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Will I Ever Find Love? 41 Entities To Answer This Doubt

Photo credit: pexels.com
Photo credit: pexels.com

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world.

It’s something everyone needs in their lives to be happy.

Whether you are just a kid wanting love from your parents or you are an adult wanting to find that one true everlasting love.

You think about it as soon as you are able to understand how magical and beautiful love is. You realize it more quickly when you find yourself surrounded by people who are in a loving relationship.

Every person wants to fall in love with someone else in their life.

They want a relationship that will last forever.

They want to meet someone who understands them on a level nobody else can.

They want that person to love life, love their time and care, love their life-changing relationship that will blossom every day to a newer and better version.

You also want to find true love right?

Many of us here want to find love too. But some people to be honest have a doubt in their heart.

They believe they can’t find love or a partner because of self-doubt, negative thoughts, and constant fear about being forever alone. They might have failed to build relationships the first time and can’t seem to make a long-term one. They find themselves alone and in deep thoughts because love is just not coming their way.

To find love, they have to seek relationship advice from friends or maybe family. They will surely ask you to meet new people and start dating again. They might say that you could search for a healthy relationship by following their advice.

But everything just seems wrong to you, it’s hard for you to meet people or build a romantic relationship in the first place.

The chances of you might meet someone in such a state is low because you are always asking the same question. Will I ever find love?

Such thoughts and negativity lead to more self-doubt and questions.

Like, Can I really fall in love with someone like everyone else? If true love exists then why can’t I find a relationship? Are chances of finding love really became zero for me? Will I ever be in a loving relationship? And many more questions like that will lead to not only doubting yourself more but will stop you from being happy with your life.

You will firmly believe that nobody will fall in love with you. The love of your life doesn’t exist at all. You are unworthy of love even if you are going to find someone. Such fear will diminish the chances of you going to meet someone that will love you truly.

Many people who think like that talk about only the negativity. As a matter of fact, I don’t blame them either because life sometimes gives us lessons that really hit deep.

It becomes a huge issue for people because they can’t seem to identify the root of the problem.

There are quite a lot of reasons you feel that way about yourself. Or you think why you can’t attract someone who can go on a date with you or make a healthy relationship with you.

Maybe you can’t find a partner for such reasons, that simply they don’t bother with you because you are only deflecting them away with your self-made negative barrier.

But fear not my friends, I am here to relieve you from your doubts and tell you exactly what you need to hear about yourself.

I hope some of the things here make you realize that your feelings matter the most and to never self-doubt.

Hopefully, my words will make you think a bit differently, and maybe, just maybe my advice will help you to feel like you could do what others are doing. And that is finding true love in a relationship.

I will discuss the entities that make you self-doubt and help you along with my words. I hope you find all your answers here.

So without further ado, let’s dig right into it.

➽ The 41 entities to answer if you feel this is you: Will I ever find love? ➽

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1. You don’t want to work on it

Photo credit: pexels.com

Finding true love is not easy. It’s supposed to be difficult because if it was that easy everyone would be just happiest in the world. If you can find someone to date then consider yourself lucky.

Love will come your way easily when you try to build a relationship that is filled with mutual understanding, honest feelings, talk of romance, and never-ending everyday smiles.

For getting something as beautiful as that you have to work hard on it. You have to talk with many people to make it happen. You have to get to know your partner and get rid of the fear and be honest about everything. But if you don’t work on it, you will lose everything in a blink of an eye. Don’t be such a guy.

Over the passage of time, things might get sour in our lives. And that’s when you have to work even harder. If your partner feels like you are not worthy of their time, can a relationship like that even work? You should ask yourself this question why does she/he feel this way in the first place? Because two wrongs don’t make a right. If you are not trying to fix things and work on them then you might find yourself alone. Always be free to discuss things and work on relationships because it’s the most sacred bond ever.




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Be honest about it and never I really do mean never just leave things as it is. Never ever make yourself or your partner self-doubt. If you start working towards this then your relationship will sail towards full of love, romance, and happiness.

2. Love should be a priority too

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Will I ever find love if I am busy doing my other daily things? Will I ever find love that is true even if I give most of my time to myself? Will I get enough time for romance if I get into a relationship while maintaining my busy life too? The answer is No, No, and No.

The reason for that is love also requires time, money, and work. It’s not like you just wish for it and you can get it instantly. If you don’t make love a priority then love won’t make you a priority as well. But it’s not entirely your fault because you have to go to school, get an education and job, follow your dreams and make friends along the way. Life feels just too busy to find true love for you.

Relationships require you to be able to manage your time, money, and priorities well. All relationships need that in order to work efficiently. Love cannot wait for you if you are too busy doing other things in your life. It may or may not happen unexpectedly but the chances are low if you don’t prioritize love in your life.

You attract relationships based on your priorities. If you think you can attract all types of relationships then think again because, in this world, you have to search really hard for ones that make us happy. Not everyone will likely want to have a relationship with you because, to be honest, they have priorities too. If you find someone while dating who makes you a priority then you should them a priority too. There is true love in there, doesn’t it?

3. The Fairytale Love

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Will I ever find love like that movie or drama? When you see the actors or characters that play in the movie you start relating your life with theirs. You start to imagine things and ask similar questions every time you try to get into a relationship.

Let’s be real for a second, those are just movies and dramas. A fairytale that is written by someone’s imagination. There is a 0.00001% chance of it becoming true. That’s not really something you should think about right? Be honest with yourself and stop living in a dream world.

If you think jumping from a relationship after a relationship will help you meet that ideal perfect someone then you are truly wrong. You don’t realize the consequences it may bring upon you.

If you strongly believe that the definition of your love is based on the REAL LOVE which is shown in films and movies then think again. Never make such mistakes in your life and always have an idea about how relationships actually work. Don’t be the guy who keeps asking himself will I ever find love? when clearly you can’t even differentiate between what is real and what is not. Clear your head about and wait for the moment that will come to you.

4. The 100% commitment

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True love is hard to find. You have to search really hard for it in order to obtain it. You could spend all of your life and still not find real love.

You could go on dates after dates but it may feel like you just can’t attract someone. You believe someone will come along as long as you can wait but time just waits for no one.

And when you feel like you don’t have an answer, you understand what is truly wrong with you. You are not 100% committed to a relationship. That’s right, the majority of the people now are scared of commitment because of the fear of giving someone your all and then being left alone. Relationships tend to have ups and downs. You might face challenges you didn’t prepare for. And things like that scare people.

But true love trumps everything. Many people embrace true love in their lives as well and face challenges together. In true love, there is a commitment to a relationship. If you have fear of labels and spontaneous problems then get rid of that fear immediately. Those who overcome their fear often have the best lives.

5. You can’t cope with the hurt

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Relationships go through tough times. Your partner may feel angry at some point in their lives and may hurt you unintentionally or intentionally. It’s not what people need though, they want to live happily. But let’s be honest here, it’s truly wrong to think life is just gonna make us happy all the time. Even if you have everything in the world, sometimes it’s just not enough. It’s nature.

Maybe you had a horrible past. A certain event that scarred you deeply and you simply cannot imagine yourself building relationships ever again. You can’t date anyone or meet people. Even honest people have made you think that only the worst can happen by getting into a relationship. You are afraid of having feelings or being free to meet someone.

A long-term relationship seems impossible for you because of how you were hurt in the past. You always think of the moment which made you feel this way and simply shut relationships to come into your life. But by shunning every relationship, you are not letting love come to you as well. Instead of think thinking about what could go wrong, think about what could go right this time. Self-love should be present in your life too in order to accept more from others.

6. You want perfection only

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You want to have a perfect partner that will do and be exactly how you imagined. You are not honest and true with the reality of the world. You think you will meet a guy who will do anything for you for free because your ideal partner will just never stop loving you.

The majority of women think like that nowadays. They want an attractive, wealthy, hero-type personality who can shower them with everything. The same goes for guys, they have standards about women too. They want attractive, who can take care of family and will do anything they ask for them.

Such thoughts and high standards often lead to unhealthy relationships or no relationships at all. Dating someone with high standards is absolutely NO for both men and women because they can’t tolerate such things. If you find yourself not finding love that this might be the case.

Live in reality and have a love life you should be proud of. If you keep your standards too high, you might never find love or a long-term relationship. Never ever be a person with high standards. If you are, you might not let something good happen to you. Like being in a happy relationship. May you never be the person who asks himself “Will I ever find love?”

7. You are strict about a person

It’s similar to how you want someone is who is perfect or ideal. You are too obstinate with your standards and won’t allow anyone to be in a relationship with you. No matter how much they try, you won’t budge on your way of thinking because you have a narrow-minded personality.

It’s a problem that you might face quite often if you never allow yourself to change. You should feel free to try dating new people because they might be your perfect partner, who knows.

You should date to get to know how others feel around you. If you are always saying no to every love that may be life-changing, the chances of you finding true love will drop drastically. You should find such mistakes in you and find a solution for it too.

8. You don’t want new things in your life

One of the reasons to never find love is not allowing yourself to experience new and other activities. Chances of finding love will be nonexistent because you are not allowing yourself to take on more chances for finding love.

Women and men both want a romantic relationship. But to find a romantic partner requires you to find someone who has an idea about your intentions. If you call yourself a romantic and don’t allow yourself to try new things then how can your partner take interest in you? Nobody wants to be bored all the time.

Accepting changes, going out for different activities, enjoying new things in life will improve your chances of finding love. Allow yourself to be more than just words, show them with your actions by doing things with family and friends as well. Give them an idea of how interesting you are. If you search only with the same old ways then sometimes you might not get the results you deserve. It takes a lot to find the right person with whom you can be romantic, who has a healthy relationship with you, someone who is more than just words, who correct your mistakes and let you find what you need the most. Everlasting love.

9. Your expectations are huge

Will I ever find love? is a question many of us have on our minds. Both men women sometimes expect too much from their partner in a relationship which might lead to breakups. The idea is that to find no one else but just one person who matches you somewhat. Your way of thinking, your way of true love, anything that you find attractive, or find cool or find okay. Find a person just like that because they won’t expect too much from you either. You will be alike to each other.

Don’t ever I mean ever settle for less. Keep your expectations low, and never assume that your partner will give you everything. If you expect things like that then finding love will truly be hard. Even self-love will be difficult. Don’t ever be someone with high expectations because if they are not met, you will only feel isolated. Will I ever find love will be the least of your concerns because someone else will be successful already with finding love while you will just have no idea what to do!

Search for your soulmate first. That’s the right answer to Will I ever find love?

10. You are impatient

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“It takes time to arrive” Romantic partner takes time. Self-love takes time. Healthy romantic relationships take time. Going on dates takes time. Finding ways to meet people takes time. Everything revolves around time. And everything arrives on time.

If you are too impatient, you might ask yourself all the time “Will I ever find love?” which is quite silly because did you even try waiting for the love to arrive? Did you wait and search for a healthy relationship with someone? Did you search and perhaps became patient to find love?

Many of us may not realize this on our own until it happens to us. Being impatient is not the right way to answer “Will I ever find love?” With patience comes great rewards. If you want to find love then be patient. Find love that will change your life. If finding love was that easy wouldn’t everyone be impatient and just do it quickly?

Give time and see how you will find the answer. No more will I ever find love.

11. You only want a physical relationship

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A one-night stand, a friend with benefits, the physical relationship only, etc. These are the types of things I hate. It’s not the right way to go about someone who is seeking a long-term relationship. It’s not healthy at all.

True love is more than just being physical. If you are only looking for that then you might not be able to understand the fact. Which are you won’ be able to hold on to your partner for long.

All relationships should have romance in them, a spark of a moment that lasts a lifetime, and honest behavior with each other.

12. Rich poor conspiracy

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Being honest is becoming quite difficult in today’s time. Which obviously makes you think more about will ever find love? More than anyone else, I am believing, being honest should be the no.1 priority of everyone. If you think you are rich and can’t be someone who is poor then that way of thinking is absolutely wrong. If you are poor it doesn’t mean you can’t find love. If you are rich it doesn’t mean you will get true love too.


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Love doesn’t look at your status or wealth. It comes in special ways that just strums our hearts and sync them to our heartbeats. Don’t think low of people and don’t think people are above you. Everyone is equal and should deserve the affection that is set for them.

13. Age is just a number

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You are never too old to find somebody, who will want to spend eternity with you. Will I ever find love if I am young? Yes! what if I am old? Yes too! Age is just a number. If you feel a connection with someone go for it. It’s a step to find love. Don’t be the person who sits and thinks about what could have gone better at that time.

Don’t waste chances. If you are going to find love then simply find it. Easy as that! You are not too old ever. The right one will come along regardless of your age. Have some confidence. Your patience will reap fruitful rewards. If you are older it means you are much wiser and can find the right one easily.

14. You should know how to relax

Don’t be too anxious. Stop making scenarios in your head and burn yourself out. It’s good relationship advice from friends and family. If you put a lot of pressure on your self then you might miss many chances of having a healthy relationship.

Find love worth waiting for. The chances of finding love become more when you are relaxed. So don’t stress yourself out and be cool. Meet a person who could take you on a date and be friends with you. A person who won’t leave you alone, ever.

Don’t rush into unhealthy relationships. Find the right people at right time. Get to know them and find out how to be relaxed around them. Trust yourself and believe in yourself. Be composed and be honest. Nothing will go wrong, positivity attract positive people. Talk positively and see by yourself.

15. You should not make assumptions

If you assume everyone around you is in love then you are wrong. That’s not always the case. Maybe they are just doing it because of society or culture. Or just for having fun. You should not have negative thoughts about yourself in here because it might be just a pretend game.

If you want a romantic partner and a long-term relationship then stop asking yourself this, will I ever find love? Of course, you can! but don’t make assumptions. Live your own life, your way. Attract a person who loves to talk with you and cherish you. A person who takes your feelings into consideration. Who will do anything to meet you and take you on dates. Initiate romance and want to find the right answers to your every question. Isn’t that kind of a point to ever find true love?

Never be a guy who pretends. Always be original and unique. It will make your search to find love easier.

16. You don’t want to compromise

If you want a long-term relationship then you should know how to compromise. If you can’t understand your partner then the chances of finding love are quite slim. Never make such mistakes because it hurt their feelings.

But if you are willing to bring changes in your life. You want to get better for others. You want to work on your relationship than finding the love of your life will be easy. It doesn’t have to be sudden. Take your time. Make small changes at first and let them notice that you care about them. Spark up romance often. Be appreciative and show more care. It’s life-changing relationship advice, my friends.

17. Be independent

Which of the two questions appeal more to you. Will, I ever find love if I am alone and independent? or Will I ever find love if I live with my parents? Success is something not directly related to love but somehow affects how to find it.

First, build yourself well, be independent and confident. It will make you feel happy and others will love that about you as well. Affection will come your way like a breeze and a soulmate will come too.

18. A little positivity won’t hurt

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Being optimistic about things that may come to you may set some things in motion that may come to you. Including the answer to will I ever find love? Be faithful about yourself and events that may transpire while you are on a journey to find your soulmate.

If you are sad most of the time then people around you will feel sad too. No one will like that right? But on the other hand, if you truly believe in yourself and you imagine that you deserve self-love. You are a fantastic guy and imagine only positive things. Then my friends, The future that you are yearning for will not be too far to grasp. Will I ever find love? scratch that! More likely I am getting what I deserve!

19. Don’t be a hermit

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If you are a shut-in then ask the question will I ever find love? loses all its meaning. if you don’t hang out with people and have fear or phobia of socializing then the chances of you to ever find something as great as that are none. Zero. Nil.

What you should do is go outside. Meet new people around the world. Feel free to go to cafes, parks, or any other social gatherings. You will find people after people, just everywhere. One will lead to another and then your circle will get bigger and bigger and finally, the one you are waiting for will stand in front of you.

All you have to do is just go out! So what are you waiting for? Go on the romantic date of your lifetime.

20. Love is a responsibility

You might get acquainted with people who consider finding love a responsibility. This might make sense because it’s one of the things we can’t live without. To be honest, finding people who are romantic and honest in a relationship is too hard to find these days. Why? Because of how irresponsible they are.

If you want something to occur on your own time then you are just wasting your time and future away. If you ask yourself will ever find love and how then clearly you are not taking responsibility for finding it in the first place. It won’t arrive until you are in motion so make sure you are honest with yourself first.

21. It’s important that you have a career

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Having a career increases your chances to connect with people. Having a passion for something really opens ways for you to find something. If you have a solid goal in mind then finding the right one will come into your life as well.

Building a career first will show people how strong you are in your future. They know how capable you are and will feel comfortable making a connection with you. Women mostly want to have a future-proof husband in their lives because without a career they can’t provide.

You may never find love if you are lazy and don’t have a job. Because taking care of others requires money too. Let the warmth finds its way to you. Don’t lie and be honest, always.

22. You should not be shy about getting help

If you feel hopeless all the time and can’t find anyone to date because you are too shy to discuss it. Then you are one of the many people who lost the chance of finding true love. Being shy is okay but when you can’t even discuss your problems with your best friend or family then it’s a serious issue.

You should not hesitate and ask your colleagues, cousins, families for assistance and guidance to find yours truly. Be wise with your words and convey your message to them so they can feel what’s going on. Don’t be hesitant about it. Trust them that they will fix you up with somebody. All you have to do is simply summon the courage to speak out.

23. Be fond thyself

Appreciate yourself or you will never find love. That’s the honest and universal truth. It’s truly an honest fact that if you can’t be affectionate to yourself then how can you give it to others? Search within yourself first and then follow your journey of finding the one.

Be your own happiness. Don’t depend on your partner to provide you with that because they might not be present at times. You have to learn and admit how attractive you can be as well. Be the magnet that gives you positive energy. Accept yourself and enjoy yourself too. Others will be attracted to you without you even knowing.

24. Don’t be afraid of failure

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If you are constantly afraid of failing then you won’t take on the chance that might come along. And if you don’t take the chances then you won’t meet others. And if you don’t see others, you won’t be able to find the love of your life. It’s all connected to that little fear that you might have in you.




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Get rid of that immediately and your long-term relationship will be around the corner to find you. Don’t be afraid of what will go wrong and stop self-doubting. Don’t ever blame yourself for failing, instead, take it and wear it as your armor and improve yourself to be a better guy. Let others come into your life to show you there is still something good coming your way.

25. Be the dating expert

Photo credit: pexels.com

There are all kinds of individuals out there. You can’t really just sit down with every stranger that may come along and start discussing romance or dating. It takes time and effort to find a partner. To be honest, there are many factors involved here. Maybe you want a romantic partner or somebody who is also finding love? Somebody who is only looking for a date or only wants to get to know you.

The ideas are never-ending and imagination can run wild while you are on this journey to finding your one and only partner. That’s where dating comes in to solve most of your problems. Dating can lead you to the one you are looking for because during a date you can have a discussion privately and have a better understanding of each other. It might not be 100% at first but you have a chance to fall in love at first sight. So, that’s good, right?

26. Have a realistic compatibility demand

It is important to understand as soon as possible that others cannot just become perfect for you. They can’t satisfy your every thought, your demands, or the qualities you want in them. Each and everyone is different based on their traits and personalities. If you are thinking that others will comply and simply change themselves because you want them to, then you are living in an illusion.

Have some basic ideas about others and ignore them if they can’t perfectly match your demands. Nobody is perfect anyways. You have to set your standards on a level where you feel that you are not taking advantage of somebody. Or else keep asking yourself “will I ever find love?”

27. Let in the love that is offered

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On the journey of finding the one, you might understand at some point that true love can surprise you from any direction. It may come so suddenly that you will have no time to react to it. It’s a sudden, unexpected, and most stunningly beautiful thing. You should waste no time in embracing it when it’s offered because it’s a chance of a lifetime.

We should allow it inside our lives and let it grow us into somebody who is worthy of being loved. It sets us free from the shackles which are holding us down. So instead of rejecting it, we should accept it wholeheartedly with a big smile on our faces.

28. Don’t let suggestions go to waste

This universe is a magical place and you just have no idea how it works on letting you come closer and closer to your one and only. To be honest, it’s something beyond our understanding sometimes because the signs that the universe gives us are often hidden or need to be decoded.

That’s why you should be smart and quick about understanding it because it might be giving you the chance or hint about find your one true love. Many of us live our lives try to find such signs but some are simply blessed with it.

So, keep an eye out for such signs of the universe. Don’t let your busy life make you astray on your path of following your dream to find your soulmate.

29. Be open to discussing almost everything

If you find yourself lacking words for discussions then you might start working on it because a relationship is full of discussions and conversations. It’s not about just winning or losing an argument but finding a specific answer to what’s been discussed. And it can be a good, happy topic but also a nasty, bringing up of past one.

So if you ever find the love that you want, be ready for everything. It’s not just rainbows and romantic evenings and nights all the time.

30. The littles things should be enjoyed

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There is fear in a relationship that one day everything will just fall apart and your partner will drift away from you because the relationship is not exciting anymore and everything just seems boring and dull. It’s a common fear that couples have because it often leads to thinking that you may at some point simply stop loving each other.

That’s scary, to be honest, women and men both want their long-term relationship to last a lifetime. Being together means you don’ feel alone anymore and your partner is there to support you. But eventually, thoughts like being bored of your partner may pop up in your head and it may scare you that the relationship is sinking down.

Let’s be honest here, a relationship cannot be 100% full of happiness all the time. That’s the truth. But it doesn’t actually mean that you might fall out of love, No.

The answer is that you should enjoy the little things that you have in your relationship. You could feel you are not enjoying everything and that’s fine too. Just be yourself. You can be messy, boring, uninteresting at some times. That’s absolutely okay. It shouldn’t define your happiness, YOU should define your happiness.

31. Take the example of close ones

If you want something realistic and honest then look for nothing else but somebody who is close to you. Take their affection as an example and see how they are holding on. Commend them to others and apply them to yourself too.

If you can’t find the one then they might be able to nudge you in the right direction by just being themselves. You should feel inspired and continue to work on yourself to find true love just like theirs. It doesn’t have to be perfect but it will only serve as a guide for you if you want to try next time.

Let your imagination guide you after you understand the basic logic of how your ideal couple has a long-term relationship.

32. The more you search, the more tired you will get

Women often feel tired when they are in search of a man who can give them everything. The reason is simple. The more you try to look for somebody, the more energy you will waste. If you can find them soon, then good. But if you keep the search going then chances of finding love may decrease over time because you will simply be burnt out. And it may cause you to take a long break before thinking of finding true love again.

But don’t worry, when the right one comes along. All of your tiredness will go away in a blink of an eye and you will feel much happy and loved. Your struggle will not be wasted one bit.

33. Take time to understand each other

Don’t ever rush alone into things because it could potentially destroy your life for good. You must understand the fact that you cannot marry an individual without understanding them very well. I know you will say but I love them which I will not deny but there are cases when rushed marriages fall apart because there is no true love there.

I mentioned before that people are smart nowadays and they can use you without you even knowing about it. So have lots of discussions and conversations before getting married. Don’t be shy discussing difficult topics because you are here to find answers to will I ever find love? You have to be thorough with your words so they can reach and bring you the result you are waiting for.

34. Kindness is the best policy

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Being kind will open your ways more than anything. Everyone loves to converse with somebody who is kind. It’s one of the best things you can do in order to find true love because people adore and respect kind people a lot. They will treat you with kindness as well. People will be more interested in you and are probably looking for somebody exactly like you.

35. Be the daring one

Don’t be scared of meeting people who are outside of your main circle. Be open-minded and let others come into your life as well. Who knows, your one true love is just waiting for you to find them like that.

Don’t let your comfort zone stop you from getting to know newer people. What if you take a chance on somebody new and it turns out you just found the one? Hmmm? It can help you tremendously on your journey of finding your soulmate so keep that in mind.

36. Be wary of your habits and personality

Sometimes you might not know that your habits are actually letting people move away from you. It may take some time to notice that your personality might be so likable. Maybe what you are doing is right to you but not to others. They might not be honest with you because it may hurt you.

So what’s the fix? simply notice what’s incorrect about you and start working on fixing it. People love those who do self-care.

37. Meeting positive people will yield positive results!

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Many of us have people in our lives that we consider very close. Hanging out with them will not only make your chances high for meeting somebody but they will help you find the right and correct one as well.

If you are positive most of the time then the result will come positive too. It’s simple science. I guess. Attract that positivity and see the results yourself. Everything will be smooth and easy for you then.

38. You must get rid of any commitment issues

If you cannot be committed to somebody then falling in love or finding love will be extremely difficult. The love of your life may slip away because you are not honest about your commitment issues.

What you should do is fix those problems and see the life-changing result yourself. For a better and secure future, you must get rid of everything that may be stopping you from getting to your soulmate.

39. Flashbacks of a past relationship

People learn from their mistakes and an honest mistake may be done in a relationship during its time. But you shouldn’t dwell on it for a longer period of time because it happened for a reason.

It’s not good to discuss your past lovers with your current partner though. It should only teach you to identify your mistakes. So you don’t have problems with your current lover. There should be room for love to blossom even more because to fall in love is just a spectacular feeling that cannot be explained through words.

40. Looks Aren’t everything

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If you are thinking to attract good people with your looks then you don’t understand what true love really feels like. Finding somebody who is genuine and honest with you is not something so easy that can be done with just looks alone.

Treat people the way how you want to be treated. If you don’t like their looks, then give them a chance by simply talking with them and see how they are really inside. They might not be your ideal or dream partner in looks but deep down they might be just the soulmate you are looking for.

So chances are supposed to be given and you should. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

41. Don’t let society control your life

Don’t succumb to pressure of the society. It should not bother you in the first place because they are not the ones who will take care of you when you are crying or feel depressed. If you let them control you then you will lose everything instantly. Joy, happiness, dreams, finding peace, finding somebody to love, just about everything will be gone. Poof. Because you will please them and not yourself.

They will say and make talks about you on how bad you are. Who are they even to say such things? If you don’t have a romantic relationship with somebody they will point it out and make fun of you. Again, who are they to tell you that? If you follow what they demand then you are no different than a sheep.

Instead, what you need is somebody who can be romantic with you and help you with solving your problems. You need somebody who genuinely shows affection to you and takes care of you. Your first and final priority should always be finding the love that you deserve. Let others say their part, hear it from one ear and let it out off another. Don’t get desperate and let time show you that the chances of finding love are as much as you want.

⇨ Reasons why finding the one is difficult ⇦

⓵ They are finding you too

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Finding the one is difficult because they are looking for the exact same thing as well. It might take months or weeks or years to find the one because you might have just missed them at a random bus stop or at your favorite restaurant or at the park you love to sit in. The universe work in really interesting ways that our minds cannot comprehend.

There is a hidden force that shapes our destiny. So finding the one is supposed to be difficult because once you do find them, all your questions will be answered. They also are looking for an honest, romantic, lovely, and understanding person like you. It’s magical right? How it all works out.

⓶ Not looking in the right place

There is a chance that your romantic significant other might just not be present in your place. Sometimes you might have to travel and see more people in another city, village or country. To find the one.

You have to be at the right place and at the right time to find the one. It’s simple as that. It’s difficult to move and see others in our busy lives but hey, we got to do something extraordinary in order to get something extraordinary.

⓷ It’s difficult

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It’s self-explanatory. It’s just too hard to pinpoint the one. It takes a lot of hard work, and search on both ends to see each other for the first time. You are not alone in your search by the way. As I mentioned, the universe is there to help too.

If you feel like it’s too much for you then take a break and come back later. It can be patient. Make self-care a priority and let things flow. If it’s meant to be, then you will find a long-term romantic individual sooner than expected.

⓸ Status difference

Sometimes it may seem like you are just too poor to find the right one. There are social constraints in our lives. There might be some big difference between the chances you get when you are poor VS the chances you get when you have some kind of wealth.

⓹ It’s just not your time yet

One of the reasons that you might not have found the one yet is that it’s not the right time. This doesn’t mean you are not going to get somebody.

Just have patience and work on yourself until your better half comes along. You have all this time to improve so surprise them with your awesome self when the right time arrives.

❕ What to do while waiting for the right partner ❕

1. Have Faith

Believing is living. Trust your instincts and let your mind be at ease. The right one will come eventually. Faith is a very powerful tool to bring wishes to come true.

2. Build Yourself

While you are waiting for the one to arrive, you can work on creating a better version of yourself. You can improve your communication skills, your personality, your habits and just do a makeover if you need one. You have plenty of time to make use of it.

3. Understand the meaning of Soulmate

You might not have a proper understanding of who a soulmate is. Read quotes on the internet, find some philosophy about it to have a better understanding of what exactly you are waiting for and what you should be expecting. There shouldn’t be just a physical attraction between you but a spiritual one too.

4. Have patience

Be patient, and calm. Have a relaxing time and don’t pressure yourself into getting things faster. It often leads to nothing but misery.

5. Remove negativity and embrace positivity

Remove the toxicity from your mind, heart, and soul. Let the positive thoughts cloud your mind with happiness only.

🔹 Conclusion 🔹

Love is everything, it may come as no surprise to you.

There shouldn’t be a single doubt in your heart in the first place about finding a romantic partner or the love of your life.

A relationship goes through many things in life and you should be patient with everything. From start to finish, you will only look for everlasting true affection.

You should not be asking the question will I ever find love? but rather you should be telling people how you met your soulmate.

Find love and spread love. That’s the most beautiful thing you will do in your life for yourself and others.

Believe and trust yourself more because you are the most special human in the whole universe and you deserve all the love, joys, happiness, and affection it can give.

🔰 When will I find love? 🔰

As much as I would like to say NOW, I would say soon. Very much soon. There is no specific time for it to arrive. It happens unexpectedly. It will make you speechless and surprised. Stunned and amazed. You will see. It’s just around the corner.

And the moment it will happen, you feel on top of the world. So let’s just wait it out and let it find you at the right time.

🔼 How should I find the right person for me? 🔼

By practicing and improving yourself first. Love thyself.

Be comfortable with yourself and let go of the toxicity that may hinder the chances of somebody connecting with you.


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