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Z-tox Reviews: Does it Really Work?

Z-tox is a dietary supplement that helps you lose weight by making you feel satiated and helping you get more restorative sleep by optimizing your sleep cycle.

Using Z-tox on a daily basis before you go to bed can help you get a deep and restful sleep. Its ingredients are formulated to help you lose stubborn fat and aid in healthy weight loss.

A deep sleep, essentially an NREM3 deep sleep, helps your body better optimize all the biological functions, burn more stubborn fat, and brings down your cortisol levels.

By maintaining an optimum stock of Melatonin levels in your body, the Z-tox sleep aid supplement helps you have a deep and restorative sleep as well as assist in a long-term healthy weight loss strategy.

If you’re wondering how the Z-tox supplement works, what its ingredients are, and whether it’s really effective in weight loss and aiding sleep better, you’ll find everything in this review. After reading the review, you’ll be better equipped with information to judge whether Z-tox is the miracle diet pill and a good night’s sleep facilitator or not!

Z-tox: Pros and Cons Overview


Help as an Anti-anxiety Supplement

Not available offline 
Regulate Healthy Melatonin Levels
Aid in Healthy Weight Maintenance
Strengthen Your Immune System
Help Boost Physical and Mental Energy


By helping you have a normal sleep/wake cycle and supporting your nervous system, Z-tox can relieve your anxiety and could eventually cure it.

As per Applied Science nutrition, a 40% drop in Melatonin levels can cause sleeplessness. Melatonin supplements, such as the z-tox supplement which can provide a healthy dose of Melatonin, helps you sleep faster.

Z-tox supplement makes healthy weight maintenance an easy task by assisting you in having a sound sleep, making up for the shortage of Melatonin, and controlling your appetite.

Regular intake of the Z-tox supplement can keep maintaining healthy levels of essential minerals and nutrients in your body. Also, sound sleep lets your body optimize its biological processes, and immune system also gets strengthened.

When you have a good night’s sleep, all parts of your body go into a state of relaxation, and energy consumption switches to a minimum. thus, when you wake up, your body is full of energy and your brain gets refreshed.


Z-tox supplement is not available for sale anywhere offline or at 3rd-party online pharmacies. You can only buy the product from the official website of the manufacturer.

What is a  Z-tox Supplement?


Z-tox is a dietary supplement as well as a sleep aid supplement marketed by Applied Science Nutrition. There are only two sources via which the supplement can be purchased online, one being Z-tox official product  website and the other is the official website of Applied Science Nutrition.

The Z-tox supplement is able to let you have a deep and restful sleep, decrease your cravings, and offer you many other vital health benefits. It owes such healthifying benefits to 3820 years old Norwegian tradition. Usage of Z-tox every day before sleep can help you lose approximately 1.6 pounds per night.

Applied Science Nutrition says:

“Z-Tox is a top-of-the-line supplement that promotes deep, peaceful sleep for long-term weight management.” This one-of-a-kind mix of four vital components works together to help the body maintain optimum melatonin levels.”

Although the sleep-aiding ingredients present in the Z-tox are similar to the ones we see in regularly available sleep aid medicines. The only difference is that the dosage of those ingredients such as chamomile, Melatonin, lemon balm extract, L-tryptophan, etc. is in very high concentration here.

Who created Z-tox?

Craig Morris is the person who created the Z-tox weight loss/sleep-aid formula. His goal was to help his overweight wife lose weight. As per claims, she lost 31 pounds after regular intake of Z-tox.

Sandra’s miraculous weight loss experience inspired Craig to sell his formulation as a certified medicine. Today, this weight loss cum sleep aid formula is available for anyone to purchase.

What is NREM 3 Deep Sleep?

NREM 3 deep sleep is the deepest and most restorative phase of sleep. It’s during this phase that your body begins restoration of hormonal metabolism, keeps the levels of hormones associated with cravings and hunger in check, and lets you grow.

NREM deep sleep comprises 3 sub-phases namely Stage N1, N2, and N3.

The first sub-phase N1 lasts for around 10 minutes, and during this phase, a light sound or touch can awaken you. So, it’s not the deepest sleep phase.

N2 comes right after and its duration varies between 30 to 60 minutes. During this sub-phase, your body begins to relax and the process of restoration commences.

N3, the last phase of the Non-Rapid Eye Movement Phase, can last for a duration of 20-40 minutes. this deep sleep phase sees increased delta brain waves. During this phase, one cannot be awakened easily.

How does the Z-tox work?

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What makes Z-tox effective in aiding deep and relaxing sleep is its high dosage of melatonin complemented by other equally beneficial ingredients. It helps you to lose weight by letting you have a good night’s sleep and reduces your cravings for food, eventually you end up losing a considerable amount of weight.

The health benefits that Z-tox claims to offer to its regular users are:

Why is the Z-tox Effective?

Melatonin is secreted by your body when the sun is down and it’s time for a good night’s sleep. In healthy individuals with a normal sleep/wake cycle, the body secretes the hormone Melatonin in darkness.

When its day time and bright light is all around you, Melatonin production comes to a halt. As soon as the optimum concentration of Melatonin gets released, you begin to fall asleep.

However, getting more than normal screen time every day or staying under bright bright lights till late at night can malfunction normal Melatonin production. That’s where the Z-tox supplement comes in.

As compared to other sleep aid supplements, Z-tox offers you a higher dosage of Melatonin to increase its effectiveness. Each two-capsule serving of Z-tox contains 20mg of Melatonin. Taking Z-tox every night before sleep thus helps your body normally complete a sleep cycle.

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What are the ingredients in Z-tox?

The primary ingredients present in Z-tox are as follows:

2mg of Vitamin B6 (106% DV)

Pyridoxine HCI plays a key role in keeping you active and energetic throughout the day. It triggers the release of b6, which inhibits the production of melatonin.

10mg of Melatonin

Under normal conditions, your body is able to maintain optimum concentration of Melatonin by itself. But, with old age, the product of Melatonin may decline, and the need to artificially administer it arises. Otherwise, getting a good night’s sleep every day becomes almost impossible.

17mg of Calcium (1% DV)

Calcium acts as a catalyst for the production of melatonin. It also activates ‘L tryptophan,’ a strong amino acid that increases melatonin production. That’s why we are told to drink a lukewarm glass of water before going to bed.

13mg of Magnesium (3% DV)

Magnesium sends a signal to your neurological system and checks the amount of melatonin in your system, allowing you to control how much you produce.

The four ingredients mentioned above have been named as “Core Four Code” by the researcher. These ingredients need to be present in a specific ratio in order to be very effective.

What is the cost of Z-tox? Any Z-tox Discounts?


The effective cost of Z-tox is $59 a bottle. When ordering combo packs, the cost per bottle of Z-tox declines to $44.

Applied Science Nutrition is bundling two bonus eBooks with the 3 and 6 bottle sets of Z-Tox as part of a 2024 campaign. The following eBooks are included as bonuses:

10 Minute Fat-Burning Recipes:

This E-book is a compilation of easy to cook fat-burning recipes that can take you less than 10 minutes. If you control what gets in your kitchen, you can easily manage your weight.

60 Second Bedtime Flows for Fat Loss:

You can enhance weight loss effects overnight by completing basic motions and workouts before bed. This eBook teaches 60-second motions to help you lose weight as you sleep, complementing the advantages of Z-Tox.

A wide range of health issues such as weight gain, obesity, aging of the skin, metabolic and blood sugar imbalance can arise due to excessive weight. Therefore, besides consuming supplements for losing weight, it’s also essential to get eating habits in order.

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Z-tox Pricing and Refund policy?


The pricing of the Z-tox supplement varies based on the number of bottles you purchase. The higher the quantity, the more discount will be offered to you.

Z-tox offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee. Within 60 days of purchase, you’re free to claim a complete refund.

If the product didn’t work up to your expectations, you didn’t notice any significant weight loss or good sleeping schedule, you’re entitled to a 100% refund.

Conclusion: Is Z-tox right for you?

Z-tox is right for anyone who’s seeking to improve the quality of sleep or seeks assistance in fat loss. The weight loss by Z-tox isn’t just restricted to belly fat, your whole body will become streamlined.

Z-tox is a unique herbal blend that usually helps anyone over the age of 40. It’s manufactured from plants derived ingredients and a few vital nutrients that your body needs.

As a person begins to age, health issues such as weight gain, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood glucose levels begin to take over.

Low immunity, hormone imbalances, a malfunctioned metabolism, and other such issues are commonly observed. Though abnormal weight gain can have underlying causes that can only be addressed by a certified physician.

All of the aforementioned issues are addressed with the Z-tox pill. To achieve the optimum weight loss outcomes, two capsules should be taken every day.

Z-tox FAQs

Is Z-tox safe to use?

Z-tox is a dietary supplement with ingredients that are already present in the human body. So, anyone above 18 years of age can make use of Z-tox. The role of Z-tox is only to amplify the action of ingredients that are already present in your body, by giving higher dosages.

Is Z-tox FDA approved?

As per company claims, Z-tox is manufactured in FDA-certified laboratories. All the ingredients are tested for quality before being blended and packed for your use. Therefore Z-tox can be declared safe to use.

Is Z-tox a scam?

The ingredients present in Z-tox, primarily Melatonin, are scientifically recognized as sleep-aiding components. And the loss of weight due to better sleep/wake cycles and NREM 3 deep sleep is a scientific fact as well.

Therefore, Z-tox is not a scam. Though the result can vary from person to person. Some people may experience tremendous weight loss and good sleep while some may not.

How much does it cost?

The price of one bottle of Z-tox is $59, and shipping is free. Including free shipping, three bottles of Z-tox cost $147. The cost of a six-bottle Z-tox bundle is $264, and postage is free.

How long does it take to ship?

You can expect the Intra-US order to reach you within a week. However, international shipments can take around two weeks to be shipped.

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