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5 Ways to Balance Work and Family Time Even if You’re a Workaholic

There is nothing as fulfilling as reaping the fruit of your labor. All those long hours at work, and countless meetings, phone calls and emails may have made you successful in your career but your family had to pay the price for it. You hardly spend time with your wife anymore. And your kids are growing up knowing less and less about you.

Striking a balance between work and your family can be a challenge but, as it is with everything challenging, there is a way out. With proper structuring of your habits and daily routines you’ll be able to create enough time to spend with your family.

You’ll no longer have to miss out on precious moments and getting to know your kids. In the end, you’ll be glad you made the change.

  1. Reassess Your Priorities


The first step to finding a balance is to review your priorities. What do you value the most: Bagging a new business deal or being able to partake in special moments in your kids’ lives?

The change begins when you realize that there is something more important in life than work. You could lose your job tomorrow but you’ll get a chance to have another. But when you lose your family, you lose a part of you. You’ll spend your life with a void that only a family can fill.

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  1. Delegate Responsibilities

One of the reasons many men end up workaholics is because they are dead scared of delegation. I know, I was scared too. It’s a trust issue and you need to shake it off and realize that there are many others who can do it just as good as you can. Or, even better. You need to explore the massive benefits of delegation.

Are there tasks that you can delegate? Most times, unknown to you, you may be doing work that is not significant. Take on major tasks but delegate minor or shallow tasks effectively to ease your workload.

Once you see your operations running smoothly and your staff effectively handling the tasks delegated to them, ignore the temptation to micro-manage. Use this time instead to be with your family more.

  1. Schedule Time For Your Family

Every time you write your to-do list, factor in a special slot for your family. Yes, put family time on your schedule. Use reminders on your phone if possible and engage technology.

The idea is to avoid doing anything work-related during the time you set aside for your family.

  1. Restrict The Amount Of Work You Bring Home

Just because you’re at home doesn’t actually mean that you’re spending quality time with your family if what you’re doing in reality is working anyways. Your focus could be on your work even though physically you’re at home. It’s as good as not seeing your family at all.

Your family wants you to be physically AND emotionally present with them.  They want and need your love and attention.

If at all possible, leave work in the office when you go home. This will give you the opportunity to fully dedicate your time and attention to your family.

  1. Set Limits

Are you taking on more jobs than you’re meant to? Learn to say “no” when someone asks you to take on an extra project and begin to set boundaries.

Although the more projects is generally good, there should be a limit on what you can and cannot handle. You need to realize that every minute devoted to work is less time from your family.

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So the next time you are faced with a multitude of new projects, or having to postpone that long-planned trip, think again. I hope you decide that the family is a priority. Every good man is only as good as the attention he gives his family.


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