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How to Choose the Best Pizza Oven to Purchase?

Is this question bugging you lately? Do you want to know more before jumping in to purchase? Good decision! Because we’re here to help.

Choosing the right pizza oven is a lot to think about but this article will lay down all the cards for you to help you come up with the right decision.

Each and every one of us has a unique way of life, that is the main reason why the right oven for us might not be the right one for you. So make sure to analyze carefully depending on your environment, needs, and preference.

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Best Place to Buy a Pizza Oven?

Buying a pizza oven is not as easy as buying a shirt in the mall. It’s a decision you need to think about carefully. Here are three different choices where you can buy a pizza oven.

Order it Online

Ordering a pizza oven online happens to be the most convenient way to buy. Order online and wait for it to be delivered. Most of the time, online vendors offer free shipping which can give you a whole lot of saving not just in your money but your time as well.

When purchasing online you have to be very cautious of your transaction and make sure to transact only from legit websites. Scams are one of the most common drawbacks we have from purchasing online. Always visit a secure website to ensure safety in every online transaction you make.


If you want something that’s legit and secure, go the extra mile of going direct to the manufacturer and purchase there. This step doesn’t always work because most of the company/manufacturer does not do retail sales, they have a distributor that’s buying their products as a wholesale deal.

Buy Locally

This is simply the old school of purchasing things we need. We go to the mall, buy the item there and go! One of the biggest drawbacks about going the old style is the inconvenience of transporting what you bought home.

The disadvantage of buying from a nearby supplier or mall is the limitation of product availability. Supplier’s stock levels are often thinner than online sellers so you may be caught up with what is left or with what is available at the time of your visit.

Your local dealers can pre-order your desired model for you but that could be a process you need to wait about. Pre-ordering to your dealer could take up to months of waiting as they order their stocks in bulk.

Most likely they will deliver your pre-ordered item along with the replenishment of the next batch.

Is Purchasing a Pizza Oven a Good Decision?

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Are you on the hunt for a perfect outdoor pizza oven that can fit in your garden forever whatever the weather? Do you have this innate love for cooking or baking and love the idea of having a go-to oven anytime you want to bake something?

Do you like the idea of having a wood-fired pizza oven or just the portable one? If your answer to all of this is yes then it definitely is worth it!

Owning a pizza oven for personal or home use can be considered an investment. Choose the high-quality one that you may never have to buy another ever again in your lifetime. That’s why we’re here, we help you choose the best!

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◉ Pizza Oven Price Range

The pizza oven’s price range is broad. Prices will vary depending on the burning technology it uses, air ventilation control, and overall material used.

Price could start at £100 for a basic suitable for home used pizza oven. Price can go as high as £5,000 for a commercial-grade pizza oven that is commonly used for pizza restaurants.

Pizza oven features will depend on how much you are willing to spend. The bigger the budget the more advanced pizza oven you can get.

Pizza oven advanced features may cost a bit more, know if you need these advancements or if this would be helpful for you.

Otherwise you can stick to the basic which is the more affordable one. Advance features are made to amplify convenience to the customer so weigh your judgment based on the cost and the convenience it could bring.

Best Pizza Ovens Feature To Look For

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Qualities of the Best Pizza Oven

With the presence of technological advancement that we have today, a lot of different variants of pizza ovens are now available in the market for you to choose from so you have to be fully informed before finally purchasing one.

Oven Size

The oven size that is appropriate for you will have to depend on what kind of meal you plan on baking in that oven. If you plan to have it exclusive for pizza use or as a multi-purpose use of your oven towards other meals like meat, veggies, or bread.

Pizza ovens have different sizes to choose from and they have unique features you have to look for. For the purpose of cooking only for your family a pizza at home, a small portable pizza oven would be ideal.

Most of these small ovens can fit 12 inch to 16 inches round pizza sizes inside. Remember to measure your pizza peel and pizza stone inside to make sure it will fit.

A good pizza sometimes needs to be turned around so make sure you have room to turn it inside the oven.

Common Portable Pizza Oven Size:

Some of the portable pizza oven that there is can barely fit the pizza peel. Choose one that can provide a little more room to your pizza peel from just barely sliding in and out of your oven.

Keep in mind the pizza size you are planning to cook so you’ll know if it will fit in or not.

A larger oven is essential if you intend to use your oven to prepare for a bigger event or if you are planning to use it for business. 

You can include in your option the larger oven if you have ample space with you.  However, you will be limited to a small oven if you have tiny space available.

Learn about the oven’s dimensions carefully before the purchase.

Remember that the size of your oven will dictate the capacity it can hold. Think of how many pizzas you are most likely to make base on your purpose in buying a pizza oven.

Portable pizza oven cooks fast and larger ovens may require a little more time so don’t forget to consider timing as well.

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Companies now produce pizza ovens that are not just durable but sleek and beautiful as well. The designs are now becoming better to match the customer’s outdoor landscaping style.

Enthusiasts nowadays love the idea of outdoor cooking.

Some of the designs are metallic designs and rustic brick ones. Think carefully about what style to go for, choose the one that will complement the theme that you have at home.

Designs to look for in a Pizza Oven

Dome Style

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Dome-style is the commonly used style for a pizza oven as it derives from the style of the original brick oven that is dome in shape to cover the burning fire inside that cooks the pizza perfectly.

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Boxed Style

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The boxed-style pizza oven is made practically to save space. Pizza ovens in this style often are portable and easy to carry around.

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This could be the most important factor to consider in purchasing a pizza oven. This would say a lot about the product’s durability.

There are materials used that could last a lifetime and with that prepare to pay a hefty amount. Paying a serious amount of money for a product that could last a lifetime only means value for what you’ve paid for or an investment.

In choosing an outdoor pizza oven, you have to consider the weather it has to endure.

The summer heat, getting wet outside a rainy season, and the blistering cold of the winter. Find a pizza oven that can withstand all that without getting dilapidated as time goes by.

Materials that are often used in Pizza Ovens

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel ovens are now in the trend because of how portable they can get. The manufacturer produces a prefabricated pizza oven made of stainless steel that can perform equally well as the traditional oven but is way more affordable in price.

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High Quality Metal Steel

Other manufacturers use high-grade metal steel that can be a great alternative to stainless steel in terms of durability and design flexibility.


Fiberglass is now also being used as a primary material in a pizza oven which is great in giving a flawless outside look while having the same quality towards the heat retention inside the oven.

The good thing about prefabricated ovens or the oven that is commercially produced is the assurance that these products underwent extensive product development which means every pizza oven that they are launching in the market is within the high-quality standards.


This would make or break your pizza literally! Too much fire can give you a burnt pizza while a sloppy pizza can cook you a soggy pizza. Knowing the right fuel type to use is one of the most important pieces of information you need to understand.

Propane Gas

This option would be the most convenient fuel to use. All you need to do is to attach the oven to a gas tank and you’re done. With this, using propane gas can give you a consistent fire that is very easy to control. Commercially used ovens often use propane gas to cope up with the demand fast.

Propane Gas Temperature

Making it hot enough to reach the ideal 500 c which can cook your pizza within only 60 seconds. 500 c or 932 f is the ideal temperature inside the oven for you to achieve a crispy base and evenly cooked pizza.

Sixty to ninety seconds are the ideal cooking time for your pizza provided that you pre-heated the oven with such high temperatures.

Most of the pizza oven has built-in thermometer or a temperature monitor so achieving the ideal heat would be easy as well as in maintaining the cooking temperature.

This fuel is perfect for commercial use where you need to cook multiple pizzas at once. Using propane gas can supply the needed heat at a very stable source however let’s not forgot how costly it can get if you’ll use propane gas as the main fuel of your oven.

Using this as a fuel also emits very light smoke to none. The risk of burning your pizza can also be reduced. One of the disadvantages of using propane gas as your fuel is the lack of smoky flavor it can add to your pizza.

The wood-fired aroma can elevate the authentic flavor we’ve all been looking for in our pizza which suddenly will be missing a bit here.

Wood – Fired Pizza Oven

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Woods are the most commonly used fuel when it comes to wood-fired ovens. Nowadays wood pellets are used as an alternative to woods especially to small-sized portable ovens that there are.

Advantage of using Wood as a Fuel

The wood aroma brings a distinct wood-fired flavor to your pizza like nothing else can. The authentic wood-fired oven uses hardwoods as fuel specifically oak wood or apple tree wood.

Disadvantage of using Wood as a Fuel

One of the disadvantages of using this as a fuel is the difficulty in controlling the cooking temperature inside. Once the fire build-up gets extremely huge, the temperature inside may burn your pizza so you have to act fast in controlling the build-up of fire every now and then to prevent burning your pizza.


Maintenance of the oven could be another thing, cleaning out the ashes inside and keeping it dry. When you choose a pizza oven that is fueled by woods, make sure to learn the proper way of cleaning them.

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Using wood charcoal can bring the heat up at an incredibly faster phase which means cooking your pizza faster. Charcoal can produce crisp pizza dough and evenly cooked toppings. Partnering charcoal to an appropriate pizza oven can give the benefit of classic wood-fired pizza quality.

Advantage of using Charcoal

Charcoal can be sourced easily, you can purchase wood charcoal from almost every grocery store. Another advantage you get is getting the same wood aromatic flavor as you get in the traditional wood-fired pizza oven.

Disadvantage of using Charcoal

Burning charcoal has a tendency to be very smoky that can feel uncomfortable for some. Excessive smoke produces substances that are clogging the chimney which can cause a problem in the long run. Due to its aggressive burning, it tends to transfer small particles of its ashes to your pizza which is a bit messy.


There are some portable pizza ovens that are multi-fuel which means the oven can be gas-powered or can use wood pellets as fuel or charcoal. Gas or wood can be easily interchanged into some pizza ovens but there are some that can only use one.

Some models of portable pizza ovens have a built-in connector to a gas tank where you can just plug in the hose from the oven to the tank. Alternatively, you can use the wood pellet that will work perfectly fine without the help of the propane gas in there.

Advantage of Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

Flexibility to choose in creating your best pizza, convenience if you choose gas, and wood-fired if you are craving for the authentic smoky pizza flavor.

Gas and wood-fired pizza are two different things but thanks to today’s technology both can work interchangeably.

Cooking quality pizza depends on a stable fire consistency with the temperature inside where both wood pellets and gas burner can provide.

The best pizza oven is not the one that has the most expensive source of fuel it is the one that has the capability to do more with much lesser maintenance needs.

Choosing the right fuel type to use can be overwhelming. That’s why we are here.

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