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35 Signs A Man is Falling in Love: The Revelation

Men fall in love and have difficulty admitting their feelings, and sometimes they might not even realize that they are in love with someone.

It is no secret that men and women are different, and these differences affect the way they communicate with one another.

One of the most notable differences is that men often show their love for a woman in ways that are not always noticeable, leading to confusion.

This article will explore some of these signs and what you should expect if you notice them happening.

◉ Here are the 35 signs a man is falling in love

 1. He is always thinking about you

Thinking about you is one of the signs a man is falling in love A man is falling in love with you if he’s always thinking of you. And yes, it does not have to be the romantic way.

It can also be when he’s thinking about your opinion on every decision he makes. Or when all this time spent with you seems effortless to him.

It may just be that he has an urge to protect and defend you from the world for no apparent reason!

2. He wants to know everything about you

A man who wants to know everything about a woman is among the signs a man is falling in love with a woman.

But men who want to know everything about another woman, whether they are in an exclusive relationship, are not usually looking for love.

They often want to satisfy their curiosity and see if the other woman will be a suitable match for them.

3. He wants to spend as much time with you as possible

The most obvious sign a man is falling in love with a woman is when he wants to spend as much time together with you as possible.

He wants to see you, talk to you, and share every minute of his day with you. He may also want to know where you are going before the date even gets started, so there’s no chance of missing each other.

4. He never wants to leave your side

if you are trying to look for signs a man is falling in love with a woman, try to find whether they want to be by your side. Men are not very expressive of their feelings. Therefore, they might not tell you how they feel about you right away.

In the beginning, he may have just wanted to spend time with you because he enjoyed talking and hanging out with you. As time goes on, he may want to spend more and more time with you because he is in love with you.

5. He’s not afraid of letting his feelings be known to the world

Being in love is one of the most beautiful feelings that we encounter and one of the signs a man is falling in love.

Sometimes we feel this way for a long time before taking that step to show it to the world. And sometimes, we know it’s right, and we’re ready to take that next step.

This man is not the kind who fears expressing his feelings to the world, even if they are new. He feels he has found something worth fighting for, and the man knows he is authentic by showing it now more than ever.




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6. Every day, he falls more deeply in love with you

Every day, he falls more deeply in love with you is also one of the signs a man is falling in love with a woman. It’s common knowledge that most men fall in love when they see a woman who can make them feel good about themselves.

To do this, women often have to be intelligent, attractive, and witty. This means that if a man falls in love with you, he will want to spend time with you and won’t mind the little things anymore.

He will also find it challenging to keep his hands off you, which is the ultimate sign of his affection for you.

Signs A Man Is Falling In Love
Photo credit: Unsplash.com

7. He has to do things for you

One of the best ways to know if a man is falling in love with you is to look for signs.

It’s very natural for a man to want to do things for the person they are attracted to, so when a man does these things for you, it might be a sign that they are falling in love with you.

8. He compliments you constantly

Maybe you have met a great guy, and you’re not sure if he is interested in a long-term relationship or just being friendly. Please pay close attention to how he speaks to you and how he treats you.

If he pays attention to your needs (says thank you, offers to carry your bags, asks if he can do something for you), he might have feelings for you, and he loves you.

9. He becomes very protective of you

Men fall in love and are usually protective of the women they love. They go to great lengths to ensure their safety and well-being, even if it means putting themselves in danger.

This can be because he likes the girl or wants to gain her affection and show his care for her. He might also feel she needs his protection because she is not as strong as him.

It can show that he wants to take care of her and do anything to make sure she is safe and happy.

10. He wants to please you more often than before

So, you think he is falling in love with you? A man who wants to please you more often than before is a sign he is falling in love. It might not be so.

There are other explanations for his behavior change. When anyone gets into an intimate relationship, their behaviors change and reflect their new status quo with the person.

11. He listens attentively when other people talk about you

It is said that people listen attentively when others talk about them as a sign of love. And it can be proved that this is true most times.

This phenomenon has given birth to the saying, “Love is deaf.” Studies have shown that listening attentively to someone else shows respect and care for the other person.

It also shows that the listener is interested in what’s being said and wants to hear more.

12. He tries to give the impression that he is listening when you speak about yourself

The idea that someone is trying to give the impression that they are listening to you to get something from you in return. It is possible for this person not to have any ulterior motives and want to talk to you.

But if someone appears fascinated with the one talking and always wants more time, there is usually an ulterior motive and if he is a man, then is he slowly falling for you.

13. He has been putting more effort into his appearance lately

A man’s efforts to look more excellent and presentable in recent days can signify falling in love.

His actions might not be as apparent as a woman doing her makeup or getting a haircut, but the man usually gets the credit for putting more effort into his appearance.

The research found that men in love with someone put more effort into their appearance than before. They are more likely to wear clothing traditionally associated with the other gender.

When a guy puts more effort into his appearance, he does it as part of an overall plan to impress the woman he is interested in.

14. He treats you with kindness and care

If he’s treating you with more care and kindness than ever before. He’s always there when you need him and is always trying to include you in his activities.

He knows what makes you feel good and tries to do those things as often as he can. You can feel his love for you growing every day.

This man is falling in love with you, and it makes sense that he would want to treat you with more care because he cares about what happens to your feelings.

15. He respects your decisions and your opinions

A man who respects you does not change your mind or manipulate you into doing things. He is respecting your decisions and opinions hence one of the signs that a man is falling in love with you.

16. He always wants to make plans or arrangements for the future

The tendency to make plans and arrangements for the future is a way of controlling or predicting what we think will happen in the future.

We can see this as a sign a guy is falling in love. The person who does this can be compassionate and emotional about what their partner thinks about their thoughts and ideas.

A man who always wants to make plans or arrangements to have his time together as a sign of falling in love may not like to take risks.

He may wish to have everything planned out to feel more secure in his relationship with his partner.

17. He seems nervous sometimes with you

One common sign is that if a man seems nervous around you, this could show that he loves you.

However, it does not mean that a man will always be anxious around someone if they are falling in love with them – but this is a possibility, and it is worth keeping an eye out for.

18. He wants to help

A man asking for help with something because of a genuine desire to be of service to you is one sign he is falling in love with you.

A man will typically offer to help around the house, take the kids off your hands or make a cup of tea for you when he falls deeply in love and is more settled. This behavior changes when he falls in love with you.

19. He’s hot and cold

A man being hot and cold is among the undeniable signs that he likes you more than in a friendly way. He might not be sure if you want him or are just playing hard to get.

If he is doing this, it’s time to figure out if he loves you or not. It’s time to talk to him about your feelings for each other and see where the conversation goes from there.

20. He’s not afraid to be himself

The man’s fearlessness in expressing himself as a sign of love is because he feels that the other person will not judge him.

In the first stages of a relationship, people are typically at their most vulnerable and open. They feel comfortable being themselves with no fears of judgment from those they are with.

21. He gives you all his attention

If you observe that a man is giving you all of his attention, it could signify that he is falling in love with you. Men interested in the person they speak to will often make eye contact and listen closely to what they are saying.

They will also try to maintain physical proximity to the person and show signs of affection, like putting their arm around them or kissing them on the cheek when they fall deeply in love.


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22. He loves how weird you are

When a man loves, he will look for ways to please his loved one. If he likes something about you that is out of the ordinary, that could be a sign that he may fall in love with you.

A man could like how weird you are as a sign of him falling in love if this same trait has attracted him before and it’s something he finds attractive or unique about you.

He may not identify why because it’s not an obvious thing, but it certainly seems possible.

23. Your sex life is off the hook

One of the most recognizable signs of love is when a man’s sex life declines. It also happens when he has stopped looking for sex and instead has to look for emotional intimacy.

This is known as a “sexual honeymoon”, and it usually lasts about six months, which is the same time frame that couples spend together on average.

24. He’s a perfect gentleman

Some people think that being a perfect gentleman is a sure sign that he loves you. It’s hard to tell if this is true or not because it could be something they do for anyone. However, if someone does something thoughtful, wanting nothing in return, it could be because they care about you.

Photo credit: Unsplash.com

25. He can forgive and forget

Some people believe that forgiving and forgetting are signs of weakness and that the victim is not strong enough to retaliate. It is difficult for humans to forget and forgive quickly. Forgiveness can be seen as an act of treason or as a sign of being weak. However, some believe that forgiveness and forgetting are a sign of strength to show one’s love.

26. He’ll take you home

A man taking you home to see people in his life, friends, and family means he is interested in you. Men will often take a woman home from a date or party, and this is the best way to know if he loves you. If he insists on driving, then it’s more likely that he has some interest in you.

The point of a date is to get to know each other, so perhaps the man wants to be with you outside of an environment where there may be distractions (in public) or pressure (at your house).

27. He doesn’t stop talking about you to other people

A man talking about you to other people in his life shows he cares about what people think of him in your presence. He wants to be seen as a great guy who can love and attract a girl like you and make you happy or feel lucky to have him around.

When men talk about their partners, they seek validation from other people to feel better themselves. He’s putting himself out there and wants others’ approval.

28. He can’t stand still

If a man is constantly tapping his fingers on his leg or bouncing on the balls of his feet. He can’t keep still. When he sees a woman, he likes and wants to get to know better, he might be so sure that he’s in love that something changes in his brain and mental health.

Brain imaging and mental health studies show that when a man falls in love, the part of the brain called the nucleus accumbens lights up with activity when they see a woman they are attracted to. This causes them to experience mental health distraction and an intense desire for her and do everything they can to win her over.”

29. His smile says it all

Smiling is non-verbal communication, and it is a social norm to see someone smiling. The person may be happy or not happy, but the smile says that he is in love.

30. He only has eyes for you

If he’s looking or staring at you with intense interest, this can be a sign that your man is in love with you. He might also look at you when he thinks no one else will notice.

The way we look at people says so much about our feelings for them, and it’s easy to tell if someone is in love just by the way they stare.

31. Brings you his friends and family

A man bringing you his friends as a sign he is in love is the most common example of a man trying to convince you he loves you. A man in love may be tempted to show his partner his feelings by bringing his friends as a sign of love.

This is a prevalent behavior when people are in love with each other. The friends will usually be invited to dinner or the movies, and a couple of them will spend time together.

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32. Share and tell his story

A man shares a story with his girlfriend to show that he is in love. He believes this is a sign because he cannot stop thinking about her and remembers every little detail about their relationship which makes a man fall in love.

Most couples experience feelings of love and infatuation where they are always thinking about the other person. This can lead to them wanting to tell their story or share details of what’s going on in their lives, so the other person is always up-to-date.

33. Invites you to his home to see his family

For many men, inviting you home and showing you to his family is the ultimate sign of affection. It means that they are ready to settle down and have plans for their life with you.

This can be seen as an essential step in starting a family together and makes you fall in love faster. It may also be an opportunity for him to introduce you to his parents, which can be seen as quite serious.

34. Your happiness is his happiness

Women have often said the above statement. The idea is that if a man loves you, he will want to make you happy. For example, he will be excited to buy flowers for her or text her every day.

Some men may feel happy when they can make their significant others happy. They love the feeling of making her happy, like the thought of being a hero who rescued someone or accomplished something great.

35. He gives more and takes less

The first sign that a guy is falling in love is when he gives more and takes less. This is not the love that we usually talk about. This kind of love refers to the man’s behavior towards women or the inability to behave like a jerk around women.




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