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Career Versus Family: Do We Have to Choose?

While women have always been scrutinized for choosing career over their families, today, the same can be said for men as well. This means that the social scales have tipped towards the middle.

But, how can someone raise a family while nurturing a career? Here’s what you should consider when balancing work and family.

Family status

family vs career

The first question that anyone should ask themselves when considering a career over their family is what their current family status is like.

Does the family have enough resources to provide for everyone if one of them goes off to hone their skills and travel the world in the name of his company?

Raising a family takes much more than putting money on the table. The presence (or lack thereof) of a family member can be felt and it can cause great changes in the family.

If a single person is considering whether he wants to raise a family or focus on his career, he should always think about where he wants to see himself down the line.

Which picture seems more attractive? A CEO’s chair or two children holding your hands?

Having both is not an impossibility but for this, you would need a very strong support system in the form of a dedicated spouse or parents who will take up the slack when your business needs your 100% focus.

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Monthly income

Feeding children and paying the bills can take a toll on your monthly income. Even if both you and your spouse are working, it might be impossible to sustain a bigger family.

You might have to give up a lot of your spare time in order to provide enough attention to your child if you choose to raise a family. Opting for the career path will have different consequences, however. You might end up with a lot of spare money that you won’t know how to spend, leaving you lonely and depressed.

Social bias

The most important thing you need to understand is that people will judge you no matter what you do. If you choose a career over raising a family, people will call you selfish and cruel. If you choose raising a family, you will also be judged if you are a poor provider.

Social biases are determined by your local environment and the predominant social layer of that particular area.

Raising children

Some will tell you that raising a child comes naturally. You will find your footing down the line and come out on top. While a child will grow up, either way, the question is what kind of a person will he become?

Putting too much faith in chance and the goodwill of those around you can have devastating consequences if you try and raise a child while also catering to your career. People who try and raise a child while also nourishing a career in an area such as surgery, law or even law enforcement, can have problematic relationships with their children.

Being with a spouse who is understanding and supportive is a must.

Many will argue that raising a child is much more demanding than simply building a career. It takes much more time and effort, often ending in a complete sacrifice of spare time and personal leisure. In turn, your child will always be there for you and help you when you are older– which we all become sooner or later.

Long-term results

In the end, the question that each of us needs to ask ourselves is what do we want out of life? Do we want to see children running around our backyard, laughing and playing with their friends or do we want an expensive, single life and traveling the world?

The question is certainly a difficult one and much more complex.

All of us are given a life to live however we want and know best. It’s up to us what we do with it and where we go from there.

For some, children represent a step backward and a huge detriment. For others, however, having a child is the best thing in the world, no matter how difficult it can sometimes be.

Asking yourself if you have to choose between a family and a career is often arbitrary. Many people choose both and end up sacrificing a bit of each down the line. This can result in being absent from important milestones in your children’s lives or missing out on promotions and other forms of career advancement.

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Try talking to your family and spouse before doing anything as impactful as choosing between the two. Whichever you choose and whatever you decide, they will be the important people in your life who will be supporting you and cheering you on.

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