to its edge. Not even in trillion or zillion years, we will ever reach that.

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To think that God made such a universe in just 4 days is really something we have to think about. But do you know how many days it took him to make a human? 7 days!

That’s right, he made a human being in 7 days and the whole universe in just 4. How much love did he put into making us shows us the true essence of love? The true meaning of love. How complex and how intriguing our bodies are. Our minds are. Our hearts are. He gave us a heart full of emotions, he gave us a mind to think and create, he gave us limbs to walk. The philosophy here is that true love is a gift from God to us. The purest kind of love that is not only given to us but allowed us to share with others as well.

Without a doubt, when people discuss that they are soulmates, they know there is a special spiritual connection between them. Their love is divine love. There is no definition to explain this pure kind of love but what I can say is that, if a man or a woman loves someone wholeheartedly then it means that the person is in divine love with you.

There is a time when only a soulmate will do.

All of this is just to make you happy, you deserve this special kind of divine, pure love where you give everything to your lover, even your soul!

📢 Conclusions 📢

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If you read the article I am sure you know what does it all concludes.

To fall in love with someone is nice and beautiful but if you have no idea that the other person is in love with me, then look for any of the signs that might help you find an answer.

Like the ones we just thoroughly discussed.

📝 Relevant Questions 📝

Q: How to tell if a man is not sure if he’s in love with me?

A: He acts nervously and awkwardly around you. He might keep asking himself repeatedly because he doesn’t know what love means to him. He’s unsure because of his nature. He can’t bring out the emotions so easily as you do.

Q: How to deal if a man doesn’t really love me?

A: Be patient, both in your heart and soul. Love is magic. It will happen when time is given to it. He might not really love you now, but later he surely will do so. Have faith in yourself because you are the most special person. And you deserve better, always.

Q: What do women need to pay attention to when dating a guy?

A: Your looks but most importantly your personality. If you pay attention to your personality then the guy will surely take more interest in you.

Q: What does a man love?

A: You. A woman. Your smile. Your charms. Your hair. Everything that is you. Both the inside and the outside. Man loves that.

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