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Yoga Benefits for Better Mental Well Being

We are living in an age in which health is put on the back burner in pursuit of money. However, the rise of the pandemic has indeed reinforced the statement that health is wealth. It is not surprising that everyone, from celebrities to the common man, is switching over to activities that perk up their immune system, peak their vitality, and help them remain ageless.

Yoga is one such tool that has come in handy in recent times, even though the technique is ages old. Calling it a technique will be wrong. It’s a way of life, an attitude, an adopted style of living, to be precise.

Yoga can be enjoyed in a multitude of various forms:

The Gateway to Mental Well Being

Yoga does not work only on the physical level, it also leaves a mark on the physical, mental, and spiritual wellness of an individual. The modern lifestyle churns up tons of mental chaos, stress, and anxiety.

The incidence of mental health problems is rising. This is just where Yoga comes into the picture. So whether you are looking for mental strength, calmness, or want to hone your concentration, Yoga holds the answer. If you are fighting depression or have anxiety issues, then also Yoga is the magic word.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Yoga is all about stretching and posing. There is a lot more to Yoga.

Yoga is an integration of the following principles

How Yoga helps Bust Mental Problems

① Stress Buster

Stress is something we commonly experience in the current times. Whether it is our professional or personal life, we face stressful situations every day which harm our mental health. Regular practice of Yoga helps in reducing the secretion of cortisol hormone secreted under stress. Naturally, this leads to regulation of the stress hormone and improvement in mental well-being.

② Say Goodbye to Anxiety

Regular Yoga practice is enormously beneficial for people coping with anxiety and trauma. People with PSTD, a condition better known as Post-traumatic stress disorder, swear by the beneficial effect of Yoga. According to research conducted on people who practiced Yoga, a majority of them were able to overcome their anxiety and trauma with the help of Yoga.

③ Mood Swings? Get Help with Yoga

If you feel quite touchy on some days and perfectly normal on others, chances are that you are experiencing mood swings. Don’t worry, Yoga is just the remedy for you. Just pick up your Yoga mat and find a Yoga master to get your temper (and mood) to normal. No, we are not just harping without any proof. This is a well-researched fact which is based on statistics. The scientific backing behind this fact is that Yoga helps in the release of a neurotransmitter called GABA in the brain. If one has high GABA levels one is bound to be full of positive thoughts, happiness, and laughter. On the other hand, people suffering from low GABA levels suffer from anxiety and pessimism. So you know which way to go, don’t you?

④ Deal with Your Depression Issues

Depression leads to individuals becoming socially reclusive and emotionally unavailable. As the condition in severe form may hinge on suicidal tendencies, it is necessary to nip it in the bud. Practicing Yoga not only helps in fighting depression but also provides immense support to people trying to give up alcohol and substance abuse. Opting for Yoga will help you overcome your depression without getting dependent on anti-depressants, which might pose problems later on.

⑤ Sleep like a Baby

Many people suffer from conditions like hypertension, obesity, and depression, which are a precursor to insomnia and poor sleep quality. Including Yoga in their wellness routine works wonders for people with this condition. The scientific backing behind this benefit is that Yoga increases the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that regulates our sleep patterns. So, fix your Yoga time and enjoy the benefits right through the night. Not only will your insomnia vanish, but you will also enjoy a premium quality sleep, which is crucial for your mental and physical well-being.

⑥ Become Mentally Strong

We all know that mental strength scores much higher than physical strength. Regular Yoga practice helps in making an individual mentally strong. Yoga exponents show higher self-control and less emotional or temper-related outbursts. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses and working on them is seen more in people who are hooked on Yoga. Research has shown that Yoga provides immense benefits in making people mentally strong, adopting a positive outlook, and overcoming temper issues.

⑦ Positive Outlook towards Life

Yoga does wonders in pushing the pessimism, worries, and anxiety out of your mind and filling it up with optimism, positivity, and calmness. A study conducted at Harvard Medical School has furnished the facts and figures to support this. To feel the magic, you too should join the bandwagon of yogis.

⑧ Improve your concentration, focus, and Memory

Is your memory failing you? Is aging causing losses of concentration or you are so stressed that you can’t focus on the task at hand? Well, you must opt for Yoga to improve your waning mental abilities. Once you start practicing Yoga, you will find a sea change in the way you think and focus. Improvement in memory and concentration will be the bonus. The tree pose is a well-known pose for clearing up the din in your brain and experiencing a sea of calmness within yourself. Take our word for it.

⑨ Be young Forever

We all strive to be eternally youthful. People who practice Yoga need not worry about aging, either on the physical or on the mental level. Yogis don’t suffer from mental deterioration associated with aging. The people who get their dose of Yoga every day have sufficient oxygen supply to their brain, which helps them remain eternally young. The other benefits are calmness, resilience, and an active mind.

How Yoga helps Bust Mental Problems
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