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3 Writing Techniques to Increase your Self-Esteem

One of the challenges of modern living is the inability to control and command your own self-belief and self-esteem accordingly. It’s a common affliction and one that tends to rock back and forth on a daily basis.

A good moment in the day makes it memorable while a single bad moment makes it one to forget. It’s very easy to find yourself in a position whereby you have no self-esteem purely through having a fluctuation of good and bad days.

Naturally, this can leave you with very little belief in yourself. The easiest way to reinvigorate yourself is through writing.

Here are three ways you can channel writing to build confidence.

Write down your pains and get your answers


Because our daily lives are so chaotic, it’s hard to find the time to deconstruct your thoughts. Our minds are a whirlwind of confusion. You start to lose perspective on how you think and feel on certain subjects. When confusion takes over, your self-esteem will plummet.

The most powerful construct that you can use in your favour is the power of writing. Writing is probably one of the most therapeutic powers that you can have in your arsenal. It allows you to get thoughts out of your mind that you never even know that you had!

Writing is the ultimate tool for finding your positivity, as well. Why?

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Answer your Own Problems

A significant benefit of running a blog, for example, is that it allows you to gain clarity on your own problems.

People usually seek out other people in order to have a sounding board. It helps them to empty their mind of their fears and thoughts. In these instances, it’s enough to sit and listen to others and just let them talk.

Well, a blank page on a computer screen just might be a better sounding board. As you write and thrash out your feelings and thoughts, you will find answers. You start to challenge what you have written on the screen and wind up becoming your own psychiatrist.

Soon, those problems that had “impossible” answers become a whole lot easier to solve. You can start to believe in yourself and fully appreciate that you do know what you are talking.

Solve a Crisis of Confidence

Writing is the most therapeutic of all powers. In terms of making your self-esteem grow, it helps you to realise that your thoughts cloud your intelligence. When everything is swirling around in your head, it’s hard to know exactly what you think or feel.

That makes it easy to see yourself as dumb, easily led or whatever. It’s a common enough problem and one that leads people to doubt the efficiency and brilliance of their own minds.

Don’t let that continue to be the case.

The beautiful and engaging therapy of writing is something that can capture your intelligence. It should take you no time at all to understand that by listening to yourself and decoding your own answers. You are far more than your negative thinking allows you to see.

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