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A Frugal Guide to Used Car Purchases

buy used carSo what’s it going to be? Spend money on a NEW car or should you save some cash and buy a used car? Knowing that gas prices are going to $4/gallon in the US, you know my recommendation. I think you should cut back on both sides. If you don’t NEED a car, learn to use public transportation.

If a car is a necessary evil, please (!!!) learn how to buy a used car before heading to the car dealer or private seller. Your money problems will expand 10-fold if you buy a lemon.

Life Learning Today does a good job of listing out what to look for in your used car search. There is too much to list so I will share my favorite section and rely on you to read the rest at their site.

Read on at How to Buy a Used Car – a Frugal Guide by Life Learning Today

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