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Zinc7 Reviews 2024: Does it Really Work?

Zinc7 supplement is an all-new formula that offers all 7 forms of zinc that significantly boost immunity, boost hormone health, improve poor sexual health, and enhance overall health.

Many of us are unaware of the effects and integral role that zinc plays in our lives. The lack of zinc levels circulating in the body affects many bodily functions and system processes. This often results from the lack of proper knowledge as well as poor nutritional intake.

Since zinc deficiency impairs your immune system— increasing the chances of infection, it has been reported that over 450,000 people die each year due to an inadequate supply of zinc intake.

Those at risk of zinc deficiency may include people with insomnia, obese, menopausal men or women, alcoholics, and even health-conscious vegetarians.

There are various zinc supplements that you can browse in the market today. While the choice can be overwhelming, so does your responsibility to ensure that such a supplement is safe to consume.

Zinc7 is a multi-system zinc capsule offering a perfect blend of seven types of zinc to boost overall health. Continue reading to learn more about how this zinc supplement differs from its other counterparts.

Zinc7 Reviews: Product Overview

Zinc7 Supplement
Product NameFormDescriptionPriceOfficial Website


Easy-to-swallow pillsZinc7 supplement is a seven-in-one zinc supplement that offers different types of zinc that the body needs to improve immune function and overall health.Depends on the package

Amazing reviews from Customers- Find out what they said!

This Zinc7 supplement is considered one of the popular zinc supplements that offer different types of zinc in one supplement. Here are some thoughts of its users and some glimpses of their personal experience in using the Zinc7 supplement:

“Finally. The true power of zinc in its most absorbable forms all in one supplement. As I age, I’ve realized that keeping your immune system and improving your hormone health is extremely important. Zinc is a cornerstone for both. And shopping for good zinc is extremely confusing, so I’d buy multiple brands online. Now with Zinc7, I don’t have to. Seven forms of zinc all-in-one supplement. Nothing better on the market in my opinion!”–-Dr. Charlie L.

“I travel frequently and work long hours, so I’m always looking for the best ways to boost my immune system.  I feel confident knowing I’m fueling my body with the most effective zinc supplement I’ve ever come across.”–-Afshin

“As a Mom on the go, Zinc7 is my new favorite go-to! It provides 7 different zinc complexes that support multiple health systems. Just 2 capsules and I’m covered!”–-Courtney

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What is Zinc7 Supplement?

Photo: Zinc7 Official Website

Zinc7 is an all-natural zinc supplement that supports you to overcome zinc deficiency using the powerful blend of seven forms of zinc. This formulation aims to ensure that the body receives the optimal amount of nutrients. 

It is also supplemented with rose hips are known to be beneficial in strengthening joint flexibility and improving bone health. Each zinc component in the Zinc7 supplement offers different health benefits improving overall wellness.

Zinc7 is created and carefully formulated by Revelation Health, a reputable manufacturing company that uses advanced technology and modern methods in producing their health supplements on the market.

Zinc7 is created with the idea of breaking the vicious cycle that decreases immunity, disrupts sleep, endows weight gain, and negatively affects libido, among other things. 

Each ingredient included in its formulation is carefully examined and supported by science-based research and clinical studies. It is proven vegan-friendly, non-GMO, dairy-free, soy-free, and produced in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility in the US.

How does Zinc7 work?

Zinc7 is an ultimate formula offering seven zinc forms including zinc citrate, zinc picolinate, zinc orotate, zinc ascorbate, zinc acetate, zinc glycinate, and zinc methionate. With such a perfect blend of zinc form, results are guaranteed in just a few weeks of consistent use.

Zinc plays an integral role in various biological processes in the body such as DNA synthesis, enzyme reactions, cellular growth, and development, wound healing, immune function, and more.

That is why not having enough of it may lead to various serious illnesses affecting immunity, brain health, cardiovascular health, skin health, and overall dental health.

Zinc7 contains a substantial amount of zinc that stimulates immune cells and helps reduce oxidative stress. This supplement also aids in collagen synthesis, inflammatory response, and the system’s immune function which are all necessary for boosting the body’s natural healing process.

Moreover, Zinc7 is also beneficial in reducing age-related illnesses like AMD or age-related macular degeneration. The seven forms of zinc included in its formulation effectively work together to produce a powerful blend of zinc that relieves oxidative stress by boosting the activity of T-cells and natural killer cells, which help protect your body from infection.

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What are the Benefits of Zinc7?

Photo: Zinc7 Official Website

Zinc7 is a multi-system zinc supplement that offers many health benefits. As someone new to this product, it is imperative for you to fully understand what benefits you will gain in consuming this nutritional supplement.

Here are some of its health benefits offered:

Improves sleep quality

Zinc7 is rich not just with one or two forms of zinc but seven forms of zinc that help tissue repair, cellular growth, skeletal integrity, sexual health, and achieving a night of quality sleep.

This in turn improves mood, enhances alertnesses, and reduces stress, leading to a more positive outlook in life. When you feel well-rested, you are more likely to see the glass as half full rather than half empty.

Strengthens immune system

For individuals with weak immunity, Zinc7 by Revelation Healthy is the ultimate formula to boost immune functions. Since zinc is essential for DNA synthesis and cell proliferation, highly proliferating cells, like immune cells, are dependent on the number supply of zinc in the body.

Protects liver health

Zinc supports liver health in numerous ways. First, it plays an essential role in the cellular metabolism that binds a wide range of proteins, affecting biological processes like cell growth, cell division, and differentiation. Proper liver cell activity helps in the detoxification process thus resulting in boosted immunity and health metabolism.

Boosts sexual health

Another notable benefit of Zinc7 is it balances testosterone levels in the body, an essential hormone that has a direct connection with the level of sex drive in men and women. For men, it also promotes healthy prostate as supported by numerous studies about zinc being a helpful element in healthful prostatic fluid and semen.

Promotes healthy metabolism

Zinc7 also works as a dietary supplement that boosts metabolism to promote healthy weight loss and prevents unwanted weight gain. In one study, it has been reported that obese individuals tend to have lower zinc levels circulating in the body. Thus, zinc supplements like Zinc7 are beneficial in your weight loss journey as it improves body mass index.

Enhances dental health

Zinc Citrate which is an active component of Zinc7 is a form of zinc that is imperative in enhancing dental health. Together with other forms of zinc present in the formulation of Zinc7, this supplement is incomparable with other zinc supplements as it offers seven zinc forms in its formulation.

Why is Zinc7 Effective?

Many wonders how the Zinc7 supplement works effectively for many. The reason mainly lies in its formulation where it offers enough zinc content and the makers of this zinc supplement fully understand the importance of seven critical zinc that our body needs.

When warning signs of zinc deficiency appear such as bleeding gums, low sex drive, unwanted weight gain, fragile immune system, and more. Those obvious symptoms of not having enough zinc in the body often result in many health complications.

Zinc7 supplement offers a complete health restoration from revitalizing poor brain health to improving other bodily functions that contribute to dental health, liver health, skin health, heart health, and more.

Its effectiveness is backed by science-based investigations, making the Zinc7 supplement exceptional among other zinc supplements available in the market today.

According to a 2009 study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, zinc deficiency, especially in men causes hypogonadism, a condition where the gonads fail to function properly causes low sex drive, and greatly affects sexual performance.

Zinc7 supplement includes Zinc Citrate, Zinc Glycinate, Zinc Picolinate, Zinc Ascorbate, Zinc Methionate, Zinc Orotate, and Zinc Acetate that when combined together works wonder in treating zinc deficiency in the body among other health benefits they offer.

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What are the ingredients in Zinc7?

Unlike other zinc supplements that may only contain a few or just one form of zinc, the Zinc7 supplement uses seven forms of zinc to combat early signs of zinc deficiency to prevent further health issues in dental health, liver cell health, heart health, hair health, skin health, and more.

To fully understand how the Zinc7 supplement by Revelation Health helps our body obtain all different forms of zinc, understanding its formulation is imperative. Here are the known active ingredients included in the formulation of the Zinc7 supplement:

Zinc Citrate

Zinc Citrate is one of the many forms of zinc that is imperatively significant for gum, teeth, and overall dental health. It helps prevent gingivitis, bleeding gums, cavities, and even tartar or dental plaque that is why Zinc Citrate is a common ingredient in mouthwash or toothpaste products as it eliminates bad breath and takes care of our dental health.

Zinc Ascorbate

Another active ingredient included in the formulation of the Zinc7 supplement is Zinc Ascorbate which helps treat zinc deficiency in the body. Zinc Ascorbate is most commonly used in treating colds and helps strengthen the immune system.

As Zinc Ascorbate is rich in antimicrobial properties, it effectively protects the body from various infections, toxin buildups, and free radical damages. Among the seven zinc forms, Zinc Ascorbate has a natural antimicrobial activity that is beneficial for skin health.

Zinc Picolinate

Zinc Picolinate is one of the many types of zinc that offers many anti-aging effects in the system. It is rich in antioxidants that are good for detoxification and helps in liver cell regeneration which is vital in maintaining excellent liver health. With the inclusion of Zinc Picolinate in its formulation, the Zinc7 supplement is effective in providing you a younger and glowing skin among its other anti-aging benefits.

Zinc Acetate

For deeper and rejuvenating sleep quality, Zinc Acetate is added to the formulation of this nutritional supplement. Zinc Acetate is also rich in antimicrobial properties that are helpful in boosting the wound healing process as well as in protecting our immune system. That is why Zinc Acetate is a common ingredient found in cold lozenges.

This ingredient has many health benefits in liver health, keeping away carcinogens and toxins, thus saving you from developing a fatty liver which is also known as hepatic steatosis, a disease caused by an excessive build-up of fat in the liver area.

Zinc Glycinate

Zinc Glycinate is a form of zinc that is mainly beneficial to boost hormone health, improving low sex drive, and enhance poor sexual health both in men and women. It is also ideal for vision, skin health, and boosting the wound-healing process of the system.

Zinc Glycinate is another form of zinc that is significant in men’s health as it improves testosterone production. As lower testosterone often connotes poorer sexual health. It also affects mental health as some symptoms of not having enough Zinc Glycinate include depression, irritability, mood swings, long-term fatigue, and more.

Zinc Orotate

Zinc Orotate is way smaller when compared with other forms of zinc. Thus, Zinc Orotate can easily penetrate through cell membranes, helping the body to efficiently absorb more nutrients that it needs. Zinc Orotate is a form of zinc that helps improve joints, muscles, and bone strength as well as promotes inflammatory response in the body.

Zinc Methionate

Among the seven forms of zinc, Zinc Methionate is best in boosting carbohydrate metabolism that helps in improving energy levels, alleviating the feeling of tiredness, and enhancing productivity levels. Zinc Methionate is also helpful in the tissue repair process, helping the enzymes function properly

Rose hips

Backed up with various clinical investigations, rose hips have shown various benefits in alleviating pain caused by joint problems or muscle issues. It is also a helpful ingredient in lowering cholesterol levels and managing blood glucose levels.

Who is Zinc7 best for?

Zinc7 supplement is best for people with zinc deficiency. This includes people with sleeping issues, weak immunity, low sex drive, unhealthy weight gain, and suffering from dental issues.

As a natural dietary supplement, Zinc7 is an all-in-one solution to defeat zinc deficiency issues with its 100% pure and organic formulation of seven forms of zinc. However, this product is not advisable for pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children under 18 years old.

Zinc7 Pros and Cons

✅ Zinc7 also offers many skin health benefits that get rid of acne marks, dark spots, and skin impurities to achieve glowing skin, a youthful glow, and overall anti-aging benefits.❌ There are no third-party distributors and offline retailers available, making the availability of the product quite inconvenient.
✅ As a natural dietary supplement, Zinc7 also supports a healthy weight loss process using 100% all organic elements that help you lose weight.❌ Zinc7 is only available for purchase directly from their official website.
✅ It is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that effectively protect the system from various infections causing many illnesses.❌ Individual results may vary.
✅ It is helpful in enhancing the quality of sleep that affects changing moods and productivity levels.
✅ Zinc7 is an ultimate formula that offers various zinc benefits that help reverse zinc deficiency.

Zinc7 Cost and Discounts

Photo: Zinc7 Official Website

For individuals suffering from zinc deficiency, finding a product that suits your budget without compromising its effectiveness does not have to be costly. That is why Zinc7 by Revelation Health created various packages that you can choose from:

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Refund Policy

Zinc7 supplement by Revelation Health prioritizes customer satisfaction and retention among its old and new users. Thus, to prove the legitimacy of Zinc7 as many counterfeit copies of zinc supplements are circulating in the market, makers of Zinc7 offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

This refund policy takes effect from the day the product is received. Within 60 days or roughly two months of your purchase, this will serve as a grace period for you to fully determine whether or not this is the right product to help you with your zinc deficiency issues.

As individual results may vary, it is true that not everyone is compatible with Zinc7 despite being one of the true cellular formulas that offer different types of zinc that supports immunity, hormone health, and improved health metabolism.

If you are one of those few individuals who found no reaction in using the product, your purchase is not a waste. Their 60-day refund policy applies to you, allowing you to return the product back to them without any further hassles.

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Overall, Zinc7 is unlike other zinc supplements in the market. It does not only contain one or two forms of zinc in its formulation but seven types of zinc that work together to amplify your health.

Furthermore, aside from being a zinc supplement, Zinc7 also functions as a dietary supplement that helps you lose weight effortlessly. It is also vegan-friendly, non-GMO, soy-free, dairy-free, and 100% safe for overall health.

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Zinc7​​ Reviews FAQs

How to consume Zinc7?

For best results, take one capsule after mealtime consistently for at least three to six months.

Where to buy Zinc7 capsules?

It is highly recommended to purchase only Zinc7 directly from their official website to save yourself from counterfeit and fake copies of the product.

Are there any side effects?

Zinc7 is created with 100% natural ingredients that offer no harmful side effects, especially in long-term use.

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