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Your Mid-Life Crisis: The Rules

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Written on 5/07/2008 by Lori Jewett, creator of the Between Us Girls blog.

Sooner or later we all go through it. We begin to lose parents, our friends or spouses start to come down with “old people” illnesses, our children grow up and (if we’re lucky) begin to leave home. We look around at the landscape of our lives and realize it has become unrecognizable. What we once centered our lives around has changed, anchors that moored us have detached and, as the anxiety begins to mount, we find ourselves looking for something to hold on to. But what?

We understand, too well suddenly, that things change. We see our own mortality staring us right in the face; and we don’t like it. So we ask ourselves, “Is this all there is?” “What am I to do now?” “Where do I go from here?” “How do I fit in all of those things that I want to do in the time I’ve got left?

Recognize any of these feelings? Well fear not. While it’s true that this can be a scary time, how we choose to answer the questions that confront us at mid-life can lead to introspection, great personal insight, and positive transformation, or, to us looking really, really silly. Here are some basic rules that will hopefully lead you to achieve the former and avoid the latter:

Mid-Life Crisis: The Rules















Now, are you still worried? Try not to be. We all ask ourselves these questions and go through this angst at some point in our lives. It’s just a normal part of our growth and development. The key is to try to see this stage of life for what it actually is; a time of great opportunity. Recognizing that life is finite and facing you fear of mortality can motivate you to free yourself from the chains of the past and to propel yourself towards a more fulfilling future. Take this opportunity to begin your life’s journey anew.

Best wishes!

– Lori

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