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Argon Tableware Pizza Peel Review – Is it any Good?

Argon Tableware Pizza Peel Overview

Argon Tableware
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Looks/ Appearance 4.6/5.0

Functionality  5.0 /5.0

Ease of use 5.0/5.0

This blog post is about the new Argon Tableware Pizza Peel by the top tier argon tableware company. I am not a chef, but I do like to cook and bake from time to time.

It took me a while before I felt comfortable using my pizza peel, but now that I know how it works, it’s one of those things that makes life in the kitchen easier for me.

The Argo Tableware Pizza Peel has been designed with your needs in mind- no more scraping your fingers on the dough or getting burned by hot pans while trying to flip slices of pizza.

A lot of people are asking, “Is this any good?” “Is it worth it?” So if you’re looking for an answer to that question. You’ve hit the jackpot. You’re in the right place, so read till the end because, in this quick review, we will help you make your mind.

You see, people who love to cook and those in the restaurant business know that this is a great time of the year for pizza.

In fact, it’s always a good time for pizza. Pizza is one food that everyone can agree on-even picky eaters.

This means you only need one recipe, and you’ll have something different every night until the end of the month.

But what if your standard round flat baking sheet isn’t cutting it? Your dish might not be as evenly cooked or aesthetically pleasing with thicker crusts. If this sounds like your problem, Argon Tableware Pizza Peel may be an option worth exploring.

Argon Tableware has been manufacturing high-quality tableware products since 1982 in Italy.

Their new product is argon tableware aluminum pizza peel with a blade of 31cm and 36 cm in terms of dimension and 61 cm in height plus the wooden handle. Another material used to make the argon tableware pizza peel is wood. The brand featured in this review is colour brown.

What is so Awesome about the Argon Tableware Pizza Peel?

The Argon Tableware Pizza Peel is one of the best pizza peels in the game, and it stands out from its competitors in many ways, thus making it awesome.

In fact, if you’re looking for the best way to transport your pizza pastry or pie into and out of the oven like how they do it in Italy, then you should get Argon Tableware Pizza Peel. Here’s why the argon tableware pizza peel is awesome.

Photo: amazon.co.uk

◉ Flexible and Versatile

The argon tableware pizza peel is great to use for home kitchen and also an amazing tool for restaurants, and you should add it to your crockery collection because it’s flexible and versatile.

If you’re looking for the perfect tool to make even your most creative pizzas, search no more because the argon tableware is just for smashing a whole variety of toppings into place. These include the blade crafted from tough aluminum alloy, while its handle is made from natural wood to balance performance with sustainability values.

The argon tableware pizza peel can also be used in a wide range of cooking applications. From roasting potatoes and flipping pancakes to chopping herbs on salads. Whether it’s mealtime or snack time, there are many ways this versatile product will get you what you need. In fact, you can use it to slice up your pizza into juicy triangular pieces.

◉ Ensures Safety

The long wooden handle of the argon tableware pizza peel keeps hands far away from the roaming blazing heat that can easily cause dangerous harm and burns. This is a huge help, especially if you’re a short person and you’re having trouble reaching the furthest part of the oven. This top tier product pares back your chances of harming yourself while cooking pizza. It puts your family safety first.

◉ Stainless Blade and Dishwasher Safe

Another great thing about the argon tableware pizza peel is that it comes with a stainless blade. This feature is great because it makes cleaning the argon tableware easy to clean.

What’s more, it’s dishwasher safe; hence you don’t have to worry about cleaning it in your dishwasher. The fact that it is dishwasher safe makes it outdo its competitors.

◉ Large Blade Size

You’re the master chef in your homestead. You work tirelessly to create dishes that make people happy and food they can’t get enough of. It’s grueling, but it’s worth it because you know a good pizza deserves a great tool.

And now, with the new Argon Tableware Aluminum Pizza Peel, you’ve found just what you need. This pizza peel is designed for maximum comfort and performance so that all your hard work goes into making perfect pies every time — not awkward mistakes in between guests enjoying dinner.

Take hold of the wooden handle for safe use, plus its durable yet super light end piece will glide right across crusts or flour-covered surfaces without any added noise from scraping against subflooring or cabinet doors like other models.

You can also use it for cutting your pizza into triangle-shaped slices or battering zucchini on the fly.

◉ Easy to Use

Everybody loves pizza, don’t they? And what do you need to make a tasty slice of pizza? A piece of dough shaped like a rectangle.

Here’s the question: What is the best way to get that piece of dough onto an oven-hot baking sheet without it sticking or falling apart into pieces?

You guessed it! It needs something to help lift and transfer—like this aluminum, dishwasher safe, food-grade, rustproof Argon Tableware pizza peel.

The argon tableware pizza blade is what you need to turn and transfer pizza in and out of the oven.

The argon tableware pizza peel is also easy to use, thanks to its design. Whip up your favorite pie with this peel and add some good old-fashioned flavor with this all-in-one product for cooking perfection.

◉ Amazing Traditional Sleek Design

The argon tableware pizza peel has an outstanding traditional sleek design, thus proving that kitchen appliances can be of great build and quality and look amazing. The aluminum material is amazing.

And the blade is perfectly made to enter your oven perfectly with ease and no struggle. This is also amazing because it helps your pizza pastry or pie to maintain its shape as you place it in and out of the oven. The shape of the pizza is essential, and you should not damage it. I mean, who wants their pizza dismantled and shapeless no one, right?. Well, the argon tableware helps you maintain that. The wood color in this brand is brown.

Photo: amazon.co.uk

◉ Large Surface

Another great feature that makes the argon tableware pizza peel awesome is its large surface area.

This peel is large enough and will handle any pie you throw at it. It can accommodate any pizza, whether large or small, unlike its competitors with small surfaces.

But this is not good news if you have a small oven. For this reason, make sure to counter-check the size of your oven before purchasing the argon tableware pizza peel. This way, you can ensure that it will fit your oven perfectly and it’s not big.

◉ Amazing Customer Service

Another thing that makes the argon tableware pizza peel awesome is that this company has outstanding customer service, and they will take care of the inquiries properly. This is a bonus feature, which most of the online reviews fail to mention. They are the best pizza peel-making company with the most caring customer service I have ever seen. They are professional, and you can contact them anytime.

◉ Lightweight and Stable

The argon tableware is lightweight and great for lifting and transporting pizza from the oven, thanks to the aluminum material. Also because it’s a porcelain-type pizza peel.

What’s more, the argon tableware pizza peel has a very sturdy built, thus making it stable and long-lasting. Once you buy it, you don’t have to worry about replacing your pizza peel every other year.

◉ Natural Heat Resistant

Here’s another great feature about the argon tableware pizza peel. It is a natural heat-resistant peel thanks to its aluminum and sturdy wooden handle.

This stainless steel and wood of the argon tableware ensure that it can handle the heat from the oven or grill without burning you. The wooden handle makes it comfortable to use while cooking, thus a great tool for making pizzas, bread, cookies, pies, and more. This company is professional and values and ensures you and your family’s safety.

Photo: amazon.co.uk

◉ Proper Weight Distribution

The best thing about the argon tableware pizza peel is that it is well built and has a proper weight distribution. This feature separates the argon tableware from other pizza peels.

The proper weight distribution helps your pizza transfer a walk in the park. This peel saves you from unwanted burns and damaging your pizza.

The weight distribution on this pizza peel makes it easy to use and less likely to break under pressure.

◉ Durability

The argon tableware is well built and durable. Thus great for both home and professional restaurant use. This peel will last you a lifetime thanks to the strong wood as well.

This pizza peel is made of high-quality stainless steel. It’s the perfect tool for making authentic Italian pizzas. The blade is strong and well built, so it can handle any dough without bending or breaking. The length of this peel makes for easy handling and safe use, while the beveled edge allows you to slide your pizza into a hot oven with ease.

◉ 2-year Warranty

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s not. The argon tableware comes with a two-year warranty. Amazing right?

So you can replace it in case of anything during the warranty window period.

◉ Affordable

Luckily the argon tableware is pretty affordable compared to other pizza peels. This model has a starting-off price of $16.99 only. And for this price its like your getting it for free.

If you want to cook your pizza as they do in Rome in the most famous restaurants, we highly recommend argon tableware aluminum pizza peel if you want to feel and replicate that pizza taste.

Argon tableware should be your to-go-to pizza pee whether you are cooking in your kitchen or at an outdoor party. This peel is essential for any chef.

This stainless pizza peel gives you a wide range of options for cooking your pizza. It is great for picking up and rotating pizzas in the oven, then moving them to the plate when served.

The Argon Tableware Pizza Peel is a great tool for any pizza lover. The large blade makes it easy to move pizza from the oven to the table. The product is also useful for other foods, such as bread and pastries, and can be used in place of a spatula when serving cookies and cakes.

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The Downside of Argon Tableware Pizza Peel

◉ Storage Problem

The only downside of the argon tableware pizza peel is that it has a large blade which makes it hard to store, and it might not fit small ovens.

Also, this model doesn’t come with the important peel feature like the foldable handle because of its lower price. Hopefully, the company will review this and include it with newer models in the future. And it should also come in a colour variety.

But still, at its asking price, you shouldn’t ask for more because it’s worth it, especially when you have large kitchen space and enough space at home to store this toy. This downside is a no-brainer because it’s number one in its category.


Here is our verdict. The argon pizza peel is one of a kind. It has way more to offer for its asking price, so we highly recommend it. Add this toy not to your collection today. Our review is honest. and we try to review brands that are legit. Our rating for the argon tableware pizza peel is a 4.6 rating.

👍 Pros

👎 Cons

🏷 Price


Amazing bowls and plates are amazing dining crockery but your set is not complete without argon tableware.

If you’re looking for a pizza peel, Argon Tableware has the solution. This is one of many kitchen items they offer, and from what we can see, it looks like this company really knows their stuff.

We recommend that if you need to replace your current pizza peels with something better or even want to start by purchasing new ones, check out these products at the argon-tableware company. You won’t regret it, just as you’ve seen in this and many other reviews online.

Not only does it ensure your safety, but also long-lasting and easy to clean.

The Argon Tableware Pizza Peel may be just what you’re looking for. This versatile kitchen tool can handle everything from baking pizzas for dinner in your oven all the way up to making decorative toppings like bread crumbs. The paddle’s ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use as well.

We recommend this product because it offers value for money and will last through many uses without breaking down or showing wear and tear. So please don’t wait any longer– get yourself the argon tableware today before they sell out. Sort this amazing brand on amazon and add it to your item cart or just make the payment immediately. It’s also available at local stores and on their websites. Maybe you can get these product featured on various offers on amazon for a certain window.

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