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10 Signs You Are Ready For Marriage

Getting married is a huge step in any relationship, and in your life. However much you and your partner are in love with each other, it is still normal to be nervous about taking this step, and even have doubts sometimes! If you are feeling unsure that marrying your partner is the right choice, here are 10 signs that you’re really ready.

You’re excited for a marriage, not just a wedding

Many of us have been dreaming of our wedding day since we were children. Visions of walking down the aisle in a gorgeous white dress, exchanging loving vows, and then blissfully driving off into the sunset together are common.

However, when you think about marriage now, do you think beyond these events and to the rest of your married life? If you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with your partner, not just the glorious wedding day, this is a good sign.

You love each other

This one seems obvious, but it can be common to mistake emotions like attraction, excitement, and security as love. Have you seen all of the signs of his love for you and love him back? If you have been together for long enough to have been through the initial “honeymoon period” and are still deeply in love with each other, you may be ready to make things official!

You both have stuck together through tough times

trust in relationship

Some people preach different rules or guidelines of how long a couple should have been together before they tie the knot. However, it is usually less a case of time and more a case of experience. It is difficult to know if a partnership will last if you have not been through hard times together yet. Whether it is a job loss, a bereavement, physical or mental health issues, you need to know that you can make it through these together.

You have total trust in each other

Trust is essential in a serious relationship, especially if you are planning on marriage. You and your partner should both know that you can rely on each other’s help, support, and dedication in everything. From trusting your partner to be truthful and faithful to you to trusting them to do their share of household chores, you need complete mutual trust before marriage.

You don’t wish to change your partner

It is normal to sometimes wish that a few of your partner’s little quirks, like leaving the toilet seat up or chewing too loudly, would disappear! However, when it comes to more serious things like their personality traits, passions, and interests, you should be happy with the way they are and not trying to change who they are as a person.

You are through with dating other people

It is common to want to “play the field” and experience dating different people, especially when we are younger and learning about ourselves. If you still feel this desire and fantasize about what it would be like to date that cute co-worker, you may not be ready to settle down yet. If you have lost interest in seeing “what else is out there” and are thinking “been there, done that”, then you are more likely to be ready for marriage.

You are (relatively) financially stable

Let’s face it, weddings can be expensive. However, it is not just the wedding and honeymoon that you need to be able to afford: it is also best to make sure that you are financially stable enough to build a life together. Of course, you don’t have to be earning a fortune, but both being able to reliably afford rent/mortgage payments, groceries, and other bills is an important foundation for a shared life.

You know how to handle disagreements

Of course, nobody likes to argue with their partner. However, even the most loving and stable couples will have disagreements sometimes—it is an inevitable feature of sharing your life so closely with another person!

You should both be aware of this fact, and willing to compromise with each other when disagreements happen. Every couple has disagreements, but what separates a functioning couple from a dysfunctional one is how they deal with them.

You and your partner are vital parts of each other’s lives

A certain amount of independence is needed for a healthy relationship. Your partner does not need to be involved in every one of your hobbies, for example, and vice versa.

However, in a close relationship there will inevitably be some ways in which you are at least partially dependent on each other, and this is perfectly normal and healthy. If your partner is the one who you go to for comfort and support, a long-term commitment to them can be the right choice.

You include your partner in all of your future life plans

Marriage is a commitment to spend the rest of your life with another person, for better or worse. Anything that you are planning to do in your future should include your partner if you are marrying them. If you dream of a new career in a new town and your partner is not there with you in these visions, it may not be wise to make this commitment yet.

If you have noticed all of these signs, you are probably ready to tie the knot with your partner and should stop worrying! If you have doubts about one or more of these, it may be too soon to commit. However, don’t panic if this is the case—these issues can be solved with time and communication, and you will likely one day feel ready to take the step of marriage with your partner.

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