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Habits for A Healthy Morning Routine!

Most of us are trying every day to increase our rate of productivity around the clock. Yet many factors can decelerate that process. Waking up in a bitter mood or having an argument early in the morning will no doubt lead to a slow day. But you cannot always avoid these influences. So let’s focus on what you can control and can help you have a fruitful day. A healthy morning routine. Your mental and physical health, and overall how you spend your day is greatly dependent on how you choose to start your day. Here are a few morning routine habits that can help you enrich your morning and day.

1. Making Your Bed and Cleaning up Yesterday’s Clutter

Making Your Bed and Cleaning up Yesterday’s Clutter
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Sounds like a drag, but the way to a healthy, clutter-less mind is to clean up the physical litter around you. Cleaning up every day, will not only give you a cleaner home but reduce the amount of cleaning work you have pending for later. You can also amp up your sleep hygiene routine, and wake up with a fresh feeling every day. A little physical activity right out of the bed will also get your blood pumping, giving you the energy you need throughout the day and also helping you enjoy your breakfast better.

2. A Healthy Breakfast a Day will Keep the Laziness Away

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Speaking of breakfasts, a healthy breakfast will carry you a long way through the day. While most working people tend to skip their daily breakfast, whether it is to save time or cut out the calories. It has a lot more consequences. A high-protein breakfast not only cuts your cravings for snacks during the day but also helps in weight loss.

There is a big gap between yesterday’s dinner and the next day’s lunch and being able to properly function till then, will burn a lot of your power. You do not have to spend an hour cooking yourself a full, heavy breakfast. Have cereal for Monday, maybe toast and eggs for Tuesday, a healthy sandwich, or a bowl of salad for the next. Anyhow going for processed food or an unhealthy breakfast might lead to the opposite and further slow you down.

3. Drinking-Water and a Warm Beverage

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We all know how proper hydration is a major focus to better fitness. But how many times has it been that you are working till 2 in the afternoon and you come to realize you haven’t had a single sip? This is why many practices place a jug of water at their bedside table. Drinking a glass of water in the morning will help you form a habit of hydrating yourself throughout the day and also wash away toxins refreshing you.

Another healthy morning habit that the mass vouches for is having a warm beverage every morning. You can go for a minimal amount of caffeine with tea or coffee if you feel sluggish. However, there’s nothing more soothing and refreshing that can gear up your day, than a warm cup of lemon and honey water or an herbal or green tea. These beverages are also toxin-washing, increase your metabolism for the day, and also aids in burning calories.

4. Meditating and Getting in Touch with Your Inner-Self

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Meditation has too many benefits to forgo. If your profession prohibits you from having the time to exercise or meditate in the morning. Wake up an hour earlier. Bathe in the warm sunlight, play some refreshing music if you like, and meditate. Praying or even performing breathing exercises can work wonders. Did you know that these can not only help you center yourself and attain a peaceful mindset but can also help your anxiety, stress, and even in lowering your blood pressure?


5. Stretching

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Many of us with non-laborious work or a desk job, tend to suffer from a bad back or an achy neck and even suffer from spondylitis. Even when you are waking up from your sleep, having nerve pain due to a bad sleeping position is very much probable and all of us have faced so.

Stretching in the morning caters to all of these problems, and further improves blood circulation throughout the body, improves posture, and even is a preventive measure to future injuries. Even a few minutes of stretching when you get out of bed will help you reap the fruits. Do you want to further boost these benefits? Draw up your yoga mat and add yoga to your daily morning routine.


6. Walk or Work out

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Your goal is to get as sweaty as you can in the morning. Do not of course overdo it and exhaust yourself causing yourself muscle pain that may leave counter effects. If you have a gym membership, start hitting the gym early in the morning. If you are not working out person go for an early morning walk, jog or run. Take your dog or even family members with you, as you’d like. The later you leave exercising for the day, the lesser chances it has of actually being done. Moreover, these habits keep you energized throughout, improving how you spend your day, and also help with depression or stress. And remember to finish your exercise before your breakfast.

7. Checking Your Weight

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Studies show that people who regularly check their weight in the morning are better fit and lose weight quicker than those who don’t. And since you are weighing yourself first thing in the morning without counting the recent meal weight, it is also the time where you can get the most accurate weight. It will help you stay motivated throughout the day to also stick to your diet.

These steps will ensure a healthy body and a healthy mind. You will have days you relapse, you will have days you get out of your bed late. However, as long as you resume your daily healthy morning routine the very next day, you are good to go. And honor this that the knowledge will not help, unless you are actually putting it to action.

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