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Eat These Protein Superfoods For Breakfast

Did you know that you ought to be having protein for breakfast?

Protein foods are one of the most important food groups needed by the human body. It serves as the building blocks of life. One needs protein in one’s diet to repair the cells in the body and make new ones. Proteins are responsible for healthy bones, muscles, and skin allowing for better movements and activities. A strong immune system is highly achievable with the proper consumption of foods rich in protein.

Studies showed that protein can also help in losing weight. People who eat loads of proteins during breakfast have higher chances of reducing mindless snacking. Moreover, protein-packed breakfast can also help control the appetite of a person due to a fuller feeling experienced throughout the day. This reaction of the body towards a high-protein breakfast may be accounted for the effects of proteins on the hormones signaling the brain to regulate one’s appetite and hunger.

With the numerous advantages of proteins in the human body, it is very necessary to have knowledge on the protein-rich foods and supplements that can be included in one’s diet, especially during breakfast.

Some of the most common source of the protein includes oatmeal, yogurt, beans, eggs, and nuts. Other protein-rich foods which are highly beneficial to one’s health were as follows:


spirulina superfood

Spirulina is a kind of blue-green algae found in the sea. It is packed with essential nutrients needed by the body. One of its most notable compositions is its protein content which is around 60 percent by weight. The protein contained in Spirulina is said to be the best protein since it contains all the essential amino acids needed by the body to function properly. Moreover, being a plant-based source of complete protein, Spirulina serves as an ideal dietary supplement.


Kombucha is a functional beverage made from fermented and sweetened black or green tea. This popular drink is believed to comprise of several essential nutrients needed by the body to grow strong and healthy. Continuous studies are being conducted to prove and to regulate its healthy benefits. However, reports from users claimed that this fermented drink has already shown great, positive changes in one’s body.

These benefits include the enhancement of one’s well-being, the increase in energy, and the effect on weight loss. Kombucha has also shown a great role as an ideal probiotic drink for those struggling with a bacterial infection such as Candida.


Emmer belongs to the wheat family of annual grasses. It consists of grains enclosed by strong glumes and husks. Others refer to emmer as rice wheat, starch wheat, or two-grained spelt. This very special treat offers high protein ranging to about 22 percent. It is also rich in fiber, magnesium, and other vitamins.

Emmer is low in calorie content making it a better and healthier option for vegetarians or for people who wants plant-based protein food source. Emmer is a good addition to one’s breakfast as it comes in the form of bread, biscuits, and grains in soups.

Black Radish

Black radish is the larger type of radish encased in a black or brown skin. It can be eaten and enjoyed raw or cooked depending on the desired preparation.

Studies showed that the black radish is an excellent source of essential nutrients such as vitamins, potassium, iron, and magnesium. They also yield complete protein source which highly improves the quality of health and diet.

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Bone Broth

Bone broth has been a breakthrough in protein supplementation in the body. This add-on to the diet can be easily prepared to improve one’s health in a myriad of ways. One can procure higher immunity due to the presence of high amounts of amino acids. It can also promote weight loss and healthy guts because of the amino acids present.

The knowledge about the human body and its functions allow one to know how Nutrisystem works. These helpful facts make people more aware of the things that could promote better health. Moreover, these help people in choosing the best and the worst options they could include in their own diet plans. The food one eats, as well as the activities one performs, will greatly play a big role in determining the health and wellness of an individual in the years to come.

Always remember, health is wealth!

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